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Wings of Death Part 6: Life as a Fugitive
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 24 September 2002, 2:56 am

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      A single smoking casing dropped to the ground, as Keys sat in a chair and looked down at the floor with regret.
"What the hell did you do that for?!?" Cortana screamed at Keys.
"Cortana, did you ever hear about the truce that the Wings of Death made?"
We made a truce that we would never tell the secret about the Covenant finding and belongings."
"Belongings?" Cortana said with a confused expression on her face.
"Yes, after we destroyed the Covenant cruiser, there were certain...treasures that survived the blast." Keys said while he spun the glock around.
"Like what?"
"It's interesting that you ask that Cortana, because I don't know myself...only Stanforth does. When we went to the place where the desolated cassis of the covenant crusier was, there was a certain case that seemed to be heavily armored for some reason. Stanforth said there was only one treasure within the strange looking crate, so he thought it would anly be fair if the last Hell Angel would obtain it."
"So you mean the last suriving member of the Wings of Death would have the treasure to himself?" Cortana asked.
"Percisly, in fact this treasure seemed to be so great that, stanforth insisted that we'd have a way for the last survivor to access it." Keys said, reminising.
"The key to the practicly unbreakable crate was made of the same alloy as the crate. There was only 20 of us pilots and navigators left in the Wings of Death, so Stanforth used a percision asteriod laser to cut the cyndrical piece into twenty pieces." Stanforth made a hole in the key piece, and burrowed a tracking device in it, that way, if a pilot was killed in space, or anywhere else in that matter, someone would retrieve that piece, and insert the piece into the crate key implacement. We were all issued these 9mm Glocks from sometime around the 21st century, and the key piece is embedded on the hammer of the gun."
"Interesting story."
"It's not yet over,"Keys said,"The truce we made was if we told anyone of this secret, we would have to kill them, and anyone that heard it. If the word of someone leaking the secret got to a Hell Angel, they would have to kill the person that was rumored to be leaking information."
"So that means..."Cortana started to say.
"Yes Cortana, I can't let you obtain the secret."
"Well too late, I just blew your cover." Cortana said evily.
"You didn't," Keys said with a shocked expression on his face,"just comm. the Wings of Death."
"It looks like your friends are going to pay you a visit pretty soon."
"DAMNIT CORTANA!" Keys screamed. Keys puled the hammer back on his Glock, and fired into the panel that was harboring Cortana. He then pulled out the chip, and smashed it with his boot.
      A blinking light went on on the view screen, and Keys pressed the button, and the screen came to life, to show a pilot in his cockpit.
"Good to see you again Keys." Said a pilot that turned out to be Shark, his former navigator,"too bad it will be the last...sorry bud, but a truce cannont be broken...Im sorry I have to do this,"
The screen went dead, and the entire bridge went red, as red sirens spun around.
"What the hell?" Keys said, then noticed the 5 Class B bombers heading directly towards him.
"Ok what kind of weapons does this ship have?" he said to himself.
"Warning! missile lock!" the computer voice toned.
"Defensive weapons online!" Keys shouted to the computer, and dozens of gatling guns emerged from the hull of the ship, and began to fire upon the incoming missiles.
"Ok that should buy me some time." He said to himself. He ran down the empty corridors following the arrows to the docking bay. A few times the ship rumbeled as themissiles hit their mark.
"Don't resist Keys! If you surrender, we promise to give you an honorable death." Shark said.
Keys came to the loading bay, and checke out the small array of out dated ships, he needed something fast. There was a small one man UNSC corvett(named the firefly) docked, and had one anvil II missile below its small hull, and two gatling gun turrets.
"That will do." Keys said.
"Halt your attacks Keys!" the comm. channel boomed over the ship's radio.
      Keys hopped into the cockpit, and closed it quickly. He activated the docking bay door to open, and fired up the Firefly's dual engines.
"Have it your way Keys...it's been nice knowing ya," Aspen said.
      Keys knew what was going to happen: a HAVOK missile. He jetted out of the small ship, and headed towards Sigma Octanus II, which was very near. Keys happened to look back just in time to see the ship light up on the other side, rupture with craks of light, and then finally explode into a million pieces. Keys put his ship on full throttle, on a direct path towards Sigma Octanus II.

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