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Comments for 'When It's Too Late For Prophets'

Hell Starter
10:59 pm | March 29, 2004
Personally, That was f'n good. Puts the battle in perspective and sums up wat M.C. will be doing someday! :D
9:52 pm | March 29, 2004
i reckin i liked this piece a good deal
ur quite the poet
ill hafta start reading all ur stuff :D
Scott D
11:09 am | March 29, 2004
Anybody having trouble getting submit form to work?
1:44 am | March 29, 2004
Anybody NOT having trouble getting submit to work? If this is your first time....good luck. Be patient, exit program, return and cut and past...a lot. Refresh sometimes works, but not well - and make sure you get those radio buttons selected correctly. It soemtimes takes 10 - 20 times to get to go through.
CoLd BlooDed
10:42 pm | March 28, 2004
Yeah, I've got a few good ideas for a funny story, too. :D

By the way, great poem.
The Collector
5:17 pm | March 28, 2004
Damn... That was sensational... U wrote something people cant help but like... Damn... Good going boy/girl... This is top shelf stuff. No1 can touch u until they find someone better or u stop writting.
I am gonna use ur poem as a template for others. Damn....
5:00 pm | March 28, 2004
mmm...Halo poetry...

That was, as JJiggssaw said, pretty damn good.
2:24 pm | March 28, 2004
Thanks guys for all the nice comments. I did screw up some of the iambs in the later stanzas, so basically its a straight tetrameter. I think I'll try lyrical verse next, but not before I put up my funny story.
7:30 am | March 28, 2004
The theme is dark, dark as night
Like inside a murderer's hood
Speaks of hatred deep inside...
But otherwise quite good!
6:45 pm | March 27, 2004
Good, I like this poem. It has a style, descripts hatred, and more, excellent.
4:39 pm | March 27, 2004
(nods) Good work.
Nick Kang
2:46 pm | March 27, 2004
Wadayou mean showoff? The point of the Fan-Fiction section is to reveal your writing skill to the public, something pretty much fulfilled by this poem.
2:44 pm | March 27, 2004
show off....
4:12 am | March 27, 2004
Incredible! That has to be my favorite of all the poems I've read on this site! I'm very impressed! Keep up the good work, and I'll be looking for any poems you write in the future.
Nick Kang
9:09 pm | March 26, 2004
That was awesome! It pretty much summed up the Halo story in a few well-written poetic paragraphs.
6:44 pm | March 26, 2004
Pretty damn good