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Halo: Law & Order Part 1
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 15 March 2003, 12:51 AM

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Aboard the a small UNSC transport vessel, two Universal Law Enforcent (ULE) agents are inbound to a large military frigate, that was mysteriously pulled offline.

"So do they know how, or who pulled the frigate offline?" The younger agent, Gary Hawkins, asked the other agent.

"Well they know that it was a high ranking officer because they had to have access to the main power grid. The person pulled the crystallic fusion rod out of the chamber, and no one can find it."

Hawkings shifted in his seat,"So, uh why don't they just search everyone, Mays?"

"They did," Marvin Mays noted grimly,"and they found nothing. They want the culprit alive, so they can interrogate him."

Hawkings smiled,"Oh this should be easy,"His smile faded when he saw that Mays was going to say something,"Oh crap, what is it?"

"Well that crystallic fusion rod was the ship's entire source of power," Mays said, looking out the window to see the frigate very near,"and they're losing life support on that ship. We only have a few days before the backup generators go down. There isn't a single UNSC ship near here but us, so we can't count on a UNSC cruiser to drop by and hand us a fusion rod."

The Pilot opened the cabin door and turned back to them,"Ok boys, we'll be docking in a few moments."

Hawkings and Mays both checked their small compact MD4 pistols, and holstered them. The transport vessel fired it's docking thrusters, and there was a loud thud, as it connected to one of the ship's tubes.

Hawkings went to the door, and opened it, to find a dozen Marines lined up beside the exit of the ship.
"What is this for?" Hawkings muttered over to Mays.

An officer ran up to greet Hawkings and Mays,"So glad to see you guys here-hurry, there's something that you might want to see!"

The officer quickly walked down the corridor. Mays and Hawkings followed, and noticed the Marines were tagging behind them.

"Do you mind to tell us what is going on?" Hawkings demanded to the officer.

"oh-uh-yes," The officer stumbled his words,"it appears that there has been a murder on this ship."


"Yes just a few minutes ago-we...uh-we found the Captian dead in his sleeping quarters."

"Just now?" Hawkings asked impressed.

The Officer came to a door, that was taped over,"See for yourself..."

The Officer opened the door, and the two agents walked in. The room had things strewn everywhere. On the bed was where most of the blood was spilled. Patches of blood littered the room, and then finally, and long blood pool led to the body of the captain.

Hawkings chcecked the Captains body, to find a large slash across his neck, and a series of other stab wounds. Hawkings grimaced at this, and walked over to the bed, to see the crimson-soaked sheets,"The killer must have made it in successfully without the victim noticing.
Mays looked at the tail of blood that led from the bed,a nd around the room, anding to where the captian lie,"Quite a load of blood to be lost by a standard stab wound..."
Hawkings thought,"...hmm, that's why the killer went for a quick and efficent kill: A nice gash into the Jugular vien. But something went wrong, the Captian fought back." Hawkings followed the trail of blood,"there was quite a struggle, and im suprised no one heard." Hawkings followed the Blood to the body,"And finally, The Captian died of blood loss, and multiple stab wounds."

"How the hell did the murderer get in without the Captain knowing?" Mays asked Mawkings.

"There has to be some other way in, like the obvious air duct." Hawkings said, while he looked up on the walls.

Just then the door opened into the room, and two men walked inside.
The taller man stuck out his hand,"An honor to have you guys on this ship." He shook hands with the two detectives, and the shorter man kept to himself.

"Hi," Mays said,"We would like to have a conversation and all, but as you can see, this is a crime scene."

"Well,"The taller man remarked,"This is the reason we're here-to help you two out."

"Yah and frankly,"The shorter man said snidly,"We don't need your damn help, we can do this by ourselves. Why don't you just hop in your pretty little ship, and leave, we can deal with this."

"And you are..."Hawkings said, peering at them.

"Excuse my friend, Sam Yerman here,"The taller man said kindly,"Im Frank Garish, and we are the security, and law enforcement on this ship, but we are glad to have you guys here to help."

"Well there's not much we can do right now, but get some shut-eye." Hawkings said, eyeing the newly welded airduct cover, with supreme suspicion.

"We'll show you guys to your rooms then." Frank Garish smiled and led them to their rooms.

Hawkings and Mays were each led into seperate rooms. Frank saw Mays looking at the gun emplacement inside their rooms, and one outsde, mounted on the wall.
"Those are for your own saftey." Frank looked at Hawkings and smiled. As Hawkings dropped his luggage in his room, Frank shut the door behind him,"I look forward to working with you tomorrow..."

Hawkings dropped on his bed, and strectched out, then something caught his eye. He looked up at the air duct, and found that the cover wasn't welded like the one in the Captian's quarters. Hawkings grabbed his camera and laser cutting tool, and waited for the ship's lights to go out for the night.

When the lights went out, he slowly creeped out of the corridor, and furtively ran to the Captain's quarters, and opened the door. He ran into the room, and warmed up the cutting tool. When he got over to the air duct, he pressed the button on the cutting tool, and a small laser beam shot out of the end, and cut the air duct cover off.
"So someone's trying tokeep someone else from getting back in here I presume..." Hawkings wispered into the recorder, as he climbed into the air duct.

Hawkings pulled out the sample of blood, and put it into a slot on the side of a pair of goggles he had. The goggles will highlight any substance in the persons view that is inserted into the slot of the goggles. Hawkings Put the goggles on, and activated the goggles. suddenly, there was small fragments of the Captains blood in the air ducts highlighted. Hawkings followed the trail of the small bits of blood shed off of the murderer from the Captian. Hawkings took a few turns, and the blodo became less frequent,and then it ended at a vent cover. Hawkings grabbed his cutter tool, and cut the cover open, to find that it opened to a room full of video cameras. He looked down, and saw Sam Yerman, the shorter security guard, asleep in a chair. A chill ran down Hawkings' spine when he saw there were tracings of the Captain's blood on his uniform.