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I'm Goin' In!: Interactive fan fic -Stage 1
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 March 2003, 4:18 AM

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Authors note: Ok this is most likely the first of it's kind, so here is how the fan fic is read: You are reading, and you come across a part that gives you two or more decisions, and will give a direction to read from your decision. If you do not guess the right decision, you will most likely die, and have to go back to where you made that decision in the first place. Each decision will be marked with an easy code(numbers and letters to identify which section of the story to go to. trust me, if you don't understand what the hell i'm talking about, you'll understand it when you get there) to follow. Enjoy!

Stage 1: Just Like Old Times

The craft was a Light Transport Vehicle. The bulky LTV winded sideways through the gaps inbetween buildings and other obstacles that occupied the air around the city.

Two people spoke in the shadows of the LTV.

"What is it this time?"

"...Well-uh...we're not exactly sure, Abbott. But we hope to find out soon."

"Any intel?"

"Well, there was an alarm set off at DarCorp."

"DarCorp? You mean the-"

"Yes, the company that is the leader in science and weaponry."

"So what? It's just an alarm."

"This could be serious, It could possibly be-"

"The covenant? I doubt it."

"Just to be on the safe side, you need to find out whats going on, which means going in."

"Infiltrating DarCorp, are you serious?"

"They must have shut off the automated defenses at the entrnce, we've intercepted Dozens of police messages ordering them to the entrance of the building."

"...Fine, where's my LZ?"

"DarCorp rooftop."

"What about my rendevouz?"

"Same as the LZ."

"Alright, what about my weaponry?"

"We want to avoid casualties, so you'll be equipped with an MA2B modified with fast-acting tranquilizers."

"What if I come in contact with any foriegn enemies, like turrets or...well you know."

"You have a standard MA5B, loaded with armor-piercing rounds, but please Abbott, keep the silencer on, and only use it if you need to."

"Ok Abbott, it's showtime."


# 1

      I jumped out of the transport, and landed hard on the concrete rooftop. The transport immediatly dissapeared into the clouds, leaving me all alone, just like old times. The rain pounded on me, and the thunder shook my bones. I knew I better get to work. I looked over and saw an air duct, that should lead into the building, but then I looked over to the edge of the building. I could repell down the side of the building and try to get acess into the building from the enrance. I looked down at the police cars that were powered down on the ground with their lights flashing widly. I'm not sure which way I should take...

A. Take the ventilation chamber (go to #1 a)

B. Repell (#1 b)

#1 a.

      I easily popped open the cover to the ventilation system, and climbed in the chamber. I clambered around on my hands and knees in pitch dark. I let my hands lead the way, then they dropped off an edge. I knew that the chambers were only 5 feet wide, so the gap onto the other side must be 5 feet I thoguht.

      Since I've made it this far in the chambers, I might as well jump over to the other side. I backed up a little, and crawled full-speed at the gap. when I felt my fingers touch the edge, I lunged forward. My elbows hit the other side, and I managed to grab the other side. The rest of my body dangled off the edge. The chamber began to creak, and give-way. finally, the edge tore off and I plummeted down the vertical chamber. I could hear a large fan spinning widly below me, and at the end of the chamber, as I bounced down the shaft. This was going to be messy. My head pointed downwards, just in time to see the-

Cleanup on isle three!

Go back to #1

#1 B.

      I walked over to the edge of the building, and drove a spike into the ledge. I slipped the cord through the loop through the hole in the spike, and attached the cord to my caribbeaner, and fastened my harness. I stepped onto the ledge, and jumped off the edge. I gripped onto the rope with my thick rubber gloves to slow myself down, then I continued to repell down the building.

      As I passed one window, I heard gunfire from behind the window. I sounded like there was a fierce battle going on, so I'm not sure if this is the right place to infiltrate.

A. Avoid the Window, and continue down. ( Go to #1. ab)

B. Break through the window. (Go to #1 abc)

#1 ABC

      I set my feet on the window, and was just about to break through the window, when a small object broke through the window, and pirced right through my chest. I looked down at my wound: It was a bullet wound. I tried to reach for some bandages and bio-foam, but I bagan to slow down, and then I decided mabye it would be better if I slept for a while...yah...dream about hippos.....

Curiosity killed the reader!

Go Back to #1 B

# 1 AB

      I quickly repelled past the window, and while i was going down, I heard a bullet crash through that same exact window. Phew, i'm glad I wasn't THAT dumb enough to try to break through that window.

      I finally made it down to the streets, and I ran around into the alley. I peeked around the corner to see the entrance. Glass walls on the entrance side of the first floor allowed me to see the spacious lobby. I saw two police officers talking in the lobby, in front of the front desk, and I looked over at the dozens of police cars scattered around the entrance, to only see one lone police officer, trying to light up a cigarette. I pulled out a poncho, from my pack, and threw it over myself, shilding me from the rain, and hiding my array of weapons and gear. I'm not sure if I should try to tranquillize all three cops, or try to talk to the one trying to light up a cig'. Mabye that way, I can get a better vantage.

A. Make a convo with the smoker cop. (Go to #1. 2)

B. Go ballistic with tranquillizers! (Go to #1. 3)

#1. 3

      I aimed at the smoker cop, and fired a straight shot right at his neck, but before the dart made it to it's target, he lifted his lighter right into the line of fire, and the dart clanked off of his metallic lighter. He looked up and saw me, then grabbed his radio, and screamed into it.

      A few heavy assult police vehicles decended from the sky, and opened fire on me with their chainguns. The ground around me was torn into pieces. I lifted my gun up to fire at them, but I forgot I was using my Tranquilizer gun, so I grabbed my MA5B and swung it into my-ARGH-

Hmm not so tough now are we?

Go back to 1. B

1. 2

      I checked to see that my poncho was hiding everything, and liesurly strolled over to the cop.

"Havin' some trouble getting that lit up?" I aksed.

"Holy!-" The startled cop dropped his cigarette into the street, and it was immediatly washed away,"What do you want?"

"Hey man," I said smiling,"I'm just a lonly man on the streets."

"Yah well get out of here." The cop waved his hands,"They have institutions for the homeless."

"What hapened here?" I pointed at the building,"It looks pretty serious."

"It's none of your buisness." The cop glared at me, and reached for another cigarette.

As the cop pulled out a cigarette, I pulled a small flare out of my pocket,"Here, I'll light it for ya'"

      The cop put the cigarette to his lips, and waited for me to light it. I put the tip of the flare to the end of the cigarette, and pressed the button. The flare shot out red sparks directly into the man's face and eyes.

"AR-" I grabbed him, and muffled his screames. I pulled out his gun, and put it to his head.

"Now you're going to do exactly what I say, or you'll be floating in the gutters." I stammered, and pressed the barrel into his temple.

"ok-ok!" The cop said desperatly.

"Hey Johnny! You ok over there!? I saw a bright red flash!" One Police officer yelled over to him.

"Uh-n-ah...yah I'm fine!" The officer I was holding responded.

"Alright!" The cop from the lobby shouted back, and resumed the conversation with the other cop.

I looked at the cop I was holding,"Now...whats going on?"

"Who are you?!" The cop answered.

"Look, I ask the questions, and you answer them." I said forcefully in his face, "Now, what is going on inside that building that caused for such a high alarm?"

"I dont know!"

I tightened my grip.

"ok-ok-ok...All I know is that we got a frantic call form the science wing from personell screaming, and there was gunfire in the background! That's all I know-I swear."

"Where's everyone else?"

"We lost contact with them after they reached the tenth floor. We heard gunfire. Once we lost contact of them, we made an urgent call to the UNSC!"

"The UNSC?"

"Yah thats right bub! And in a few moments, they'll be swarming around here! Your screwed."

I loosened my grip on the man,"Cross your heart, and hope to die."


"Nevermind." I said, and clonked him over the head with the pistol butt. The man crumpled to the ground, unconcious.

      I positioned my MA2B over towards the two policemen standing at the doorway: A clean shot. I aimed at the first guard, and shot a dart directly into his neck. The man coughed a few times, then collapsed onto the floor. His partner leaned over him, and tried to revive him. I aimed once again, and shot a dart into his side. The man embraced the dart, then he fell on top of the other officer. I jogged over to the entrance, and went inside.

Good job! Coninue to Stage 2 when it is finished.