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I Shall Tell You
Posted By: Frensa Geran<frensageran99@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 January 2004, 6:05 AM

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I Shall Tell You

I shall tell you the secrets of my heart,
Yet bare me not your loves and losses.
I shall tell you of the secrets of my life,
but don't please me with fantastic tales of death.
I shall tell you what I did, and where I did such,
Such a sweet and tragic day. A tragic era.
A tragic tragedy.

I shall tell you what I am going to be,
But please tell me where I shall be being.
A roaring engine and cigerette stains,
Half a sentence, half a half of order.
I shall tell you nothing but tales.
Tell me nothing but our trails.
I'm high enough to see my home,
A peaceful hut in the hills of my life.
In the hills of my soul.

I saw the purple daises every spring,
I shall tell you now of the color of P.
Tell me what you see.
I shall tell you a Covenant Tale.
Tell me of our trails.
A ship, a blood, a daisy in the field.
Tell me these things and more.
Tell me where to turn.
Dropship Pilots like me are home,
Watching a homely home burn.

There were days not like this.
We were all alone. Alone like me.
Then they came, took it away from me.
Alone from me.
I shall tell you of my loss.
Tell me of your loss.
When will the loss lose? I lose to the loss.
I shall tell you...
I Shall Tell You