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Comments for 'Evolution: Chapter 1- The Recruits'

Thomas Harper
12:27 pm | March 8, 2004
good start.=:)
10:45 pm | March 7, 2004
I agree. No sniper ever could possibly have more confirmed kills than Linda. I'm good with the Sniper Rifle, but Linda would make me look like a complete nOOb that didn't even know which way to insert the magazines into the rifle. Anyway, good idea, but remember to be realistic about what characters can and can't do.
The Collector
1:03 am | March 6, 2004
Redo this then resubmit it. I dont wanna beat on it but why would they send a team of "special forces ONI-3s for a mission that would require at least a full battalion. And come on if the are in their mid to late 20s... There is no way in hell that the sniper chick would have more "confirmed kills" over Linda the Spartan. It's not a bad lead in but from what i can tell you can do better.