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Evolution: Chapter 1- The Recruits
Posted By: Firestorm
Date: 3 March 2004, 12:20 AM

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This is my first fan fiction story so is not a lot of action. YET. This is just to introduce the charaters. Enjoy!

The conference room was dimly lit. In the middle of the room was a long mahogany table with nine figures seated around it. No one said a word as they sat there unmoving. The door of the room opened and in walked a white haired man wearing an navy blue and white uniform decorated with medals.
"ATTENTION ON DECK!" said one of the men seated at the table. As one they all stood up in attention. The man that just walked into the room walked to the head of the table and stood in front of his chair.
"At ease." he said and everyone sat down except for him. "I'm glad you all came." he said as he sat down in his seat. "As you all know we have just won the battle over earth against the Covenant. But now it is time to teach the Covenant that you don't come to earth and try to attack us. Just two days ago a probe we sent to follow the Covenant has reported back the location of their home planet Convie."
This news caused everyone in the room to start talking all at once. One of the men stood up, "But Admiral Johnson how come the Covenant was unable to pick up the probe on its scanners?"
"Why McCoy I thought you should have known the answer to that one since you are the top scientist around here." the Admiral said with a smile on his face. "The probe stayed close enough to the ship to avoid being detected."
"Excuse me sir." said another man as he stood up.
"Yes John." said Admiral Johnson.
"Who do you plan on sending on this mission anyway, sir? John asked.
"I'm glad you asked." said the Admiral as he pulled out a stack of folders from under the table and slid them down to John, "I have recruited the best that the UNSC had for this mission."
Admiral Johnson pressed a button on the arm of his chair. The middle of the table opened up to reveal a Holographic Image Projector (HIP). He pressed another button and an image of a young man hovered above the table. "This is Private Melvin Wade, code name: Firestorm. He does demolition, heavy artillery, sniper, assault, you name it he can do it. He has been in at least 23 Covenant battles. But don't expect him to show you any respect." Admiral pressed the button again and the image changed to an older looking man. "This is Sergeant Edgar Baker, code name: Sky. A very experienced pilot, know one can fly anything better than him. He has won 3 star ship battles, 13 Longsword battles, and even 4 battles using a Pelican. Plus he has never been shot down." The image changed to that of a young women. "This is Private Tiara Royal, code name: Rose. She is the best shot in all of the UNSC with any weapon. She has gotten more kills with a sniper than two whole marine platoons." The image changed once again to man looking the age around 20-25. "This is Private Herby Martain, code name: Rain. He is a water expert and has the best shot I've seen with a shotgun." The image changed again to another man. He looked almost the same as the first. "This is Private Trovon Martain, Rain's older brother, code name: Snow. He has the best shot I have ever seen with a assault rifle." The image changed once again to a very well built man. "This is Corporal Otis Fobbs, code name: Steel. A demolition expert and the most strongest of the team." The image changed again to 5 foot tall man. "This is Private Lamond Lewis, code name: Spark. He can fix anything, break into anything, and build anything with nothing but trash and a toolbox." The image changed to a another man. "This is Private Eric 'EJ' Johnson, code name: Blade. He loves to fight up close and personal with anything that is sharp." He pressed the button again and the image changed a young lady." This is the youngest member of the team, Ashley Valk, code name: Cross. She is the medic of the team. For being so young she is good at what she does." The image changed once again to a man." This is the finale member of the team, JaQuan Smith, code name: Quake. He can circles around anyone with any type of ground based vehicle."
"Sir." said John as the HIP turned of and slid back into the table.
"What is it John?" asked the Admiral.
"This team is great in all," John said, "but who will lead them?"
Admiral Johnson smiled at him. "Why you are Master Cheif John, Spartan 117."
John looked at him in surprise but quickly recovered. "Sir I would be honored to command this team."
"Well then," said the Admiral, "I guess it is time to meet your team."