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Comments for 'I Shall Tell You'

1:14 am | January 27, 2004
haha thats awesome
this poem was pretty pimp
good job
2:33 am | January 26, 2004
thats the only thing i could think of how you just started making good poems. hah.
2:30 am | January 26, 2004
*fade into stage*
FrensaGeran walking up a steep staircase, the floors are creaking. He flicks on a light, and a door appears out of nowhere. He turns the knob and the door squeeks open. The light from the stairs fills the empty room, which is covered in a layer of dust.
FrensaGeran walks to the middle of the room, and the door closes. It's pitchblack for several seconds, then a light turns on, casting a spotlight over a wooden box.
FrensaGeran walks up to box, wipes the dust off the top, and sees the words, "1001 Good Halo Poems."
*fade out*
CoLd BlooDed
7:16 pm | January 25, 2004
Well said, Walker.
2:41 pm | January 25, 2004
1. They are a bit deep. But not too deep. It's a nice change.

2. Wolf, it's not just a game. It's games, books, fanfiction--it's life. Poems about it are generally no different than other poems except for the characters. They're not that weird.

Semper Fi

Lone Wolf 4001
5:44 am | January 25, 2004
Sorry Man It was ok, I guess, but It just seems the poems about a game are....odd
Frensa Geran
5:37 am | January 25, 2004
Should I just go back to rhyming? Is this stuff _too_ deep to the point of you not understanding? This is a serious question, I'm not calling you idiots.
4:34 am | January 25, 2004
Yea, I read all that, but you still haven't told me shit....


Really good man. Really good.
7:16 pm | January 24, 2004
That sounds somewhat like...
3:20 pm | January 24, 2004
Damn...I certianly don't know what to make of it. Deep, Frensa, very deep.