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When It's Too Late For Prophets
Posted By: Flu
Date: 26 March 2004, 4:45 AM

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When It's Too Late For Prophets

I fell beneath a slip of stars
And ran so fast my insides burned
They dropped behind, in front, below
My bones of steel: they almost broke

We grew up like a weapon x
Built and bred and made for war
They never knew who I would kill
Or how bad they would need me now

Then silver knives slipped out of space
And lurked behind the distant sun
Their skin was hard and cold and bright
They charged their guns a thousand times

And weapons flashed above the sky
And metal burned and boiled away
I looked around and saw the glass
Another world we could not save

With three-toed claws and back-bent knees
Like fists of steel they strike as fast
As eagles shorn in battle plate
Their clicking mouths laugh rough and deep

What and why and do they want to
Wipe us from the stream of time
Our history's lost and people gone
A hundred worlds already cold

Now they move...no sign of fear
Their guns and blades deny retreat
They twist and crawl the best they can
And still they can't escape from me

Their silver shields and plasma swords
It does not matter... 'can not care
When I find them they won't abide
I've walked on every single skull

Here, blue-black blood drips from my hands
Enough to fill a cloudless sky
Their screams, they ring in empty space
From here back to the Prophet's ears

I'll meet them on their own black fields
I'll hold their high ones by the throat
They'll pray that I was never born
They'll pray that I was never born......By that time it will be too late...

...For Prophets