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Halo 2, an Elites version
Posted By: FOrunnER<Stump JS@aol.com>
Date: 27 July 2003, 3:08 AM

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Today when I read my story (A Long Hard Day of Killing Humans)on fan fiction, I read it and didn't like it, and have decided to use the main plot and edit just about everything else to make a better story (P.S. Thanks to the people who posted Comments, you really helped me figure out what was wrong with my first one :) Enjoy

The Probe slowly but surely circled over the planet, gathering intell on its defenses. The Probe was nearing the end of its three day journey, and it had all the information it needed. It was about the size of a softball and its size was the only reason it went udetected. Humans saw the little probe daily and regarded it as nothing more than space junk. It was currently over East Africa, scanning New Mombassa. It zoomed in on the cities Battle Ship dock and added the city name and position to the list of a couple dozen more Earth cities. Each citie on the Probes list had a Ship dock. These cities would become prime targets when the Covenant invaded Earth. The Covenant forces would be dropped as close to these docks as they could, then attempt to secure them. Once they did, Covenant fleet ships could dock there and drop off more troops to aid in the ground invasion. The dock would most likely be emptie of battle ships and ripe for Covenant use at that time, as no doubt the humans would call upon every servicable ship they had to fight the Covenant.
As the Probe finished scanning New Mombossa, its internal clock went to 0. A charge began to form around its data crystal, where all the intell it had gathered was stored. Finally, the charge built up to maximum and it launched itself into space towards the generall direction of the Covenant homeworld. A minute slipstream feild formed around it and it dissapeared from sight. No doubt the Covenant would recieve it and learn all the data it stored.
With its mission completed, the little probe slowly powered down. It fell into Earths gravity well and burned in its atmosphere, eliminating the only peice of evidence of Covenant presence.

Nora' Nabamee, a well respected officer of the Covenant army, suited up. He was going to serve as a tactical advisor to The BLIND FAITHS ship master, Sia' Tobamee. He was used to standard infrantry and would have perfered to be there during Earths invasion, but his new assignment was full of honor. It ment the Prophets felt he had become exceedingly good at battle tactics. He looked at his brand new black headpeice, he had recently had been given black armor in place of his old gold set.
He put the headpeice on, attached his Plasma Rifle to his side, and acctivated the suits sheild systems. Just then a measege was heard over the ship-wide coms, "All soilders get ready, we will be approaching Earth in five units. Make the gods proud, and those of you that die on this day will be welcomed in paradise, Ship Adviser Nora' Nabamee, please report to the bridge as soon as time will allow. Ship Master Tobamee out".
Nabamee navigated his way through a series of maze like tunnels (they were purposely made this way to confuse any enimie borders) and came to a door blocked by a pair of Brutes. Brutes had originally been part of there worker class but once the Prophets found out they also had ecceptional fighting skills they made sure to turn them into troops.
These two were armed in the usual Brute fashion. An acid tipped machete, proven to be as effective as a plasma sword, was clipped to there sides. They carreid there primary weapons in a ready position, they were prototrype guns, called mini-fuel rods. They fired a blast about 1/3 as powerful as a fuel rod cannon, but recharge rate was faster, around that of the time between a plasma pistols semi-automatic shots. It was most effective at medium range.
These Brutes scooted closer together to block the door as he approached. "I am 'Nabamee, the Ship Masters advisor. I have identification clearance". And with that Nora dropped a small card wich had its serial rank and full name into the Brutes hand. It looked it over, nodded to his fellow, and without a word the Brute parted and he and his fellow let him through.
Nabamee had much respect of the Brutes, he had no doubt that they would make fearsome warriors on the battlefeild, perhaps even matching the skill of some of the lower class Elites. Nabamee had respect for all the upper class members of the Covenant, but he despised the lower class Jackals and Grunts, and even more the humans. Just thinking about them made him want to kick something, so he decided a passing Grunt was a good target, and sent the cowardly creature flying to the other side of the room. It scrambled back up and made its way back to its console. He made his way up the ramp to the command deck overlooking the bridge. A black armored Elite like himself and a Prophet stood on the commmand platform.
"Ah, Nabamee, how good to see you" said the Elite. They saluted with the traditional covenant salute ( a closed fist over there hearts ). "It is good to see you as well Tobamee. I am in a paticularly good mood today, for today is the day the human scum will die".
"Yes it is Nabamee"
Just then he heard the voice of another Elite on the platform. It was a runt by Elite standards, mabye 7' or 7'1, and dressed in blue armor. It was speaking a in very fast comlicated tones to the Prophet, a translater obviously. Nabamee' gave the Prophet the standard Covenant salute and kept his fist on his heart while he bowed, wich was customary military protocal when faced with a Prophet.
He stayed into the protocal position until the stunted Elite said, "The holy one has asked you to rise, and welcomes you".
The Elite retracted from his protocal position and siad, "Tell the holy one that I am truly blessed to be within his prescence"
The Elite began talking in the fast tones again and nodded to Nabamee'. He turned back to Tobamee, who had respectfully watched the scene. "How much longer till we reach the vermins homeland".
"A few mere milla-units. Once there, this destroyer will join others in a standard attack formation and engaged whatever forces may be there. Probe 133.9 reveiled that there is a total of fifty of there 'Super MAC cannons' in orbit around the planet and over two hundred ships in orbit at any given time, but they have roughly a thousand servicable ships on Earth total and a few hundred more between the basses on the nearby planet Mars and the Moon. We will engage, dropp of troops, retreat and regroup, then a second wave of fighters will come to fill in the gaps left by any casualties, we outnumber them in there own home, AHAHAHA", both Elite gave hearty laughs.
In Nabamee's mind, there was no doubt that there long time enimies would die....

Ensign Terry Richards double checked his screens then alled to his supperior, Luetennant Eric Carlson.
"Sir, you better come here. I think there's a malfunction here. Scanners are picking up a very large object, about the same size as a small planet".
The commanding officer on the Zima 7 outpost's blood ran cold. He looked at the screen, and his worst fears were confirmed. He yelled orders.
"Get Fleetcom on the line now, tell them a large covenant battle fleet is headed strait for them".
The thought of Covenant in the Sol System made Richards break in a cold sweat. He mad an inquirey that he knew he would regret asking, "How many sir".
The Luetennant took time to mesure the mass of the object on the sensors and responed in a stony voice, "At least a thousand, there may be a couple hundred more".
At this Richards fainted but nobody bothered to pick him up, the outpost was a mad house. Alarms were ringing, people were scrambling to consoles, orders were being shouted, silent prayers were made.
Three minutes after outpost Zima 7 discovered the ships and broadcast the fleet message, a Covenant corvett jumped out of slipspace. It recharged it's systems, fired a pair of plasma torpedoes that turned the outpost into molten slag, then hoped back into slipstream with the rest of the battle group as if it hadn't just murdered at least fifty oupost workers............................................

Comments, anybody? If I get good reveiws on this I will right Halo 2, an Elite version, chapter two. I promise I'll make it good.