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Comments for 'I'm Goin' In!: Interactive fan fic - Stage 2'

11:42 am | April 5, 2004
yeah, im sad too, this stupid submission form isn't working for my story.
11:42 pm | February 21, 2004
ya, good almost a year since you wrote your last one
7:30 pm | February 20, 2004
hi, fan fic numba three coming soon
7:37 pm | August 25, 2003
omg wut a loser my friend konor said that srry folks
3:57 pm | August 1, 2003
srry i was slap happy when i posted that last comment
1:30 pm | July 30, 2003
hi everybody it is 10:31 am and im posting on this chapter :) im happy ryte now becuese i just came bak from the movies and madeout with a girl whose my best friend :) im 13 years old and shese 12 turnin 13 in 3 months i notice my puncuation sucks and my grammer isint that good either, diablo wen the hell are u gunna write ur 3rd interactive fan fict?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (i dont kno y im tellin u all this but it was fun)
5:20 pm | June 24, 2003
my s/n is smoshmonker
12:25 am | June 2, 2003
quit the flash animation and write ur frikin story,god it is so good pleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (wuts ur sn?)
2:09 am | May 29, 2003
Yah, i've been busy with flash animation, check it out at www.smosh.com
1:17 am | May 24, 2003
god hurry up w/ ur next fan fict
7:48 pm | April 26, 2003
yup, something wrong witht he server or something.
12:52 am | April 25, 2003
same problem for 4 days.
10:12 pm | April 24, 2003
I thought so. Anyway, me and my friends website http://www.smosh.com/ uploaded a video of me and my friends lighting our hands on fire with rubbing alcohol, when we were bored one spring break day. I'm the third one to go(right before we light the sink on fire). Go check it out, and the rest of the website :).
12:27 pm | April 24, 2003
1:44 am | April 24, 2003
Thanks everyone, for about 4 days I couldn't seem to get onto HBO, did anyone else have that problem?
Arthur Wellesly
11:53 am | April 21, 2003
This was a pretty good story EHB, very good indeed.
11:40 am | April 21, 2003
Badass story!!!!!! keep it up. There was some spelling errors but other than that c'est cool!
11:08 am | April 21, 2003
Spartan 117 goes way back to my posting days. dont know who he is though.
7:15 pm | April 20, 2003
i just went through the story again. died lots again too. though i would comment again for shits and giggles. you could make this into one of those interactive books and sell it...
4:19 pm | April 20, 2003
Wow now I feel so speacial now ;D
11:58 am | April 20, 2003
diablo I talked to the guy and he said that he only offers it to thw people who write his favorite storys.
11:22 am | April 20, 2003
sweet, thanks!
loser boy
10:26 pm | April 19, 2003
id give the story a 10/10
8:15 pm | April 19, 2003
I have no Idea, but I think he went here before by the name of Spartan 117...I'm not sure tho. To Anonomous, I never thought about it, but I guess it is a little like Splinter Cell(the second best game, next to Halo). I was thinking about branching the storyline, even though that would be so freakin hard to do. But now that someone wants it, I'll make it branch off. :) Expect the next one in a few weeks probably if I'm lazy.
7:44 pm | April 19, 2003
Jamie Cooper who?
7:39 pm | April 19, 2003
I loved it. I may have died a just a tad too many times(around 3,434,567,129,493,001) but I still loved it. It did kinda get complicated at the end though. I'm not sure how to grade this but keep it up.
5:36 pm | April 19, 2003
reminds me of splinter cell
4:21 pm | April 19, 2003
Holy crap, yeah I just checked my email and there's an email from him. If he wants to promote his site correctly, he'd email it to HBO and they'd put his link in the news section. Any comments about this series?
4:12 pm | April 19, 2003
Who??? thats a no for me
11:51 am | April 19, 2003
Blah!!! Thats the sound of me puking. Terrible
This story I give a -10/10. BLAHHH!!!!
3:07 am | April 19, 2003
Has any body been contacted by that Jamie Cooper person?
3:05 am | April 19, 2003
12:38 am | April 19, 2003
Thanks everyone! Today, I was 50-50ing one rail, and my board slipped out from under me, and I gave myself a steel wedgie. Any other comments?
10:55 pm | April 18, 2003
Saturn very tempting indeed.
8:15 pm | April 18, 2003
Maby you could survive in more than one way, and then have the story branch off more.
6:36 pm | April 18, 2003
Great Job I liked this idea but its kinda hard to stay alive
6:30 pm | April 18, 2003
DANG! i shoulda know better than the middle finger. but it was just so tempting. ha, whata kick.

Geez, reading all the other comments....me failing cause of flickin the guard off sounds ignorant. At least vero, monitor, and ace came closer. well guess its back to Boot for me.

Very cool diablo, you always have someting interesting to bring to HBO. I still remember the CLASSIC comedies of yours. Grunty grape, happy trails.
5:36 pm | April 18, 2003
top quality, as always. kinda hard to stay alive, but thats what makes it so good.
Shadow Spartan
4:51 pm | April 18, 2003
holy crap that was hard...like the monitor, i died all the time...still, good story, keep them coming..
4:28 pm | April 18, 2003
very good i like it a lot, not only is it one of a kind but its feakin awsome.
4:21 pm | April 18, 2003
An ingenious idea I died ever time.
3:05 pm | April 18, 2003
Hi my name is Jose rodruguez-martinez-julio-rodrigo-vero. Lol. That was probably the best part of the story besides me trying to be like the matrix and do like 400 somersaults and a couple cartwheels. I belive i died after the first somersault. The guy shot me. Well anyways keep up the funny work dude.
2:22 pm | April 18, 2003
This interactive fan fic is one of a kind. While reading it, I probably died at least 5 times. Keep writing.... this series is turning out to be really good.