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Law & Order (Part 3 of 3) Lesson Learned
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 6 April 2003, 5:49 AM

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"Gary! Gary!" Mays ran over to Hawkings,"Are you all right? Looks like you took quite a spill!"

      Hawkings got up,"We got to find those two engineers, they got away!" Gary Hawkings got up quickly, but Mays held him down.

      Mays realised Sam Yerman's dead body, the head crushed in the doorway,"Oh my god..." He shook in disgust.

"Those two engineers did this." Gary wiped the blood off his uniform,"I did the calculations before. Judging by the time difference, it was physically impossible for one person to take the ships power offline, and murder the Captian."

      Hawkings remembered both instances with the rooms, and opened the door into the surveillance room, and stepped over Sam Yerman's body. Gary looked up to the air duct, and saw that it had been tampered again (before, he tampered with it).

"Sir!" A sergeant came up with four soldiers carring the two engineers,"We got the two suspects!"

"Good."Hawkings was just about to walk up to the two engineers, and beat the shit out of them, but then he heard a noise from inside the surveillance room. Hawkings turned his head to the noise. The two autocannons were slowly turning towards him. The barrels were aimed directly at Hawkings, and they stopped on him.

      Hawkings froze,"GET DOWN!" He jumped to the side, and the autocannons opened fire on the marines. The hallway was being torn-up by gunfire, and two marines were shredded in the volley of armor piercing death.

"GOD DAMNIT,"The Sergeant screamed, taking cover behind the wall,"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THOSE COMPUTERS?!?"

      Hawkings thought about the reasons for this, then it hit him,"Our ship!" Hawkings bolted down the hallway with Mays, the Sergeant and two other marines following behind.

"Why didn't I think of it before!" Hawkings said,"Whoever did this, it's not the engineers, but it was two people that did this." Hawkings looked over to Mays while they rounded a corner,"And who are the only two people who have access to the automated defenses?" Hawkings shot Mays a smirk.

      Mays looked gravely back over to Hawkings,"...Sam Yerman and Frank Garish."

      Gary nodded and smiled,"Exactly, and now that Frank eliminated his partner, the Captian, and our pilot, he should have an easy time getting our ship, and getting the hell outta here."

      As they came closer to the hangar, the lights suddenly flickered, then died.

"What's going on Sergeant?" Hawkings panted as he picked up his pace.

"The backup power must have ran out! Which means no electricity, no life suport, and most importantly: No Oxygen!"

"Damn,"Hawkings said to himself,"The oxygen left in this ship should be almost completly depleted in about 30 minutes!"

      They came to the door to the hangar, and manually opened it. The hangar was dark, but they could see a silhouette of a person climbing a ladder into the cockpit.

"That's him! Frank Garish!" Hawkings screamed.

"Open fire!" The Sergeant barked at his two men, and the three of them sprayed rounds in the direction of Frank.

      The bullets whizzed towards Frank and slammed into the ladder, sending sparks flying. Frank jumped off of the ladder, and ran down the length of the hangar, being trailed by the Marines fire. One bullet tagged Frank in the shin, and he let out a scream, and staggered into a doorway, opened it, and went in.

      The Marines ceased fire, and Hawkings quickly turned to them,"Stay here and guard the ship, make sure he doesn't try and get back on. Me and my partner will pursue him, and try to take him down."

      The marines nodded, and Hawkings left with Mays down the way Frank escaped. Mays and Hawkings arrived at the door, and Hawkings slowly opened the door, and peeked through; The coast was all clear. They slinked into the room, their pistols trained ahead of them. Hawkings took a sample of Franks blood that his wound left, and inserted it into his goggles, a trail of blood was immediatly illuminated in Gary Hawkings vision.

      They winded further into a large room,"Where are you, you son of a bitch..." Hawkings muttered, and scanned the dark room with his pistol. They trailed the blood into a living room, and there was a hallway up ahead. Hawkings heard something from up in the hallway, and he motioned for them to crouch closer. The noise became more frequent, then the noise became footsteps. The noise passed the hallway quickly, and four bright flashes followed with a large deafining noise of a handgun followed the flashes.

"GAAH!" Mays scremaed,"I'm Hit!"

      Hawkings dropped to the ground, and crawled over to Mays,"Where are you hit?"

      Mays loudly sucked in air through his teeth,"I don- I don- please help me Hawkings."

      Hawkings felt Mays shiver, found the wound, and knew it was fatal.

"Don't worry man, you'll make it," Hawkings lied to him, and pulled out a syringe,"It's ok." Hawkings injected a strong pain killer into Mays' neck. Mays slowly calmed down, and his eyes glazed over.

      Mays began to fall into a deep sleep, and then uttered,"...you've never let me down..." Mays head rolled sidways, and he was unconcious as the blood pumped out of the hole in his chest.

      Hawkings breathed through his nose calmly, then began to breath violently. He thrust his body up, and charged through the hallway in total rage.

"Why did you do it Frank!?!" Hawkings screamed itno the dark hallways that he ran through,"I know it's you! I heard you and Sam in that argument!" Mays ran itno a room, that seemed to be the cooking room of the mess hall,"You practically controlled him! You told him what to do, and he did it!" The blood trail led around a table, but he didn't see the trail go anywhere else. Hawkings pointed his pistol over at the large counter,"You told him to murder the Captian, while you took the ships power offline! You told him to murder that pilot, and then when he got back to the surveillance room-" Hawkings moved closer to the counter,"-You pushed him down into the doorway, and shut the door on his fucking head!" He threw a table over, sprawling butcher knifes and meat across the floor."See, you're nothing but a low life, scum-bag, Piece of trash, good for nothing piece of shi-"

"RAAAAAAH!" Frank sprang out form behind the counter, and fired his pistol at Hawkings. Hawkings dodged the rounds, and returned fire at Frank. One bullet caught Frank in the arm, and he dropped his pistol, and grasped his wound.

"Wanna Piece of this shit?!?" Hawkings was delerious,"Come and get me you bastard!" Hawkings threw his pistol at Frank, and the butt nailed him in the chin. Frank hurdled the counter, and tackled Hawkings, landing several punches straight into Hawkings now bleeding face. Frank lifted Hawkings dazed head, and drove his knee into his nose.

      Hawkings tried to poorly crawl away, but Frank picked Hawkings up, and ran him into a pole, breaking his goggles in his eyes.

"AAAAAAAH!" Hawkings screamed madly as he tried to remove the small fragments of glass in his left eye. Frank wasted no time, and slammed his large fist into Hawkings spine. Hawkings collapsed down to the floor again. Frank went for Hawkings' legs, and Hawkings desperatly kicked him in the face with he stub of his boot. Hawkings saw the advantage, and kicked Frank's legs out from under himself. Frank fell on Hawkings, and found Hawking's neck. Frank encompassed Hawkings neck with his hands, and began to squeeze hard, cutting off blood flow to Hawking's brain. Hawkings hands flaied wildly, and then manged to sputter out a few words,"Why-grurg-did you do it Frank?-gah!"

      Frank answered back,"Just what you said: I was called a low-life and a loser, and a piece of trash by everyone, and it was time they payed. I gave you a chance to leave, but when you refused, I had no choice."

"You don't-gack-have to do this Fra-Gahack!"

"You have no idea what it's like to be me, living your life below everyone else. Soon, though, soon everyone on this ship will learn their lesson."

      Frank tightened his grip, and his knuckles were white. Hawkings flailing hands slowly lowered to the ground, and his struggle was finally coming to an end. Hawkings hand rested on a cold piece of metal. In a strange daze, Hawkings felt around the metal, feeling the smooth object against his hands. He was seeing colors in his vision now, and he seemed cold. He felt the piece of metal some more in his happy daze, and something on the metal hurt him, and a drop of blood appeared on his finger. He tried to snap out of his daze, and focus on what he was holding. He focused hard, and found that it was a butcher knife he knocked off the table. He felt down the knife until he found the wooden handle, and he weakly grasped it with his remaining strength. Strange colors and objects blurred his view(From restricted blood flow to the brain).

      Frank loosened his grip, feeling no more struggle of Hawkings,"I'd say our little skirmish is just about over."

      Just as Frank loosened his grip, Hawkings barin circulation returned, and everything snapped back. With one swift motion, Hawkings swung the blade through the air, and plunged it into the back of Frank's neck. Frank grunted, and rolled over bleeding to death.

      Hawkings got up, and tried to inspect his torn face in the dark.

"Hahahaha!" Frank managed to utter, despite the knife protruding out the front of his neck,"Sure, you finshed me off, but you still have to find the crystal for the ships power to be restored. Oh,"Frank gurgled in his own blood, squeezing out every word,"I forgot one thing: I planted a bomb in deck 7, and it's about to go off....now." Frank pressed the button on a small remote control device, and the ship shook from the explosion.

"You son of a bitch!" Hawkings screamed, and twisted the blade in his neck,"Go to hell!"

"...See you there..."

      The air began to feel heavy to Hawkings, and he bagan to breath harder. The ship was losing oxygen faster from the explosion that tore a hole in the ship's hull. Hawkings sprinted back down the rooms, past Mays' dead body, and back into the Hangar. Hawkings couldn't believe what he saw.

"Those fucking cowards!" Hawkings screamed. The three Marines and the ship was missing. The past experiences in the ship flashed back to Hawkings. The time Frank was arguing to Sam, and they accedentally came into the room, and interruped their argument, Frank had gone over to a large cabnet and closed and locked it. Frank had given Hawkings a bad glare when he saw that he was watching him. "Thats it!" Hawkings screamed with excitment, and ran back down the corridors back to the surveillance room.

      Hawkings grabbed a rifle from one of the dead Marines in front of the surveillance room entrance, and stormed into the surveillance room, and went straight to the cabnet. He aimed the barrel at the lock, and shot it off. Hawkings threw the door open, and saw the crystal sitting on the shelf. Hawkings snatched the crystal, and sprinted down the corridor to the power grid like there was no tomorrow.

      The air became very heavy, and each step seemed like a mile, and his mouth hang wide open, grasping for oxygen. He leaned against the door to the power grid, his muscles burning from lack of oxygen. He slid the door open, and shuffled towards the power grid. His eyes dragged up to a label that read: MAIN POWER SYSTEM. He slid open the door, and saw the cradle for the crystal just ahead of him. he tried to run, but his feet didn't move, and he fell to the floor. He tried to crawl, but he felt like a 300 pound Cortana was sitting on him. He couldn't go any further, and he knew he had no chance to get it there. The only chance he had was just one throw at the cradle. He grasped the crystal, and readied to throw it. He took a gulp of air, and he chucked the crystal, in hopes of it landing in the cradle. The crystal sailed trough the air, and hit the rim of the cradle, and bounced. Hawkings watched it arch over the cradle and land on the floor with a thud. When that crystal hit the floor, all his hopes were lost when he couldn't draw another breath, he lowered his head and blacked out.

      A bright light shone in Hawkings eyes. He sprung up, and took a large gasp of fresh air. Everything came out from a blur, and he saw the crew of the ship standing around him.

"He's up!" A Marine shouted.

      Hawkings rubbed his head, minding all the bandages on his face,"Uhh...what the hell happened?"

"You were pretty lucky sir." The same Marine answered, and waved to two people,"These two people found you and the crystal in the Main Power System room. They set the crystal in the cradle, restoring the power, and then brought you in."

      The two men came up, and Hawkings saw that it was the two engineers that he tried to accuse,"...you guys saved my life?"

      The engineers sat there and nodded their heads, but said nothing.

"I think I've learned my lesson..." Hawkings said, and slowly walked out of the room.