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Comments for 'Law & Order (Part 3 of 3) Lesson Learned'

6:59 pm | July 12, 2003
thanks, you can AIM me, my s/n is smoshmonker.
mabye you should try your hand at writing fan fiction. :)
2:18 pm | July 1, 2003
awwwwwww that sux u were the best
5:20 pm | June 24, 2003
one more fan fic before i leave HBO: Interactive fan fic part 3.

I've lost my touch for writing, unfortunatly.
3:21 pm | June 17, 2003
great story loved it keep ur fan ficts
7:42 pm | April 26, 2003
oh alright, i'll make sure I do that.
3:36 pm | April 16, 2003
Well done. I liked it alot. Send me the script for the next show tomarrow. I want it on my desk :D. Just Kidding. Didn't really read your story, sorry. I jusst wanted to say wassup to everyone. I kinda figured this comment section would be the place, I am getting good grades now, so i should have my internet back. And then i will post my story! Well, _Diablo, send me the story on my e-mail so i can read it during school and such. See ya.
10:57 pm | April 11, 2003
No suprisingly im not a Diablo fan :)
8:27 pm | April 10, 2003
thats good.
2:47 pm | April 10, 2003
Hey el_halo_diablo, are you also a diablo fan?
11:20 am | April 10, 2003
An interactive Fanfic? Awsome.
2:47 am | April 10, 2003
yah it was accedentally titled "-Stage 1" go read it, you'll enjoy it! :)
10:12 pm | April 9, 2003
um, im not really sure, soon tho, and it will be the part two of the interactive fan fic.
4:51 pm | April 9, 2003
i got one question when will we see your next?
11:56 am | April 9, 2003
Bravo, Many a writer here could learn a thing or two from you. Only one piece of critism, I think you could have use a little more colorful vocabulary. Don't get me wrong, the story was great. But even the best writer in the world has room for improvement.
2:17 am | April 9, 2003
Thanks man. anybody else?
10:21 pm | April 8, 2003
Lol James how is this story weird, it's quite practical actually. Mabye it's weird because it's o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l (besides the title so what).
10:19 pm | April 8, 2003
Thanks for the comments. Besides Critic, who cares what you say? it's just a title.
7:50 pm | April 8, 2003
Who gives a shit Critic if he steals shows names good story diablo!
5:49 pm | April 8, 2003
I fuck myself because I am a loser. People who post anonymous comments like me suck.
5:00 pm | April 8, 2003
pretty sweet, cool and slick writing made it an original story. can't wait till your next. pretty cool how it ended.
2:51 am | April 8, 2003
Hey buddy, how about now stealing other TV show names.
James Kinsella
12:21 am | April 8, 2003
Just plain weird. Good, but weird. I hope you start your new series soon.