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Comments for 'The Forgotten -Phobos (Part 1)'

6:07 am | April 3, 2004
I've been trying, this site must not like me cause it's not letting me post them.
Inept Zombie
2:31 am | March 29, 2004
Dude these stories are great, but you haven't posted one in a gosh-darned long time.
8:23 pm | February 22, 2004
The Goohoomoo
3:22 am | January 3, 2004
I rape little monkeys
2:08 am | May 29, 2003
no you idiot, I'm the one on the left giving the thumbs up.
12:36 am | May 4, 2003
PS: Its the evil looking grin from the kid all the way to the right...
12:27 am | May 4, 2003
That wasn't rly a nescesarry comment all the pics on there are rigged its not like it's real... Get all defensive...

Smosh=sick twisted...
10:19 pm | April 30, 2003
Hey bitch I'm not the one tying up the girl so back the hell off and dude I thought you were mexican since you had that el in your name.
9:54 pm | April 30, 2003
lol dont take it that way. It was actually a chick's idea to do it, and im the one on the left giving the thumbs up. No rape intended, you sick bastard.
7:26 pm | April 30, 2003
Yo diablo I just checked out your pictures at smosh and you guys hog-tied her damn dude it looked like rape or something not kool.
10:44 pm | April 28, 2003
Thanks everyone, very much. Um Phobos is not a halo superweapon, just a really dangerous weapon. If anybody knows greek mythology, Phobos is the greek god of fear. And if anyone knows spanish, Morir means to die (kinda a foreshoading eh?). And again, thanks.
10:30 pm | April 28, 2003
9.5/10 WOW deep
8:33 pm | April 28, 2003
Awasome story 9/10!
7:48 pm | April 28, 2003
thanks diablo
5:27 pm | April 28, 2003
Not too bad Diablo, the writing style was superb and the action great. I am still perplexed at just the odds of the events ever happening as described. You can tell I don't belive in absolute free will. Well keep up with the great ideas.

BTW: Is Phobos your idea of what the Halo superweapon does?
Arthur Wellesly
2:54 pm | April 28, 2003
Good story, El Halo Diablo, my story and yours do nothing to cancel each other out! Great writing!
11:31 am | April 28, 2003
I think you just hate Mexican's, don't you John Morris? Well I'm sorry to break it to you, but I'm not (j/k, but im really not mexican). You're right John, I probably can do better, but when you write 40+ fan fics, you start to lose original ideas. Thanks everyone for the comments, please keep them coming, and please help out Gruntkiller, he deserves more comments then he gets.
John Morris
11:18 am | April 28, 2003
I know I'll catch hell, but I will let you know truly how I feel, I have read the others in your collections, and this pales in comparasion, The language is splattered english, yet while the plot is reasonable, this falls short due to some flaws, Diablo, your capable of better. 6.5/10
10:51 pm | April 27, 2003
very cool and different. sounds like somthing that we would do, "accedently" kill off our planet. i got one question, will this be like wados dark halo stories (each one being unrelated just random but cool stories) or will the whole series be related around phobos. And could anybody who reads my series (fallen angel) please comment on it, im trying to decide if im going to do another series after this one and i need to see how ppl like the way i write my stories and stuff.
Shadow Spartan
9:48 pm | April 27, 2003
well done, well done my friend, this was quite impressive, i hope you continue with it (what kind of idiot am I? course you will continue it)
5:13 pm | April 27, 2003
Thanks, Im not sure what to do next with this series(I have three different choices, and I can't decide), I'll probably write part 3 of my interactive fan fic, then come back to this one.
James Kinsella
3:41 pm | April 27, 2003
Wow. Just another example of when humans don't know what's good for them. It was an interesting read, and had a lot of originality.