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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 8: For Better or for Worse'

11:27 am | October 8, 2002
lol yah right
10:51 pm | October 6, 2002
Do the opposite of what gruntkiller says! Make 400-pd-cortana the star of the story!
8:56 pm | October 6, 2002
ok about the cortana thing, I have to have some kind of comedy in all of my series due to "The Mis-adventures of Master Chief". Oh yah i was getting tired of calling them bullets Wado...lol. Oh yah about the communications, um I'm just going to say that it's the future and everything is really...um...good.
4:53 pm | October 6, 2002
Finally read it! The story had good elements to it, good action, suspense, and nice cliff-hanger at the end. I liked it.

Thing to think about though. How fast is communication in space? A video conversation could be more like "How are you honey" ............ a few minutes later ...... "Oh I'm fine, how are you?" ....... a few minutes later .... "That's wonderful, I am fine too."

And instead of calling things bullets, you could call them armor piercing rounds or high explosive rounds, etc.

Keep it up. I want more...

3:39 pm | October 6, 2002
Don't listen to gruntkiller. he's delirious.
2:33 pm | October 6, 2002
the Cortana thing was stupid and seemed to break the atmosphere you were building up, please don't do it again
7:06 am | October 6, 2002
Nothing constructive...
4:08 am | October 6, 2002
ok, any feedback about the story?
12:45 am | October 6, 2002
Spartan415 (MM
9:34 pm | October 5, 2002
Give it up for the 400 lb. Cortana rolling around and squishing people. (CORTANA) "Theres something on my stomach." *picks belly button and takes out a person*"Oh, hi Jimmy." *puts jimmy back*