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Comments for 'Halo: Law & Order Part 1'

9:24 pm | March 23, 2003
Thanks everyone
1:03 am | March 18, 2003
6:40 pm | March 17, 2003
No, thank you.

...Uh, I sound like one of those old, wise guys who are mystical and fantasy-like and wear huge robes and go by the name Lord Something...

::Goes and washes out mouth:: This'll teach me!!

2:42 am | March 17, 2003
thank you.
6:47 pm | March 16, 2003
I have to hand it to you, that was the first look at a new type of Halo story. Normally, I don't follow trials and justice, but occasionally I wathc the Practice and CSI. In other words, A futuristic court trial was pretty interesting. Keep it coming!

Halo: Law & Order Part 1 has received a 9.7 out of a possible 10.0.

5:53 pm | March 16, 2003
yah I understand what you mean.
5:26 pm | March 16, 2003
Your dialgoue was a bit uh kinda cheesy, not really cheesy but I couldn't seem two grown men saying that and in that manner.
5:03 am | March 16, 2003
damn! i just wrote a Halo 2 comedy, but it said it was 49 letters too short, so i pressed the back button, and it erased the fan fic! :( . darn, i know the second time i write it, it wont be as funny...any other comments about THIS story?
1:21 am | March 16, 2003
so it does...

About the typing with a broken wrist thing, i had this finished before i broke it, same with another story i had written already, but haven't submitted.
1:16 am | March 16, 2003
good point wado i never thought about it that way, it does seem a lot like cooper
10:57 pm | March 15, 2003
So the wounded can type. Welcome back diablo, how's the broken wrist? (Was that it?)

It's good to see you once again trying something different, although it does remind me a bit of a character of yours named Cooper.

Hope to see more.
10:45 pm | March 15, 2003
Definitely original, I take it the MD4 is a cut down and maybe different caliber version of the MD6?
8:57 pm | March 15, 2003
yah my only real proboblem with your story is that it just didn't feel likt it was that important im guessing it will go the way of your other two series and curve upwards into a legendary epic.
8:15 pm | March 15, 2003
Hey diablo man that was a kool plot I loved it you had a few errors probably because of your wrist.
6:36 pm | March 15, 2003
Yah Gruntkiller, I was just trying somethiung new and original, I hate making fan fics that people have already spun something off of.
6:33 pm | March 15, 2003
im not a big fan of all this law and order sort of stuff but i did find your stroy pretty interesting