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I'm Goin' In!: Interactive fan fic - Stage 2
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 18 April 2003, 2:10 AM

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Ok if you don't know the rules, they're simply explanitory, and if you still don't get it, just go to the first part, and read the small instruction at the top of the page. Enjoy.

Stage 2: Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

      I walked inside the building, and grabbed both the unconcious guards. I dragged them across the floor, and behind the front desk where I dropped them carelessly to the ground. I reached for my Comm device.

"I'm in." I said over the comm.

CO: Good work Abbott...but what took you so long?

"I ran into a few...snags." I replied.

CO: Are we going to need body bags for this mission?

"Not yet..."

      I looked at the floor behind the front desk, and it was covered in blood. It wasn't any blood I have ever seen, it was still red, but had a different texture to it.

"I think I found something interesting."I called over the comm,"It appears to be some kind of blood-here, I'll send a sample right over." I copied the structure through the laser scanner, and the data was immediatly sent to my CO's comuter.

CO: Ok Abbott, this data analysis shouldn't take long. The Science wing in on the 64th floor, so it would be wise to proceed to the elevator while I check this blood sample out.

"Gotchya" I nodded, and ran towards the elevator, and got inside. I punched in the number, and the elevator started up.

CO: This can't be right...

      The hairs on the back of my neck raised, I knew something was wrong,"What is it?" I snapped over the comm.

CO: Well the DNA show alleles of both covenant and human traits all on one strand...this-this can't be possible.

      Just then, our communications were interrupted.

Sergeant: What's the situation down here?

Private: Three unconcious guards, sir.

Sergeant: Anything else? Do we have any other intel?

Private: Blood sir, behind the counter. This blood isn't ordinary at all sir, it doesn't match anything we have on record.

Sergeant: Well damnit! We need some teams up in this building pronto! I want this area surrounded!

Private: Sir...someone's already using one elevator.

Sergeant: Where is it headed?

Private:um...64th floor sir.

Sergeant: Round up a squad up to that floor as fast as we can!

Private: Yes sir!

The communications ended.

CO: Looks like the UNSC finally decided to arrive.

"Sounds like they got a whole fucking brigade out there." I said uneasily.

CO: Ok, just to be safe, Abbott, we can switch to a private channel, while you can still listen in on their conversations.

"Alright." I checked my loaded MA5B nervously.

PC(Private Channel that my CO is on): Is it working?

"Yah. Now is there any more information I need to know before I get up there?"

PC: Um well the UNSC probably has the floors covered, so expect for them to beat you up there.

"Oh goody." I muttered sarcastically.

      The elevator made me jump as it dinged, confirming that I was had reached my destination. I listened to the metal doors that were seperating me from the other side of the elevator, and I heard a faint clanking noise outside. The elevator door began to open.

A. Shoot out the elevator light and charge out. (1)

B. Shoot out the elevator light and hug elevator wall (2)


      I raised my lethal MA5B to the celing, and shot out the light silently. I charged out of the elvator with my gun raised.

"FREEZE!" A soldier in black armor screamed at me.

      I dropepd my weapon, and slowly lifed my hands upwards.

PC: Good job Abbott, your mission was just compromised...

"Fuck..." I muttered, as they threw me to the ground, and stapped restraint devices to my body, and carried me out.

Bad boys, bad boys, whatchya' gunna' do? Whatchya' gunna' do when they come for you...*mumbles off because el_halo_diablo doesn't know the rest of the song*

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      I shot the light silently, and rushed to the wall, and flattened out against it. The door opened wide, and I heard footsteps creeping towards the elevator. A man with a black helmet slowly poked his head into the elevator to the right of me, but didn't notice me crouched next to him.

A. Punch him in the face. (3)

B. Give him the middle finger. (4)

C. Hold him hostage. (5)


      I sprung up, and hit him in the nose with the back of my fist. He screamed in agony, and fell backwards. Just then, two men in full black armor, charged in with their guns drawn.

A. Sweep them over with a side-kick to their legs. (1A2)

B. Shoot them. (1B2)


      I grabbed the man's collar, and he looked at me. I stuck my middle finger at him, and smiled. The man returned the favor with a cold-hard steel punch to my face. Before I knew it, I was in a restaint device.

Wow you're smooth, does that work with the ladies?

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      I lept at the guy, and pulled him down to me. I grabebd him from behind, but I wasn't quick enough for his team mates, which tackled me, and punched the crap outta me until they got me into a restraint device.

Looks like you'll be eating prison food for quite a while.

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      I ducked, and swung my leg around as their rounds fired right over my head. My leg collided into the side of the soldier's leg, and it crunched. The man collapsed onto the other soldier, his leg bent inwards.

      The soldier that was holding the now crippled one reached for his assult rifle.

"These people are hostiles!" I screamed into the Private Channel. I swiped the butt of my MA5B against the gun-toting soldier in the face, and he spun backwards. I kicked him in the back, and he slammed against the wall of the elevator.

      The crippled soldier grabbed onto my leg, and I bent down and landed a series of punches to his bloodied face until he let go in agony.

      I felt the cold steel of a barrel press against my head,"FREEZE! DON'T MOVE!" A soldier's voice came from behind me.

A. Spin around, and take him out. (123)

B. Raise hands. (abc)


      I reached quckly and leveled my gun, and fired at the two guards. They fired back, and the elevator was riddled with bullets. The two guards stared at me with their empty clips, and dropped lifelessly to the ground in a big pool of their own blood. I guess I was overcome with adrenaline, becuase when I looked down at myself, I too was riddled with bullet holes. I immediatly went into shock, and collapsed onto the floor, and I began to fade...

Shootout in an elevator = very messy results...you know, kinda like that elevator on the shining.

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      I quickly reacted, and spun around, and nailed him in the side with my gun. The man grasped his side, but leveled his gun at me. I tried to make a quick evasion, as he pulled the trigger, throwing death at me in the size of baby's fingers. the air around me was disrupted with round after round that was directed at me. One bullet tagged me in the leg, then another and another. I soon could run no longer, and dropped to the ground, grasping my lower half of my body that now looked like mozzarella cheese. The soldier's boot clunked over to my head, and I looked up to see the barrel raise to my brow.

"Oh fu-" BAM!

Does this look like "The Matrix" to you? I'm not going to let you do like 10 billion summersaults in the air just to avoid a few bullets. I'm sorry, but you're dead.

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      I slowly raised my hands into the air,"Don't shoot, you wouldn't want to shoot me would you?"

"Turn around," The man said, and nudged my back with his gun barrel.

      One of the soldiers with the bloodied face screamed at the soldier behind me,"Shoot him damnit! He's hostile!"

"Hold on!" The soldier behind me screamed at the one on the floor.

"I am your commanding officer soldier!" The Soldier on the ground screamed, slowly lifting his rifle with one arm,"I order you to shoot him or I shoot you for belaying that order!"

"I can't shoot him sir! He's not hostile!" He screamed back, while I knew something was going to happen, and I'd be in the middle of it.

"Take that back soldier!" The marine screamed,a nd took his bloody ahnd off his face, and steadied his rifle at the two of us. The soldier behind me let go of me, and raised his rifle next to me, pointing in the direction of the CO of that team.

A. Attack the team's CO(the guy on the floor). (1gag)

B. Attack the man behind you. (2gag)


"God damnit! put that weapon down! I order you to put that weapon down private!" The CO yelled at the Private behind me.

"I'm not going to let my guard down on you! You son of a bitch, if I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!"

"My pleasure!" The CO screamed, and darted his finger over to the trigger of his gun. I raised my gun and fired several rounds into him before he got a single shot off. He looked at us with a blank stare, then slumped to the ground.

      The Private behind me just stood there, staring at his CO. He slwoly turned his head to me, keeping his weapon down,"...you, you saved my life..."

      I put on a small grin,"See I'm not entirely hostile. But..." I pointed over to the dead soldier,"I doubt the UNSC will be very happy with you disobeying orders, and allowing the killing of your commmanding officer."

      The Private put his hand over his mouth,"fuck...I can't saty here, they'll charge me for treason, and execute me." He looked at me, and then a light bulb wnet off,"What are you doing here?"

"Umm," I knew he was trying to find a way out with me, and I needed all the help I could get,"That's confidential, but once I get what I need I am getting extracted."

"I can't stay here man..." The Private checked his gun, then looked back up at me,"Can I tag along with you?"

      I cocked my head over to the broken window that they came in through,"Promise not to turn me in?"

      He shook his head,"God no."

A. Don't trust him, and kill him (Perro)

B. Trust him, and let him stay with you. (Gato)


"God damnit! put that weapon down! I order you to put that weapon down private!" The CO yelled at the Private behind me.

"I'm not going to let my guard down on you! You son of a bitch, if I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!"

"My pleasure!" The CO screamed, and darted his finger over to the trigger of his gun. I raised my gun spun around, and fired several rounds into the private behind me, before he got a single shot off. He looked at us with a blank stare, then slumped to the ground.

      The CO looked at me, raised his gun to my head, then laughed,"Hahaha, you think i'll save your life for saving mine? Ha, I dont think so."

"Please, don't shoot..." I thrust my gun up to shoot him, but he had already discharged his magazine straigh into my body. My entire body lurched in pain, and I was already beginning to feel like I was fading away. The room spun around me, and as I fell, I kept my finger on the trigger, blowing holes in the wall as everything got dark...the last thing I could feel is the vibration of my gun...

You had a 50/50 chance, and you chose the wrong one! Well just be lucky enough to not be Micheal Jackson.

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      I raised my rifle at the Private,"There's no way in hell I'm going to trust you, you put a fucking gun to my head! I now you're just one of the UNSC's toys, you'll do whatever they tell you to do!"

      The Private aimed his gun at me,"I swear I'm a total turncoat! Don't shoot!"

"LYING BASTARD!" I screamed and pulled the trigger on my rifle, just as he did. Bullets punched their way through both of us, and we both dropped to the ground, and slowly, I began to loose the feeling and controll of my limbs. I didn't know the extent of the damage, but I had a feeling it was fatal *gag*.

Yah I know you're thinking "What ever happened to that 'trust nobody' attitude?" Well I'll tell you what, It's gone! Or is it? yes it is...mabye it's gone...or mabye it's not...I really don't know.

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      I lowered my gun to my side,"Alright then, but you're gunna have to keep up, I'm running on a tight schedule."

"Alright." The Private said. He went over to the elevator, and shut it. He then jammed the door by screwing with the control panel.

"Well," I said,"We might as well get to know eachother, my name is Dan Abbott." I shook his hand.

"Well, It's not like I need to hide anything," The Private chuckled,"My full name is Pedro Moralez-Gonzales-Rodriguez-Lopez-Mendoza-Banderes-"

"Stop right there," I said,"I'll just call you Pedro."

"Pedro it is."

      As we walked down the corridor, we came to a large, steel, double door, and labeled above it was testing room. I nodded over to it, and we opened the door. We walked in the dark room.

      I bumped into a large metal object, and I felt around it, trying to find a switch.

      Pedro yelled over to me,"I Think I found a switch!"

      He flipepd the switch on, and the object my face was in front of lit up, and a deformed human face appeared in front of mine.

"JESUS!" I screamed and fell back. Then, all around me stasis cells were turned on, and the deformed figures stood, suspended in some kind of cryogenic sleep liquid.

"Are they alive?!?" I screamed over to Pedro.

"They probably are, just in stasis right now." Pedro yelled back.

      I looked at the strange body, and saw soemthing very unique about this human: It's feet had small claws on the heel, and certain parts of it's body reminded me of something, then I froze; It had attributes of Covenant meshed in with attributes of human. I went down the rows of large cylinders, looking at all the creatures, and they were all different in some certain way, but all their bodies had both Human and Covenant attributes.

"Freaks of nature..." I muttered.

"Is this what you came loking for?" Pedro asked me.

      I ran over to a computer console, and put the hard drive in my vest pocket,"Yup, and now my job is done, lets get the hell outta her-"


      I spun around, and noticed the door closed. I ran towards the door, and then the blast doors covered the way out. I pounded on the door, and tried to acces the computer to open it, but nothing was working.

"ABBOTT!"Pedro screamed over to me.

"Not now Pedro!" I yelled back, trying to override the systems.

"I saw them move!"He screamed at me, and raised his gun at one of the stasis cells,"In the containers!"

      Just then, I knew what was going to happen next. I jumped up, and threw my MA5B into my arms, ready for what was going to happen next.

WOOO YAH! You finished Stage 2, great work! Proceed to Stage 3 when it is ready.