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Comments for 'Spartan III's, Part I'

2:35 am | August 25, 2003
and yet another question goes unanswered
11:38 am | August 22, 2003
I might start writing the Halo 2, an Elites version, part II story again, but I kind hit a dead end with it. It just wasn't getting enough reviews and that what drives me to keep going.
3:38 am | August 22, 2003
How come I got bitched out for using Spartan III's yet nobody complains to you...
2:06 am | August 22, 2003
ask and ye shall receive, FOrunnER: 10/10. all i ask in return is that you check out my series, "Last of the Walking Dead", cuz reviews are also what keep me going.
12:39 am | August 22, 2003
Speaking of wich, I hope this one gets some more reviews soon.
Alpha Lance
8:22 pm | August 21, 2003
Please keep writting them,I love them storys!!!!!!
12:52 pm | August 21, 2003
I know, I know, the ending sucked, but I was a little rushed, sorry. And no, I wont be writing anymore of the Halo 2, an Elites version series.