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Comments for 'Halo 2, an Elites version'

12:02 am | May 4, 2004
good story but some spelling errors. And for the love of god stop w/ the gay shit!!!
8:48 pm | March 27, 2004
Igido Nosa Hurru
9:05 pm | August 5, 2003
Maybe I shouldnt yell at you for spelling when i have massive Typeos in my comment but still please use spell check next time.
Igido Nosa Hurru
8:58 pm | August 5, 2003

Im sorry to be an asshole but...

Firstly learn to spell i mean come on...Citie? that's the plural way of spleeling it.

secondly you obviously don't know the Covenant that well if you think that they would actually use a HUMAN seaport. And if you are talking about space battle ships then you should know that there is no way that a ship of that size could leave earths gravity well without massive amounts of help. Im sorryu but that's what space docks are for.

Aside from taht decent writing, and a fairly well planned story-line.
12:27 am | August 1, 2003
wicked sweet forerunner, hurry it up on chptr 2. gay porn site ? where
I'm confused
4:35 pm | July 31, 2003
Wiley K
4:33 pm | July 31, 2003
I think someones posing as scope, too
2:49 pm | July 31, 2003
2:42 pm | July 31, 2003
This is really starting to piss me off. Whoever that imposting asshole is needs to go somewhere. Seriously, I've been here for a pretty good while. I've only posted two comments up here (this is my third); they are the 11th and 12th ones (plus this one). The 9th, 16th, and 25th ones weren't me. And I think someone keeps posing as Diamond Dog, too.
2:11 am | July 31, 2003
what the hell is wrong with some of you!!?
I am trying to post when all of a sudden ppl start posting crap!

anyway,FOrunnER great story.
1:39 am | July 31, 2003
all the guys that are being mean to gay people better stop it,and daimond dog email me for the dick sucking k?love ya.
12:52 am | July 31, 2003
Oh and by the way great story Forrunner! A few spelling and grammer errors but we all make kistakes 9.5/10!
12:43 am | July 31, 2003
Hey people lets calm the hell down goddamit what the hell? We're all united as Halo freaks here so lets just read the story and post a comment. This isn't a damn orgy so keep it in your pants mainly you Diamond Dog (no offense) but lets just stick to Halo this isn't a porno site ok.
Alpha Lance
8:47 pm | July 30, 2003
Nice improvement FOrunnER,I like it.And scope &
diamound dog,keep that gay shit off this website!
1:01 pm | July 30, 2003
Oh, and you won't see me in this comments section anymore.
Wiley K.
12:59 pm | July 30, 2003
Weired, a gay porn site pops up whenever I vvisit this section. Coincidence?
12:48 pm | July 30, 2003
You need to change the following spellings:

citie = city
enemie = enemy
emptie = empty

It's a fairly consistent error in your story.
Covie Killer
11:06 am | July 30, 2003
Holly sh!t Scope and Diamond Dog are gay!
5:58 am | July 30, 2003
Please keep your sexual preferences to yourselves, don't post things like that here; this section is for comments on the story. I knew it was someone posing as you Steele, you wouldn't be so inarticulate like the poser. Good choice on keeping the series alive FOrunnER, just correct your mistakesbefore you post, that is all I ask of all authors. Once again, good luck with the series FOrunnER. Oh, and to the poser: Grow a brain
10:48 pm | July 29, 2003
i love gay guys and i loooooove the cock,u see cock u see my face cuz i love it and diamond dog ill holla at u later about the cock suckin,peace out.
10:42 pm | July 29, 2003
What the fuck? there is 3 goddamn Steele's here,there is 1 who copys me and the other one dont even capitalize.fuck both of u and stop using my name,damn.
9:34 pm | July 29, 2003
whoever is using steeles name had better change it cuz he got it first
Diamond Dog
7:17 pm | July 29, 2003
Its true about me.
Diamond Dog
7:17 pm | July 29, 2003
FOrunnER,kiss my ass!
6:48 pm | July 29, 2003
I really did misread your last comment, please don't take it personally.
6:45 pm | July 29, 2003
Sorry, I thought you said in your last comment it sucks cocks, as in my story. Sorry, Peace
6:25 pm | July 29, 2003
Sorry Diamond dog, I thought you said in the last comment it sucks cocks, meaning my storie. Sorry man, Peace out.
6:16 pm | July 29, 2003
Thanks to all the people who did like my story. And for those of you didn't, dont read it, and for Diamon Dog in paticular, fuck u.
By the way, I think i got enough good coments to make another one. And I know the name of the story sucks but I hope the actuall storie makes up for it.
Peace out
Diamond Dog
6:03 pm | July 29, 2003
I suck cocks.
4:06 pm | July 29, 2003
That sucks,sucks,sucks,and ya'll all suck!
Hidden Assassin
2:58 pm | July 29, 2003
You always *use* ... sorry.
Hidden Assassin
2:56 pm | July 29, 2003
Steele (the real one) I can always tell if its you. You always you correct sentence structure in your posts. The dumbass doesn't.
Diamond Dog
2:13 pm | July 29, 2003
This happened before, a long time ago, and it got so bad Louis posted a message to whoever was doing it to stop or they would track him down. So if this is the same person, stop now and get a different freaking name.
12:11 pm | July 29, 2003
Whoever that other asshole is can't do that. Change it somehow! Make it all caps or something, but not exactly like my name. If I could only meet the name-stealer...
11:58 am | July 29, 2003
Sorry it was so short.
11:26 am | July 29, 2003
Who in the HELL was that? GODDAMN, people need to stop using MY name. That earlier post was not the Steele who has been around here a while.
8:38 am | July 29, 2003
great story man, keep it up 9.5/10
5:49 am | July 29, 2003
hawk7886 get off his fuckin case damn,this was a great story he just hatin.10/10
4:03 am | July 29, 2003
Still a lot of spelling and grammar errors that need serious attention. Try running the story through a spell/grammar checker before submitting. Overall it was good, though. 8/10
mc grunt
3:25 am | July 29, 2003
hella good story i just loved it
Diamond Dog
2:51 am | July 29, 2003
Great job, FOrunnER. This is written a zillion times better than your first one, which I liked. Really good, can't wait for ch.2.
1:32 am | July 29, 2003
I love this
master cheifs brother
1:03 am | July 29, 2003
I read the first version that in its own write was pretty good but this version is even better. small suggesstion when the elite starts to fight on the ground dont make it seem as tho humans cant kill anything and have some unintentional friendly fire. thats about it every thing else looks good
p.s. the ship master elite should have gold armor not black. black is for specops elites.
12:43 am | July 29, 2003
I loved it. I can't wait until chapter two. :]
12:09 am | July 29, 2003
Very good. I look forward to seeing the sequal.