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Wings of Death Part 8: For Better or for Worse
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 2 October 2002, 1:18 am

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      Keys has escaped Sigma Octanus II and is now in space, trying to establish a vid-phone connect with His wife Shara. Yes thats right, his wife. They've been married for probably 5 years now. She is a modest person: long brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, but one day, when Keys and her were going to a taco bell, a fat person that weighed about 400 pounds named Cortana rolled her over in the parking lot. Shara survived, but got a scar on the palm of her right hand. Anyways, back to the present time:

      Keys finally matched the frequency of the phone, and immediatly called it. Shara picked up the phone, to see the face of Keys. Her face broke out in a smile.
"Hey honey it's me."
"It's been a few months without seeing you! Im so glad to see your face again!"
Keys sighed and looked at the ground, his smile fading away,"This is hard to say...but this might be the last time I see you."
Her smile disssapeared,"What? What's going on?"
"Turn to UNN." Keys said
Shara turned on the TV, and stared at it,"this can't be..."
"Shara, It's not all true."
"SHARA!" Keys shouted.
      Shara turned off the monitor on the phone, and hang up. Keys sat back in the seat, and put his hands on his face, tears welled on the sides of his eyes.
"No..." he said silently, and closed his eyes.


The Ship shook from the explosive power from outside. Keys sat up immediatly, and opened his eyes. He swiveled his head to look behind the ship, and saw four Wings of Death(the fith pilot was Shark) zooming towards him.
"Oh shit." Keys muttered, as he turned on all the controls.
He looked quickly behind the ship again to see the noses light up, and then release a volley of burst laser fire. Keys ignited the engines, and swirved just in time before the molten red laser blasts hit the ship. Keys sped in the opposite direction of the Wings of Death towards the asteriod belt surrounding Sigma Octanus II.
"Give it up Keys!" Stinky ordered,"It's over."
"Not until that fat bitch Cortana sings!" Keys yelled as he swirved into the ateriod belt.
"aww shit," another pilot nicknamed Sythe remarked at Keys' maneuver into the asteriod belt,"do we have to go in also?"
"No of course not!" Aspen screamed at Sythe sarcasticly.
      All the Wings of Death made a path towards the asteriod belt.
"Ok people, keep scanners on ofr any incoming objects." Aspen said.
"HOLY SH-" Sythe's ship was struck by a large asteriod, and his ship exploded into pieces.
Aspen sighed,"continue!"
Keys was going the opposite direction the asteriods were orbiting, so it was a hard task to avoid all the major rocks. He knew that the small corvett he was driving wouldn't hold up for very long, but he had to stay in the belt. While Keys made an effort to avoid every single piece of asteroid, the remaining tree Wings of Death blasted away at incoming asteriods with gatling guns and burst lasers.
"Ok," Aspen said,"delta formation!"
"Aye aye sir!" the pilot on the left nicknamed Bronco remarked.
"Rodger that!" the pilot on the right nicknamed Trigger replied.
They went in delta formation, occasionally avoiding big asteriods, but blasting the rest.
"Enemy Corvett 1000 meters and closing!" Bronco advised the other two.
      Sweat was pouring down Keys' face,"Crash damnit, CRASH!" He screamed to them not over the comm. The fighters continued to swerve in and out of the ateriods. Keys opened the controls on the gatling gun turrets, and swiveld them around to fire at Bronco. Keys pulled the trigger, and fired a continuous round at Bronco's ship, not much of the fire made it to the ship, due to all the debris, so he figured he'd have to get closer, but that would be a bad idea, due to them having the advantage. A million strategies raced through his head, but the only true option was to stay alive.

"Ok enemy in fire range," Trigger said,"comminsing fire!"
"rodger that." Aspen said, and unlocked two archer missiles,"Fox one, fire 2!"
"I hear ya man!" Bronco shouted,"Fox 3 fire 2!" And he also fired two archer missiles.

      Keys looked at the warning panel that was flashing red, It told him that four missiles were heading towards him, with minimal locking. The two first missiles came in front, and caught up with Keys, Keys turned around a massive ateriod, and both missiles slammed into the asteriod. The next two had a better lock on Keys, and stayed on him. Keys maneuvered madly amogst the packed asteriod belt. Keys had a familiar last resort idea, and turned directly around, now he was going in the direction of the asteriods. The asteriods were still faster than his ship, so he had to contantly look at his scanner for oncoming objects. He looked behind himself to see the two archer missiles getting back together to maintain a good lock.

"What the hell is Keys doing?" Aspen wondered as he saw him coming back around, and was now headed towards him,"Ok ready all guns for firing!"

Keys approached them, and turned the dual gatling guns around to face Bronco's ship. Keys got a clear shot, and headed towards him. Keys pulled the trigger, and unleashed a stream of bullets on Bronco's ship. The bullets chipped away at the cockpit, making it hard to see out the front window. Teh three Wings of Death all fired their quad gatling guns, and bullets gouged the exterior of the small corvett. Keys made sure the missiles were right behind him, and keys went straight under Bronco's incoming ship, barely missing him by feet. Bronco looked back at Keys, then looked forward at the missiles coming right at him.

"AAAHHHH!" Bronco screamed, and swirved. One missile smashed through his wing as it passed, and the other missile continued on with the other, towards Keys. Bronco let out a sigh of relief,"phew." An asteriod then slammed into the hull of Bronco's ship, and punctured it. The cabin depressurized, and Bronco was sucked out into the Vacum of space.
"NOOOOO!" Trigger screamed, and put the after-burners on and made a U turn towards Keys who was already getting away.
"Don't follow Trigger!" Aspen screamed at him.
"So we're going to just let him get away?!?"
"No." Aspen said, as he looked through the speacial inventory file on the ships computer,"if you didn't know, we have sizemic charges on the ships bay doors. These sizemic charges have thrusters on them, so with the orbit combined with the thrusters, they should be able to detonate near Keys.
"..Rodger that." Trigger said.
"Ok we have plenty of sizemic charges," Aspen said,"so we'll fire one every two seconds."
"Ready..Fire!...Fire!..." Aspen ordered, as they both shot sizemic charges towards Keys.

      The missiles have caught up with Keys, and he was now trying to out-maneuver them yet again. Keys turned the gatling guns behid him, and fired. The missiles weren't usually directly behind him, but sometimes, they recieved a spray of bullets. Keys found three large asteriods lined up in front of him, so he swirved in and out of them, like they were driving cones. On missile cut the turn, and slammed into one of the asteriods, while the other kept persuit. Keys went for a minute veering in and out of asteriods large and small, but still, the missile kept on him. Sweat poured down his face, and got in his eyes, he tried vigorously to wipe the stinging liquid out as his eyes burned. The warning light went full-on when it displayed that the missile had aquired a definate lock, which meant that there was no reason to try and dodge it. As the missile came within 200 yards, Keys let go of the controls, and closed his eyes- he was done for.

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