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Comments for 'Halo: Law & Order (Part 2 of 3)'

6:20 pm | April 6, 2003
muahahaha, I guess all halo fans are stingy lol.
11:54 am | April 3, 2003
thats probobly what ill end up doing too
10:55 pm | April 2, 2003
Mabye if one summer day im bored, I'll be stingy,a nd go to Tower Books, sit in a bean-bag chair, and read the entire novel there without paying a cent. ;)
5:47 pm | April 2, 2003
yah i know im not going, why waste money on a story that you know how it begins ends and everything in between
11:02 am | April 2, 2003
I really see no need to read Halo: The Flood, cause it's just like a novel of what you do in the game, pretty much.
9:48 pm | April 1, 2003
Halo:the flood finally came out.
Cristian Arnautu
3:41 pm | April 1, 2003
A very amusing story. The coffee part was really funny. I enjoyed it.
11:18 am | April 1, 2003
oh yah GO CANADA =) (im canadian)
10:46 pm | March 31, 2003
Lol amazingly no im not, I just thought it was funny, because Canada is quite neutral in history (despite a few things), so it would be funny if Canada attacked America(I mean seriously, of all places, CANADA ;) ). Thanks for everyone's comments.
Arthur Wellesly
9:50 pm | March 31, 2003
Hmm, I just finished reading both stories, and they were both quite good. A solid writing style with a plot that, at least, is unique to me. Very good, but, I must ask, are you a Canadian? (I am too).
8:27 pm | March 31, 2003
It hardly matters... I don't like the crossover much, but the story is alright and the Starbucks thing... Nice...
5:54 pm | March 31, 2003
great a lot better then the first, i had a good laugh at the whole cofee part and the starbucks empire thing. written realy well wnd was VERY interesting.
5:33 pm | March 31, 2003
I'm posting this comment during school we are in the computer lab with a sub who doesn't really notice anything LOL oh and awasme sory diablo!
James Kinsella
2:22 pm | March 31, 2003
Kinda cool, what timeline does this take place on though cause i don't know when its supposed to be?