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Comments for 'I'm Goin' In!: Interactive fan fic -Stage 1'

6:18 pm | April 6, 2003
Well im not sure, but once Law and Order part 3 is finished, "Im goin in" part 2 will be next :D
12:21 am | April 1, 2003
By the way, when is Im goin' In 2 coming?

12:13 pm | March 29, 2003
Thanks. Oh and Vero, ThreadedAce's name isn't Kyle, there must have been a mix-up.
11:17 pm | March 28, 2003
cool and different i like it a lot
12:06 pm | March 28, 2003
alright, i'll email my next one to you, or tell you when one is submitted then :)
3:24 am | March 28, 2003
Is threadedaces name Kyle too? Because your email says hey kyle look at this or something like that. well gotta go eat dinner. Peace ya'll
11:50 pm | March 26, 2003
Hey El_Halo_Diablo. I am back for a little while! Yay.(nervous laughter, checking to see mom isn't coming) I told before and i will say it again. Great job on your story! Can't wait for the next one. You should email them to me to i can actually see them at school and stuff. Oh hey everyone. ummm...bye everyone :)
11:39 pm | March 26, 2003
Thanks Wado. Wow, no exaustingly long comment? ;)
2:37 am | March 26, 2003
Nice idea, pretty fun too.
11:39 pm | March 25, 2003
Yah it did, especially when i accedentally sent my only copy of it to ThreadedAce, and the next week it mysteriously got back to me from Vero. Creepy man, but anyway, thanks for the comments.
12:49 pm | March 25, 2003
That was different. I liked it, even though I died just about everytime. Looking forward to 'I'm Goin' In! Interactive Fan Fic 2.'

Jeff Graham
3:58 am | March 25, 2003
Cool, a series where a fan can pic his path. I like it, must have been time consuming though. Anyways, good job, I like it.
3:29 am | March 25, 2003
Again my bad I mean just.
3:27 am | March 25, 2003
Is it just me or does it seem that eversince I subbmitted my first chapter of "The Battle For Sigma Octanus" that there have been a lot more storys by new authors that start with the title "The Battle For" jsut wondering?
11:57 pm | March 24, 2003
oh, and if you wanna see my first flash movie(sfx totally made by my voice :D) Then go to www.smosh.com, and watch the movie called Bri Bri Boom (it's based on this hella annoying spammer on our forums). Any other coments on my story?
11:55 pm | March 24, 2003
Lol after I wrote that then I thought "oh crap man, that sounds too much like Perfect Dark" but then i was just too lazy to change it.
11:48 pm | March 24, 2003
Darcorp...semms like the first mission in Perfect Dark.
10:54 pm | March 24, 2003
That was very confusing but I managed to get along just fine. And it didn't seem like a fanfic.
9:38 pm | March 24, 2003
Well, it isn't really a fanic as has been created before, but you get some credit for novelty... Personally the Marine almost never did what I would have and was a little limited... I have no idea how you plan to create an intricate spiderweb of different fanfics later on, but keep it up...
Traumatised Marine
7:14 pm | March 24, 2003
Good... but I'd rather read your normal fiction and interact with the game... but I know your aim was to create something new, and you get 10 out of 10 for that, a true pioneer in the HBO fiction.
2:19 am | March 24, 2003
Hmm never heard of it. Oh Louis, im sorry for the outburst, I just percieved the way I thought it worked, and I didn't get much sleep last night.
1:45 am | March 24, 2003
Heh theres a whole Star Wars books series like this and then a whole series called Choose Your Own Adventure with like 20+ books in it...
Louis Wu
1:32 am | March 24, 2003
No. I check a lot of things - but I miss a lot, too. (Here, anyway.)
1:18 am | March 24, 2003
Very Original. The idea for such a story never occured to me(although I've read the Gossebump books).

I enjoyed it, even though I died multiple times. Looking for Stage 2.

That's the first time I've seen a comment from Louis Wu. Does he read everything I wonder?
Louis Wu
11:12 pm | March 23, 2003
Your series has exactly the title you chose for it - click on the 'read this series' link to see it.

If you want your series title to appear in your story title, you have to put it there. There's absolutely no link between the two. (There never has been.)
9:58 pm | March 23, 2003
Hey I just keep trying to go for things that are new, that's all.
9:56 pm | March 23, 2003
Okay, not exactly what I was expecting.
9:44 pm | March 23, 2003
Well... Interactive... Okay... But... Don't know...
9:08 pm | March 23, 2003
What the hell?!?!! Where the hell is my series title? ok for those who want to know, the title of my series is "Im Goin' In!: Interactive Fan Fic" . I hope to get replies about this new kind of fan fic