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Spartan III's, Part I
Posted By: FOrunnER
Date: 20 August 2003, 1:53 AM

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Pelican Delta 516 and her cargo of Spartan III's, including the famous Spartan II, the Master chief, lowered. His call name was MC and he was the leader of his Spartan III squad. He carried a Battle Rifle, dual SMG's, and ten frag grenades. Not to mention Cortana. His other 5 Spartans were armed in various fashions.
Inferno was second in command. He carried an unusual weapons combination, a Flamethrower, a Shotgun, and ten frag grenades. The Flamethrower was knew and he had been the first to get it. It had two settings, Setting 1 and 2. Setting 1 sprayed the fire out in front of him for close up combat, most people's idea of a flamethrower. Setting two fired a fireball from medium to long range and could take out groups of enemies.
Glock carried ten frag grenades, a Battle Rifle and an Assualt Rifle as backup. Nobody knew why he carried the outdated AR but he did. Since he was the team medic, he also carried the med kit, complete with morphine, biofoam, adreniline enducers, and even a packet of nan-robots that repaired cells. Another trick from ONI's neverending supply.
Fox was the team sniper, whe carried two sniper rifles, the SC0019 MX and the SC1442 CP. The MX was the gun that would do the most damage, it fired a special C-4 round that detonated on impact. The CP was the quieter gun, it fired .450 calibur bullets and made no sound. A perfect gun for taking out targets of oppurtunity without being detected. Becuase of the weight of two sniper rifles she didn't carry any grenades but did manage to bring along an M6D for close up work.
Hunter was the strongest spartan. And since he was the strongest spartan he was the demolitions expert. He carried a SAW heavy chaingun, it operated like a LAAG but shoulder mounted and magazene fed, not to mention a hell'u'va lot lighter. He also carried a Rocket launcher with an extended clip (4 rockets instead of 2), ten frag grenades, c-12 blocks, and finally a miniture napalm mine.
e-X was the stealth unit. He carried a pair of HAWK binoculars with heat and night vision. His suit also had a stealth generator, but for him to use it his sheilds had to be powered down and it only worked for 5-10 minutes. He carried a silenced Battle Rifle, dual silenced M6D's, and 4 CALVIN combat knives.

Delta 519, along with six other dropships crammed to the max with marines (15 each) lowered into the battlefeild. The chief noticed they were fighting amongst the rubble of what had been a building. 200+ marines were fighting a mixed bag of Grunts, Jackals, a dozen Elites, and a pair of Hunters. The only armor he spotted was on the Covenant side, two Shade fire support vehicles and one Wrait tank, and the Wraith was giving the marines hell. Delta 516 and five other dropships managed to drop there loads just out side the battle feild. One didn't, one of the Wraiths motors punched through its engines and brought it down, killing the pilots and the marines within. Another dropship was caught going back after it dropped its load and was caught with another Wraith motar. As soon as the last dropship lifted off, MC gave orders.
"Helljumpers, move it up to the front lines. Fox, e-X, get up the nearby apartment building and snipe any Covenant you can. Get the armor first, then high ranking Elites, and work your way down. Fox, temporarily lend e-X your CP. Your Green team", he got acknowledments from them and they sprinted down the road to the nearby apartment.
"Glock, Hunter, and Inferno, your with me. Were going around to flank the enemie, were blue team, now lets move".
They moved up the battle feild, past the rubble wich ranged from softball size to 20 feet, and even past individual firefights that broke out in there path. Finally they made it to there destination, a 5 foot high pile of rubble, beyond that they were in perfect flanking position of the bulk of the Covenant strike force.
"Green team, hold fire. We need to strike all at once".
"Are you sure thats a good idea Chief, the marines could use the help".
"I'm confident the Helljumpers can help hold back the lines for a few more minutes, but I want to wait".
"For what?"
"For that", the Chief said as the Wraith turned there backs on them.
"Green team, open fire. Blue team, lets move", again, a series of yes sir's rang over the coms. Just as they finished, the two Shades suddenly exploded. The C-4 rounds punctured the drivers and detonated them, taking there vehicles with them. Two other MX rounds hit the Wriath but they bounced off harmlessly. Hunter took care of that, while MC and the others rushed the Covenant ground forces, Hunter took position on the rubble hill. He took out his launcher, and fired three rockets at the alien tank.
The first and second rockets hit, but the Wraith was still operational, and it had just enough time to face him before the third rocket hit and it exploded into a ball of flame. Meanwhile MC and the others open fire, numerous Grunts, Jackals, and Elites were taken down by there fire but more kept taking there place. Hunter was now firing a barrage of bullets into the Covenant mop while random Covenant either simply died silently from the .450 calibur bullets that puncuted there bodies or exploded from MX rounds detonated inside them.
MC threw a grenade that detonated into a nearby group of Grunts. They blew apart, arms, legs and torso's flying wildly. He pivoted and fired the rounds in his magazine into the Jackal behind him. He stumbled, slightly off balaced from the force of those bullets, wich gave him sufficient time to reload for his last magazine. He fired 12 more round till a gound ripped through the Jackals forehead, purple-pink brains splattering out the back end. A plasma bolt hit him in the back and dropped his sheilds down a notch. He turned towards them, they were a trio of Jackals and five grunts that figured they could take him, they were wrong. He expended his last clip into the Grunts, grabbed ones Plasma pistol as he fell, and fired on the Jackals. The barrage of plasma knocked two of ballance and cut through ones sheild, follow up bolts finished him off. The two remaining Jackals opened fire but the Chief managed to dodge most of there bolts, supercharge his own plasma pistol, and fired. The overcharged bolt overloaded ones sheild and it flickered and died. Before it could react the Chief grabbed him, threw him into his partner. They both fell flat on the floor and the Chief stuck a plasma grenade to them, boding them at the hips before they died in a fiery blue-white explosion.
Just as he turned around Inferno lauched a firebolt that barely missed him. It burned through a group of eight or nine more Jackals (one sheildless for some reason) that had been attempting to flank him, there guns overcharged in there claws. He nodded to Inferno and countinued his gruesome work. Hunter was occupying most of the Covenant near him's attention, so the only thing he had to worry about was the angry gold Elite standing in front of him. He overcharged the plasma pistol and fired, the overcharged bolt missed and the Elite roared a challenge. With the Plasma Pistol useless as it dumped waste heat he drawed his SMG's. He unsleasehed a salvo of bullets towards the Gold armored bastard but his sheilds managed to deflect them and he continued to charge him, soon he was within Plasma Sword range. He ducked out of the way but one of his SMG's was sliced, the stainless steel metal cut like it was swiss cheese. He dropped the damaged SMG and opened fire with the other one, this time he had more luck, a trio of bullets penatrated.
But he continued to charge as the bullets had merely pressed through his shoulder plating. However, it had been the hand that held the plasma sword and he had dropped it. He pulled out his plasma rifle and opened fire, the Chief rolled for the blade and grabbed it. The Elite turned to face him but by the time he did his head was sliced off. The Chief continued to kill Covenant with his combo, SMG, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Sword until he took down at least a couple dozen more. At that time the Covenant ran into full retreat right into a minefeild they had set up. The Chief enjoyed watching the Covenant race away from them only to be blown sky high.

NOTE: TO all people who like my previous series, I got bored with it so I wont be writing it anymore. I am going to keep with this though, wich I think is a much superior city. The ending was a little rushed because I had to go, Sorry, PEACE OUT!!!