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Halo 2, an Elites version, Part III
Posted By: FOrunnER
Date: 6 August 2003, 10:50 PM

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Note: In the last storie of the series I forgot to mention everbody was wearing vaccum suits. Sorry, Enjoy.

The Chief made his way to the downed marines. There were five of them trying to hold out against a mob of Jackals. He unloaded a barrage of plasma on there flank, the superheated bolts ripping through there suits, venting atmoshpere. He let the marines finish the remaining two.
However, there were more, and soon he was down to his last Plasma pistol. He turned to the nearest marine, his Freind or Foe tag read Private Calvin. "Private, where's your commander?" he asked.
"Commander Nore is on the front lines, sir", he said over the coms.
He nodded. He noticed what the toal was on the battle. The marine infrantry was in bade shape, they were outnumbered three to one, there bodies littered the ground. The Warthog and Gohst forces were at a stale mate, both oblivated. The Scorpions were almost all in ruins, except for one badly damaged and moving sluggishly.
He looked over to the Private again, "What happened to those Scorpions Private?".
"The Wraith. It destroyed the first two, and badly damaged the third, it was finished off by those Hunters. Now we only got one that took the brunt of a Plasma grenade".
"Patch me in to your Commander, Private, I wanna talk to him".
"Right, Fred, pass over the radio", said Calvin.
A marine in a vaccum suit two feet away tossed over a slightly dumpy looking radio. The Private fiddled with the frequency dial then handed it to the Chief.
He talked into it. "Commander Nore ? This is Master Chief Spartan-117".
"A Spartan? I thought you were wiped out at...It dosen't matter. What are doing here?".
"Later, when we retake Tarra city, I'll need to use your Coms to link up with the Fleet. As for now, I'm gonna take that Wraith".
"What, how are going to do that?".
"Watch me", he clicked the radio off.
"Hand me that Rocket Launcher", he gestured over to marine close by who had a M19 SSM man protable Rocket laucher.
He took the launcher and fired with unhumanly accuracy. The first two struck the Wraiths two escort Hunters in the chest, the next two fired into a large cluster of Elites, and the next two fired onto other stratigic clusters of enemies.
He handed the laucher back to the marine, it had two rounds left. He was carfull not to strike the Wraith, he would need to take control of it to wipe out the large infrantry force.
Cortana inquired, "So, what is your miraculas plan?".
"Easy, I sprint to that flipped over Gohst, flank the Wriath, jump on top, rip the driver out, and take control of it".
"WHAT?!?", she pratically screamed, "There's a thousand ways you could get killed doing that, are you crazy?".
He grinned, "Yes".
Thats when he sprinted from cover to the flipped Ghost ahead. Other than the fact it was upside down, it was in perfectly good shape. He flipped it and took controll. He brought the guns to bear on the neares group of Covenant and tore them apart with his dual plasma cannons. With the path clear, he pushed it full speed to the Wraith. He faced very little oposition since he had taken out most of the Covenant between him and the tank with the launcher. Finally, he got to it, and jumped from his Ghost onto the Wriaths side, and pulled himself up the sloped surface. Without a driver his Ghost barreled into a pile of rock a few meters away. The Wriaths driver, now aware that he had an unwanted vehicle on his vehicle, spun around in an attempt to throw him off but it wasn't going to work.
He yanked out the driver (a snarling blue Elite) and threw him onto the Marshian soil. Once he got in the controls he made a simple side-sweep motion to run over him then turned to the real threat.
The Covenant somehow hadn't become aware there prize vehicle had been taken and were completely unsuspecting. The Wraith was well within enemie lines so he had a view on all the forces. He lauched a plams bomb, it decimated the Covenant front lines. Before they knew what was happening, a second and third plasma bombs splashed into there lines.
Now numerous plasma bolts struck the Wraith from every direction but had absolutely no effect on its armor. Six plasma bombs later the enemy forces were down to zero.....

"AAAAHHHHH", screamed a cowardly Grunt as a there ship was hit.
Tobamee favored it with a quick plasma bolt to the head and turned to HaHaig, "What just hit us ", he asked his bridge officer.
"Heavy human projectile Excellecy. A MAC round. Breach in sections 5-140. Power losses in reactors 1 and 2, reactor 3 at 40% power, reactor 4 undamaged. Weapons systems operational, sheilds systems unreparible. The stress on the hull is to great, hull collapse imenant".
Tobamee also favored HaHaig with a plasma bolt to the head. He growled. He had serviced on this ship for years, now it was going to be taken from him by the filthy human vermin.
For the first time since the beginning of the battle the Prophet spoke, the blue Elite translated. "I suggest Tobamee' that you evacuate this ship. I will board upon the nearest Destroyer, the GODS BLESSINGS. Nabamee', the forces on Earth are in desprate need of a good commander, will you oblige them".
Finally, he thought. He was going to get back to infrantry where he belonged. The thought of battle made his adreniline pump and his finger inched over the but of his rifle.
"Of course oh blessed one. I shall serve with honor", he replied.
"Of course", translated the Blue Elite, "I expect nothing less".
Tobamee put in, "Excellency, this ship has been my home for many years. If she dies, I wish to go with here. I wish to charge the Human lines, once there I'll detonate the reactors and take the human scum with me".
"So be it", and without another word he and his translater left the room.
This left Tobamee and Nabamee alone to together. "Good bye' Ship Master Tobamee', and may you trascend to paradise", said Nabamee after an awkward silence.
They saluted to each other and Nabamee' left. He passed the Brute guards, paused, then called to them. "You and you, come with me to shuttle bays".
The soilders followed him into the dropship he left in. He was sure Tobamee wouldn't mind, besides, the Brutes could come in handy when he reached the ground.
Covenant were piled in the docking bay, all looking for a quick escape, however rank had its privlages, and Nabamee and his Brutes were among the first to leave the ship. From his slowly descending dropship, he watched Tobamee's ship charge strait into a human Cruiser and explode in a brillant blue-white flash...............

Jenkkins was in a whole lotta trouble. He had been moved to a new position, in the more downtown area. He and a group of Marines had been sent as reinforcements to an ongoing battle in the area. However his Pelican crashed and he was the only one who managed to get out in time with his parachute.
Now he was wandering around hostile territory with only a MA5B assualt rifle, five clips of ammo, and three frag grenades. He reasoned that his Pelican was going south-west, so he sould probably go there. Just then he ran into trouble.
A pair of Grunts materilized behind a car, they ambushed them with there Needlers flaring. He ducked behind a dumpster and fired back in controled bursts. Eventually both Grunts went down, and just as was sure there were no more Covenant, a Plasma Bolt knocked him off his feet. He fell ten feet away, his leg twisted in an odd angle. Most likely broken.
He attempted to pick up his weapon. But it was to far away and he couldn't get up. He felt someone kick his side, his ribs cracked. He gasped in pain, trying to gulp in air like a fish out of water.
He couldn't breath. He was turned over with a large hairy foot. He saw the smoky black skys and crumbling skyscrapers, and at the gun leveled at his head............