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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 6: Life as a Fugitive'

6:05 pm | September 26, 2002
hey saturn! did you read the rest of my mis-adventures of master chief?
4:24 am | September 26, 2002
hey hey, guess whos back, for today? wheres archie?
3:09 am | September 26, 2002
hey ian this plot is suspiciously like the simpson plot where grandpa simpson was one of the two surviving hell fish, who also had a pact that the last survivor of their group would obtain their "treasure", (anyway just thought id point that out since i hadnt posted any comments on ur storys recently)
9:14 pm | September 25, 2002
even though he's going to be hunted down by them ;)
11:17 am | September 25, 2002
Very good. I liked it.

BTW if Keys needs a ride out of there on Wado's Fate II, he can have one, all he needs is to hand over that Glock of his. We don't allow weapons aboard you know... ;D

2:15 am | September 25, 2002
he had to do it...for his team.
1:33 am | September 25, 2002
Its pretty good, but im still shocked by Keyes Blowing away Cortana and Hasley and going on his psycho rampage.
9:18 pm | September 24, 2002
hey I have to have some kind of reason for Keys to go on a rampage, right?
7:28 pm | September 24, 2002
good, i liked the whole bit about the truce