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The Forgotten -Phobos (Part 1)
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 April 2003, 1:13 AM

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      A few hours before the Covenant arrived at Reach, a distress signal was sent out to all ships in the vicinity, to aid Reach before it was invaded. Little did the UNSC know, there was a secret project made by an ONI detachment that was believed to be a weapon able to destroy or warp the minds of Covenant warriors. Using mixed frequencies and radiation, it could be directed at, or joined in with other frequencies to attack the brain of any enemy that came in contact with it.

      The project was just finished when they recieved the distress signal. No one knew about this secret weapon titled 'Project Phobos' but a few marines and scientists that were working on it. The small weapon was rushed to the nearest transport ship: The Orchid, and the ship quickly jetted into space.

      The word reached them that the Covenant were beginning to invade Reach, and The Orchid took into slipspace towards reach, in hopes of arriving in time to fight in the battle. As they traveled through space, intel was suggesting that Reach might have already begin to fall to the Covenant, and orbital defenses were failing, but the tiny ship still proceeded.

      The crew was anxious to see if the weapon worked, but in a rare coincedence, they'd never live to test the weapon. As the ship traveled through slipspace, it intercepted a Covenant cruiser's slipspace path. The transport, being 1/20 the size of the cruiser, was knocked off-course, and was severly damaged. The ship was thrown out of slipspace, destroying the engines and knocking Project Phobos off of it's protective cradle. One engineer on the ground saw it teeter on the edge, and lept for it, but the engineer was too late. Phobos clanked to the ground, landing on it's trigger.

      Phobos activated shot deadly invisible radiation and frequencies that came into contact with the crew. The Surviving crewmen screamed and grasped their heads, as their brains were warped to nothingness. The Orchid floated silently in normal space, completly alone in the universe.

      A year later, Reach had long since been defeated, and only a few strongholds were left standing. By rare chance, a salvaging crew of an outskirt colony found The Orchid. When they found no heat signatures in the ship, they attached the ship to theirs, and brought it down to their world, Morir.

      The salvaging crew opened the hatch to the ship to take a look inside, and found the crew of The Orchid sprawled across the floor dead. The crew found Phobos while they rummaged through the ship. Phobos had suffered servo damage, and later failed. The crew, not knowing of Phobos' danger, took Phobos to a very well known civillian engineer, named Glenn to take a look at it.

      Before the ship was scrapped, A few soldiers came in to take the bodies away, take the ships hard drive, and the Captain's manafest. They found the Captian's body clutching the manafest, with his fingers punched through the keyboard of the manafest.

      One soldier turned to another and said,"It looks like he was trying to type something with great strain. We should probably try to get someone from the base to extract the info, 'cause this Captian broke the manafest."

      They took the manafest to the military base to have the information extracted from the damaged hard drive. After an hour, one engineer got the Captian's log. The engineer looked through it, but only one account was made. The engineer viewed the account, and the blood rushed out of his face with just three words written ont he account:

-Don't activate Phobos!-

      The military engineer spung from his seat, and rushed to his CO,"Was there any cargo found in the ship called Phobos?"

"Yeah," The CO looked confused,"The salvaging crew took it to a place to get it fixed, why?"

      The engineer cursed,"We can't let them activate it! Where did they take it?!"

"Easy, easy," The CO said,"They took it to Glenn's, you know where that is right? What is this about anyway?"

      The engineer had already bolted out the doorway, and ran to the nearest jeep. He gunned the engine and raced across the flat sandy area towards the city where Glenn's shop was.

      The Salvaging crew walked into Glenn's shop and set Phobos down on his counter. A short, stalky man came from the back room.

      One Salvage crewman smiled,"Glenn how are ya?"

"I tested a bot yesterday, and I think it shot a screw up my ass, but other than that, im fine," The short man answered,"What do you have for me this time?" He eagerly looked at Phobos.

"Um," One salvaging crew member rubbed his head,"We aren't sure, but it has servo damage. Can you fix it so we can pick it up tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow?" Glenn laughed,"I can get this thing fixed in no time."

      The military engineer flew into the crowded streets of the city, topping 150, blazing around cars.

"Ah yes..." Glenn talked to himself just as he repaired the servo,"Now, I just need to put the battery back in..."

      The Engineer wailed around a corner, and skidded to a stop in front of Glenn's shop. The engineer hurdled himself out of the seat, and sprinted to the doorway. He flung the door open, and charged towards the back room, sweat beading off his face.

      Glenn slid the battery into Phobos, and was just about to secure the hatch on the battery when the engineer came blasting into his room.

"DON'T TURN THAT ON!!!" He screamed to Glenn.

      Glenn loooked at him dumbfounded,"What? This?" He subconciously snapped the hatch on, and Phobos was re-activated, the device hummed to life.

      Glenn happily looked down at Phobos,"Wow it's working,"He marveled at the device that hummed in his hand, staring at it,"Isn't it great?" He looked up, and saw the engineer laying on the ground.

"Are-are you ok?" Glenn screamed to him, but all the engineer did was twitch a little.

      Glenn set Phobos down, and walked over to the engineer to find that he was dead. When Glenn walked over to the engineer, however, He too was exposed to Phobos' silent attack. Glenn screamed as his head pounded, and he dropped to his knees, and then suddenly, his brain went dead. Glenn dropped to the floor, leaving Phobos on.

      Phobos' frequencies extented out onto the streets, attaching onto other frequncies, like radio frequencies, and even the soundwaves from people talking. Soon the whole city was affected by the silent wrath of Phobos. Phobos spread like a plague, sparing no one, and being able to attach itself onto other frequencies, it spread throughout the entire world.

      By overnight, the world of Morir was in dead silence. On the streets were crashed cars, and bodies of humans strewn everywhere. Many of the people died clutching their heads, the others just lie there, being total vegetables. The world was in complete silence, and no one lived through the ordeal.

~After a few years, word of more human strongholds that were erraticated by the Covenant spread, but the legacy of Morir, and Phobos became The Forgotten.~