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Take Back Phoenix
Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 11 May 2004, 1:26 AM

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Authors Note: To understand some parts of this story you may need to read Evolution.

April 19, 2555
Phoenix, Arizona-USA

      Private Justin Ram wiped the sweat from his face as he walked through the town with three marines. He held tightly onto his M90 Shotgun afraid that they may be attacked by the enemy. With him was Lance Corporal Fargo Young, a heavy weapons specialists, carrying a M19 SSM Rocket Launcher and a M90 Shotgun for a sidearm, Private Richard Dwight, a sharpshooter, carrying a S2 AM Sniper Rifle and a M6D pistol for a sidearm, and Private Samuel Huggens, an electronic expert, carrying a MA5B Assault Rifle and his laptop.
      Five hours ago Phoenix's UNSC Marine Base had been attacked by a large group of Covenant. The base was caught off guard and was quickly defeated, but not before sending off a distress signal. Private Justin Ram arrived with 200 other Marines to retake the base. During the battle a small group of 20 Grunts, 13 Jackals, 7 Elites, 5 Brutes, and 2 Hunters escaped into the city. After the battle 100 of the Marines were sent into the city after them. Their only instructions were to eliminate the Covenant group and avoid civilian casualties. They split into groups of five to search the city.
      Their group already had one casualty when taking out three of the Grunts that got left behind. They knew that the enemy was not that far ahead. Around the next turn was the Phoenix Mall. Dwight took point and used his sniper rifle to check ahead of them.
      "You're right sir," said Dwight looking through the rifle,"they are inside the mall. Hey Sam you better call for backup."
      "Already ahead of you." Huggens said while opening a channel on his comm to al the other Marines. "This is Private Samuel Huggens from group 21. Covenant have been spotted inside of the Phoenix Mall. Request backup to position." Huggens waited while listening for a reply. "There on their way. They have requested that we wait for backup before engaging the enemy."
      Dwight kept on looking through his rifle. Through a window he could see a blue Elite with its back to him. He just hoped that the Elite didn't see them before reinforcements arrived.

      Nooslose stood by a window inside of the human building. His Field Commander had ordered a retreat when the human base they had just captured had received reinforcements. They lost many but he dose not care. Because they were weak they died. He considered his Field Commander weak for retreating.
      Nooslose turned around to look out the window behind him. What he saw nearly scared him out of his armor. On the street leading to the building they were hiding in was a small group of humans and one had a human sniper rifle aimed right at him. Nooslose quickly recovered from his shock and yelled out a warning to all of the other Covenant. "The humans are here."

      Private Richard Dwight watched the Elite as it turned around and looked out the window. When it saw them it had a look of fear on it's face but that look went away fast. It yelled a warning to the others and turned around and ran out of view. "Sir I think we've been spotted."
      "Damn." Lance Corporal Young cursed,"The reinforcements have not arrived yet. All right Marines prepare yourselves. They may come out here to greet us."
      No sooner has he said this the doors burst open and out come the two Hunters, Fuel Rod Gun already charging.
      "Everybody down!" yelled Private Ram while diving behind a car.
      Everyone else dove behind cover just as the Hunters fired. Both shots flew harmlessly through the air. Private Huggens popped up his cover behind a broken down wall and fired his AR at them. But the shots either missed or bounced off of their shields. Private Dwight used this detraction to aim at one of the Hunter's weak spot. He saw the bright orange neck showing and fired. The Hunter dropped dead forming a pool of orange blood. Lance Corporal Young fired a rocket at the other Hunter. It lifted it's shield to protect itself, but not even a Hunter's shield can stop a rocket. The Hunter was knocked back inside the mall. As the Hunter flew in a Brute came running out. It raised its bladed weapon in the air and charge forward. The Brute ran right for Private Ram. It swung its blade at Ram's neck. Luckily Ram was quick and dropped to the ground in time to the blow. While still on ground Ram quickly put one foot in front of the Brute's feet and he kicked it in the back with the other. It fell over and hit it's head on the ground. Ram placed his shotgun to the Brute's head and fired.
      Lance Corporal Young walked over to Ram and the Brute that no longer had a head. He held out his hand to help him up. "Nice work kid, but there is still more Covenant."
      "Thank you sir." Ram said as Lance Corporal Young helped him up.
      Just then the rest of the Marines came running around the corner. A man with a thick mustache walked up to Lance Corporal Young. He was Sergeant Josh Henderson but all the called him Spit Ball behind his back.
      "I thought I said not to attack yet." Sergeant Henderson said spitting with nearly every word he said. He was starring at the body of the Brute.
      "We had no choice sir we were attacked by two Hunters and a Brute so we had to defend ourselves. We also took out three Grunts." Lance Corporal Young said.
      "Good job any way." Sergeant Henderson said,"Now we don't have to worry about the Hunters. That leaves us with 17 Grunts, 13 Jackals, 7 Elites, and 2 Brutes against 100 Marines. I like the odds."
      "99 sir." Young corrected him,"We lost one on the way here."
      "Sorry to here that." said Sergeant Henderson,"All right men the Covenant are trapped inside the mall. I want groups 1 through 25 to move into the mall and groups 24 through 50 wait here to keep them from retreating. Now move out."
      Lance Corporal Young ran into the mall with the other Marines. The main path was empty, except for the charred remains of the Hunter. The Marines quickly moved through the mall checking every store they came to. Lance Corporal Young turned into a hardware store. He was followed by his group and another Marine. They searched quickly through isles. They found nothing in there so they turned to leave. On there way out Private Ram heard something. He held up his fist to signal everyone to stop then pointed to fingers to the right. They silently walked into the isle lined with circular saws. They walked all the way to the back and peeked around the corner. In the next isle were 3 Grunts and 2 Jackals.
      "We have 3 Grunts and 2 Jackals," Private Ram whispered so that only the others can hear him,"Who wants them?"
      Private Huggens walked over to a self and picked up six circular saws. "Leave them to me." he said and walked around the corner. Before the enemy could react to his presence he threw one of the saws. It cut right into the back of the first Jackal killing it. The second saw flew into a Grunts chest. The next one went right into a Grunts head going halfway through it. The forth saw went through the last Grunts mask causing it to leak methane gas. He threw the fifth one but it was blocked by the Jackals plasma shield. Private Huggens got an idea and through the last saw at the ground. The saw bounced off the ground creating sparks. The sparks ignited the methane gas making a huge explosion. The Jackal was killed and Private Huggens was blown back.
      The other Marines ran over to were Private Huggens was laying. "You all right Huggens." Lance Corporal Young asked him.
      "Yeah," said Private Huggens with a smile on his face,"I guess nobody will laugh at me being a frisbee throwing champion anymore."
      "You got that right." said Private Dwight helping him up.
      They left out the store and followed the sound of gunfire. They came up behind a group of 8 Grunts, 4 Jackals, 2 Brutes, and 3 red Elites. The marine with them rolled a grenade behind the Jackals and Lance Corporal Young fired a rocket at the Elites. The two groups were caught off guard and the Grunts ran around confused. The Brutes turned around to see who had flanked them and there backs were shredded by all the rounds fired into it from the other Marines. The left over Grunts were quickly taken care of. They regrouped and quickly moved down the hallway.

      Nooslose stood there in the humans building waiting for them. Though he dose not like his Field Commander he definitely agreed with his plan. He had set up the perfect trap. They were in a huge section of the building with only one entrance and two floors. The two Brutes were up top to shot down on the humans and keep them from getting snipers up there. The 7 Jackals will form a wall with there shields to hold back enemy fire while him, his Field Commander, and two other Elites fired over the Jackals. The six Grunts will flank the enemy. The plan was perfect. There was no way they could fail.