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Covenant Chronicles: Grunts
Posted By: FOrunnER
Date: 5 October 2003, 10:50 PM

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300 Units (1300 Military time), Gruntalia, 2305, shortly before Covenant Captured Grunts.

Rahaj and his group walked through the familiar snowy tundra of there territory. His group consisted of 12 Grunts total, grunts were very territorial. His tribe's territory extended towards the southern flatlands towards the north-east peaks. A neighboring tribe had raided one of there camps and took many of there women, there birth rates had dropped rapidly. Now they were about to set a raid of there own against the tribe, Tioteless's tribe. His tribe was Boraboo's tribe, most tribes were named after there leaders. Grunt tribes usually consisted of numerous 'cities' spread throughout there territory, consisting of 10 to 50 Grunts. They were about to raid a Toiteless city, a small one consisting of 20, but there were many women for the taking, not to mention any food supplies they might have .
Rahaj had strong features for a Grunt, a strong jaw, muscular arms, dark black eyes. Rahaj best friend in the tribe, Rovvem, also had strong features but not as strong as his. His face was more angular, his eyes slightly less black then his, and a particularly pointed snout. Boraboo also had strong features, however was getting quite a lot of hair around his face which signaled his age. Old for a Grunt, perhaps 12 or 13. Rahaj was only 7, most Grunts only lived to be about Boraboo's age. There entire group moved on all fours.
Finally in the distance, a very thin line of smoke rose into the air. A camp fire moved towards them by the mild winds.
Boraboo said, "We are almost there".
"Filthy tribe. We will squash them and save there sculls as trophies", said Ekalajee, another Grunt.
I shook my head. Even though it was agreed that the Tioteless tribe was despicable, he knew fighting them wouldn't be easy. They outnumbered them two to one and had good fighting skills.
"The Tioteless tribe are filthy, but do not be fooled into thinking victory will be easy. Tioteless are skilled in fights and very determined. We lost over seven comrades the day they raided are camp", he said in his deep voice (well, as deep as a Grunts voice could get anyway).
Cacana, one of the younger Grunts that had never seen battle, moved closer to him. "Oh so now you doubt the strength of our tribe? Do you not have faith in your tribe mates Rahaj?"
Gorgio, another Grunt that was older than Cacana but still relatively young, hissed to him, "Perhaps we should slaughter you like the Tioteless"
Boraboo, who had overheard, turned towards them, "That's enough. Rahaj speaks the truth. Tioteless is a very skilled tribe and killing them will be difficult. Do not underestimate them".
With this they nodded and split up.
Rovvem smiled at him, "You sure do know how to get yourself into trouble Rahaj".
"If my tribe mates take offense to what I say that is not my problem." he replied wisely. He had always been wise for a middle age Grunt.

They walked on for 12 more units (a half hour) before they came across a significant landmark. A rock, perhaps five feet tall, jutted out of the ground. On it was carved a circle with a line going through it, Toiteless sign. It marked the ending of Boraboo's territory and the beginning of Toiteless' s. Once they passed that mark, there would be no turning back..........

Meanwhile, the Elite Nabamee looked at the planet Gruntalia from the view port. It was small, the size of a moon. It was white-gray in color with a few visible spots of dark blue, signaling small oceans. He turned to his junior officer, the Elite named Fusamee. "Does this planet have any significant hosts we can use for our armies?"
The Covenant alliance had been in place for nearly five hundred years. When the Prophets had come the Elite race had been very skeptical of the what the Prophets had said about the gods. However then they showed them the halo and all the treasures that had been stowed away on it, there had been little doubt that it had been made by nothing less than gods. The first century of the Covenant had been fought fighting large groups of rebel Elites that refused to believe in the Prophets holy teachings. They were destroyed eventually. Then they had came to the Hunters, they had been a backward race on a large desert planet with no knowledge of slip-space travel and with only primitive projectile-like weapons. They also refused to believe the holy teachings of the Prophets and the Covenant were soon at war with them. Instead of glassing the Hunters homeworld, the Prophets had ordered them to attempt to destroy them groundside. It had been a tough 20 year battle but in the end the Covenant managed destroy most of them but left a few alive. The Prophets used a gene-splicing technique on them, combining the best of Elite and Hunter genes to create 'bio-soilders', hence the new Hunters they now had in there army. Then the Jackals, they had almost no form of technology and were captured within weeks. The gene-splicing techniques they had used on the Hunters could not be used on the Jackals, there fragile bodies couldn't handle it. Since there bodies could not be cleansed, as the Prophets called it, they were obviously unholy and were used as cannon fodder. The Covenant had been searching for more species to 'baptize', and it looked like they might have found some.
"Perhaps. A race called 'Grunts', possibly. However I would suggest we study them for a few days to determine weather they are sentient enough to join the Covenant", he replied.

I know this was short, but I'm just experimenting with this idea, seeing what the responses are and if I should make this a series or not. I did this in response to a few complaints of the need for 'original' stories, that is to say stories where its not the standard Spartans-vs.-Covenant, or Marines-vs.-Covenant. Peace Out