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Halo: Law & Order (Part 2 of 3)
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 March 2003, 7:18 PM

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Hawkings stared at his notepad.

"So what do we have so far?" Mays asked Hawkings.

"Well we've interviewed practically every person who had acess into the ship's main power grid," Hawkings tilted his chair back and sighed,"and none of them have a motive. Also," He added,"they could all support where they were at the time the ship was brought offline. Except for a few..."

"Well then we need to interrogate them further." Mays said simply.

"Well we have the obvious people: The three engineers that were in that location at the time, a bridge officer that "went to the bathroom" at that time, and an ensign that was reportedly seen going in that direction five minutes before the ship was taken offline."

They both got up, and Mays stretched, and yawned,"Lets drop by the surveillance room on our way, see if we can get a look of anyone that might have passed the cameras."

Hawkings felt a chill go down his spine. He remembered last night when he snuck out, and found the Captain's blood on Sam Yerman's(the shorter security guard)shirt. Hawkings tried to put it away, and smiled,"I don't know what I would do without you."

The two of them walked to the entry of the surveillance, and stopped in front of the door to hear a dispute inside. They listened in.

"I told you to use gloves!" Frank Garish's voice stammered

The voice of Sam Yerman answered back,"I didn't really think it'd matter I ju-"

"Forget about it..." Frank said,"Just please remember tonight."

Mays stumbled on the door opener, and the door slid open.

Both the security guards looked suprised over to Mays and Hawkings, and turned to them. Frank Garish's crimson face immediatly turned to a welcoming smile,"Oh hello gentlemen."

Mays looked at them,"Are-uh, are we interrupting you guys or somthin'?"

"Nah." Frank answered.

Hawkings watched Frank walk over and pick up a chair that was knocked over. He then went over to a large closet, shut it, and locked it. Frank shot Hawkings a glance when he turned around. Frank walked up to them,"So what can I do for you guys today?"

"We wanted to know if we could search through your tapes on the day the ship's core was brought offline, and a few tapes on the time of the murder." Mays said simply.

Hawking nodded his head,"Sure, knock yourself out."

Hawkings and Mays gathered what tapes they needed, and left. They got to their rooms, and went into Mays' room, and dropped the videos on his bed.

"Gary, I'm feelin' like a pick-me-up, what do you say we go down to the mess hall?"

Gary Hawkings agreed, and they both walked down to the mess hall. They came to the front desk, and ordered two instant coffies.

"Powder or cube?" The man asked.

"Uh I'll take the cube." Gary said.

"Powder." Marvin Mays answered.

The chef went back to liquify the cube, and pour the powder in a cup of hot water, while Gary and Marvin leaned against the table, looking at the cold metallic walls and celing.

The voices of two engineers that were sitting at a table a ways away from Marvin and Gary could be barely heard in and out.

"...so what are *inaudible* ...the pilot of *inaudible* ...detectives..." One engineer said.

"...tonight or *inaudible*...could get in touch with him and k- *inaudible*..." The other engineer answered.

The first engineer answered back,"...murder *inaudible* ...gun, do you hav- *inaudible* ...be prepared for anything."

The two engineers got up, and left the way Marvin and Gary came in. Gary watched them go out the door, and proceed down the hall.

"Here's two fully caffinated coffies." The chef said, and handed them two dull, metallic cups, filled with a scalding hot, dark liquid. Gary took a large gulp and cringed from the awful taste. Marvin took a drank , and sprayed it across the floor.

"OW! Hot! Too hot!" Marvin said, fanning his tounge.

Gary laughed,"Oh give me a break Mays, you're such a pussy."

They laughed, then left the mess hall, leaving their horrible coffie behind.

They walked down the corridor talking,"Hey Mays,"Hawkings looked over to him,"Did you know that coffie was actually harvested from plants?"

Marvin shook his head.

"Well it turns out that coffie was actually harvested back when Earth was the only planet. Unfortunatly, due to wide deforestation of the continent known as South America, the plant was detroyed, and companies had to make artificial coffie products from there on."

"Um," Marvin spoke up,"Is that how the 'Starbucks' superpower was finally defeated?"

"Yes,"Gary said, when they arrived to their door to their room,"But they went on to rule the western sector of the former counrty called United States of America, before the country known as Canada attacked the United States of America, and took control."

They opened the door, to find the room very dark. A few sparks flew out of a light socket.

"What the hell..." Gary said, and drew out his pistol. Marvin followed his lead into the room. Gary moved over to a lamp, and flicked it on: The room had been trashed. The bed was moved aside, the dressers were knocked over, with the shelves strewn about in the room. The whole room was a shamble.

"No, no no no." Marvin ran over to the bed, and turned to Gary, with a pale face,"They took the tapes..."

Marvin and Gary ran out of the room, and looked down the corridor, and a man ran into them,"Oh thank god you here!" The man panted.

Hawkings looked at the man,"There's been a robbery in our rooms."

The man shook his head,"It's more important than that, there's been a murder."

"Who?" Marvin asked.

The man ran down a corridor,"Follow me."

They came to a guest room, Marvin and Gary knew exactly who it was.

They walked into the room, and found a group of men standing in a circle around a bed. Marvin and Gary pushed the people aside, and look at the dead man. Gary put his pistol away, and looked at the murdered man.

"Our pilot..." Mays muttered.

Hawkings looked at their dead pilot, with a small red hole through his skull,"Someone doesn't want anybody to leave..."

Automatically, Hawkings looked up at the air duct, and saw that it was tampered with. Hawkings turned to an officer, who was looking down at the blood soaked sheets,"Do you know where all these air ducts can lead?"

The officer looked up at Hawkings,"Yeah, they all lead to the engine room. Why?"

Hawkings quickly ran out the doorway, and saw the two engineers at the end of a corridor,"STOP!" He screamed at them.

The two engineers saw him, and bolted. Hawkings took out his pistol, and ran after them. He ran to a corridor where he could see them ahead of him,"STOP! OR I WILL BE FORCERD TO SHOOT!"

The men bolted down another hallway. Hawkings sprinted after them. Hawkings ran past the surveillance room, and slipped on something wet. He landed hard on his back, and looked at the crimson red liquid that was on the floor.

Hawkings slowly trailed the blood to the doorway of the surveillance room, and saw Sam Yerman's head, crushed in the doorway.