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Wings of Death Part 5: Revalation
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 September 2002, 6:36 am

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      ~The pilots found out that the whole ordeal at Fort Gammoth was actually a real life training exercise. The UNSC cruiser that Keys saw, was surveying the entire fight. The whole group of pilots that Keys were in was recruited to an elite training program with other skilled pilots, where they spent many years in training and warfare exercizes. Keys also moved up in the ranks along with most of his collieugs that were still alive. Keys is now about 30 years old, and has seen much war. They were put into a top secret fighter group called "The Wings of Death". The present time is about 2 years before the attacks at Harvest.

"So what are we doing this time?" Jester asked from the cockpit of his Class A fighter.
"It seems that We've recieved a distress signal Alpha priortiy, from the Frigate 'Wado's Fate'." Chief Stanforth said.
"Do we know anything else?"
"Nope, so be prepared for anything."
The 30 fighters came face to face with a large planet that seemed to be black with smoke.
"What the hell happened there?" Aspen asked.
"Mabye an annual waste burning fest?"
      They came around the other side of the planet, and saw something in the distance, orbiting around the planet.
"Well it looks like we've found the Frigate." Jester pointed out.
"No..." Keys said, and used his ship lenses to zoom in on the distant object,"take a closer look."
"Hey," Jester said,"when did the UNSC allow full paint jobs on thier ships?"
"They didn't..." Stanforth said,"Ok everyone, unlock your weapons! We're going in for a closer look."
      Keys pushed the trottle forward, as they all sped towards the large craft.
"Hey Keys, looks like we have a little energy drain on the right engine. We should get that checked when we get back," Shark said to Keys.
"Remember Shark, you're my navigator, not my mom." Keys remarked.
"Yes but might I reming you, if a leak comes in contact with the sensors and circuts, we're dead suckers." Shark said, tapping on Keys head from behind.
      As the ships came closer, they began to notice the un-human shape of the craft.
"uh, visual, I repeat I have visual, what is this thing?" Aspen said.
"Probably some hoak." Jester said.
"Hold on, scan for anything." Stanforth said.
"...well, Im picking up massive heat signatures, which means that there are people abord the ship, but what puzzles me is, I'm picking up high ion concentrations around the vicinity." Raven said.
"Wow Ion concentratins that high must mean there's a plasma build-up." Aspen replied uneasily.
"No...a plasma build-up that high is impossible!" Shark said to everyone.
"Weapons ready!"
"What?" Jester said confused
      A blue light flased from the large craft, and a large blue beam impacted into Jesters ship, which was immediatly incenerated.
"HOLY SHIT! EAVASIVE MANEUVERS!" Aspen screamed, as all the ships scattered.
"FIRE AT WILL MEN!" Stanforth ordered.
All the fighters gathered back in formation, and charged at the strange enemy, as it shot at the incoming fighters. Fighters were being destroyed everywhere, one exploded in front of Keys, and he angled off just in time to avoid collision.
"Ok! Enemy craft in firing range! Prepare to fire all Anvil II missles on my mark!" Stanforth said.
Just after those words were uddered, dozens of strange enemy fighters swarmed out of an exit out of the ship, and made a direct path towards us.
"Scratch that, engage enemy fighters!" Stanforth yelled.
      The Fighters approched us at incredible speeds, and began to fire weapons similar to the large enemy cruiser, but smaller, and less affective.
"Pick a man!"
"Rodger that!"
"Lets do it!"
All the UNSC fighter broke up, and went after a certain target.
"Ok Shark, find me one!" Keys yelled.
"..there one approaching at your 11!"
Keys angled off a bit, and came from the side of the fighter.
"Eat lead." Keys said as he fired upon the fighter with 6 gatling guns.
Something glistened around the ship, and it was unharmed.
"uhh, Shark?" Keys said confused.
"Working on it!"
Keys commensed his spray of bullets, and the glistening grew faint, and then, it flashed. The fighter was now beginning to take the fire.
"It has some kind of shielding." Shark said.
"A little late to tell me that Shark!" Keys stammered, as he veered off to avoid a volly of plasma fire from another enemy.
Keys re-directed himself, and fired an Anvil II missle at the fighter he was pursuing. The ship imploded on impact of the missile, and Keys went off to another enemy.

      Stanforth had eight enemies in front of him, and two behind him.
"It would be a great time to help Aspen!" Stanforth Screamed to his navigator.
"Do your work, I'll do mine!" Aspen yelled back.
Stanforth unlocked a HAVOK nuclear missile, and launched it in front of him.
"HAVOK out!" He yelled over the comm.
The entire war zone lit-up when the nuclear device triggered in a large explosion, destroying all the fighters in front of him, and a few others. The lerge enemy carrier continued to fire its weapon of mass destruction upon all the UNSC fighters, killing them, and sometimes some of their own.

      A team of five UNSC fighters took on a group of thirteen enemy fighters. They all swarmed eachother, weaving in and out of each others paths. The fight lit up in plasma, burst lasers, and missile fire. The enemy cruiser fired once again, but this time, it was upon the entire group that was fighting. The plasma incenerated all five UNSC fighters, and all the enemy fighters.

      The remaining enemy fighters withdrew from the attacks, and went back into the great cruiser. The criuser floated silent, not firing it's large cannons anymore. The comm. channels automatticly came to life, and an omnious voice came on:
Comm link(unknown): We are by the will of our gods, we are their instrument.
Comm link(Stanforth): Who the hell are you, and what do you want?
Comm link(unknown): You will know us as the Covenant, and our duty is to exterminate your race known as the humans.
Comm. link(Stanforth):Never...

The comm. channel went dead after that, and the pilots couldn't communticate with them anymore.
"Aww crap! I'm picking up mass ion concentrations again!" Aspen yelled over the comm.
The ship's sides lit-up, and plasma pierced past them. All the UNSC fighters went full-throttle towards the Covenant cruiser. There was only fourteen UNSC fighters left, and their numbers were decreasing. The cruiser kept up a continuous fire of its cannons, and it was getting tricky for the pilots to avoid the blasts.
"In firing range!" Stanforth yelled,"FIRE!"
All the pilots expended all their Archer, Anvil II, and proximity missles all at the same time. As they charged forward, they watched the missiles travel forward. They were getting closer and closer by the minute.
"100 Yards and closing!"
The first missiles which were the Archers, hit the ship's shields, and the outer part of the ship lit into brilliant colors. Next was the proximity missiles, which had a uniqe extra punch to them, hit the ship's shields. The shields held, until the Anvil II missiles reached the shield. The Anvil II's hit the dying shields, then made their way through, and smashed into the exterrior of the ship. The salvo of Anvil II's had enough power to tear a gaping hole in the ship's hull.
"Ok everyone!" Aspen screamed out,"I have the final calculations! The covenant shields will only be out for about twenty seconds, before they come back on, and the ship will be once again inpeneraturable."
"So what if we were to plant something big past the shields, and detonate them when it comes back on!" Stanforth suggested.
"Will a Nuke do?" Keys asked.
"Yah, but I already used mine!" Stanforth added.
Two Fighters were reduced to ashes in mere seconds from another blast from the covenant cruiser.
"...I'll do it." Keys said.
"Are you crazy?!?" Shark screamed at him.
"SHARK!" Keys yelled,"this is our chance to make a difference in peoples lifes. Just recently, we lost many of our teammates because of the actions of these creatures. Now," Keys looked up at the massive cruiser that was starting to fill up his entire view,"It's time for us to sine."
Shark sighed,"Why do you always get me into this kinda crap?"
"heh heh...Lets do it!" Keys said, as he sped towards the cruiser, and the others retreated to a further distance.
"Ok heads up! incoming fighters!" Shark informed Keys.
"Shark take controll of the weapons contolls while I postition the nuke." Keys said, as he pointed the targeting reticule towards the Covenant bastard cruiser.
"Bye-bye now." Keys said casually as he launched the nuke towards the covenant ship,"Ok Shark lets get outta here!"
"You don't have to tell me twice Ke-" Shark said but was interrupted by a warning on the ship's panel.
"What did I tell you Keys!" Shark screamed at Keys,"Engine leak on right engine!"
"shut down the right engine, and transfer all the power to the left engine!"
"It's too late! The engine has already leaked fluids onto the vital circuts of the ship!"
"FULL THROTTLE DAMNIT!" Keys screamed at Shark.
"We'll blow to pieces if we heat the engines!" He replied franticly.
"Hold on boys!" Stanforth yelled, as he came back for Keys and Shark, and shot down the fighters behind them. Stanforth lowered grapple cables, and attached them to the ship that Keys and Shark were in.
"Now lets get the hell out of here!" Aspen said.
They blasted away, out of the range of the nuke, and watched from a safe distance, with the Covenant fighter way behind.
"ok shields should be back on." Aspen said.
Keys presssed the button on his panel, and they watched the ship inside the shield turn into a blinding oval of light. The shields finally gave-way, and the energy from the nuke and the cruiser poured outwards, destroying all the ships in its path that weren't fortunate enough to get far away.
      At the end of the ordeal, there were only ten fighters left, and the planet was found to be charred from the attacks of the Covenant. All the pilots rushed to the mess hall for some food. They opened the doors to find a group of ONI spooks waiting for them. They were told that the information about the covenant, or anything relating with it would be kept top secret, and was never to be told to anyone. Stanforth claimed all the glory saying he risked his life to destroy the cruiser, killed most of the fighter single handedly, and saved many other people from death. The CO believed this bs andStanforth was considered a hero, for really what Keys and the other pilots did.
      Stanforth was eventually promoted to admiral after that incedent, and many others where he claimed fame for more than he did. A little while after that, the planet Harvest was atacked, and the intelligence of the Covenant was revealed publicly, after being held a secret for over two years.~

"So wait," Dr. Hasly says to Keys,"You mean to tell me that you were friends with Watts, who is now a rebel commander, Stanforth, who is now Admiral, and the knowladge of the Covenant was actually kept under wraps?"
"Dr. Hasley, the info is true." Keys said to Dr. Hasley as they sat alone on the bridge of a small UNSC cruiser.
"I can't belive it," Dr. Hasley said,"My Spartans are dying out there fighting the Covenant, and this incedent could have been diverted if we would have known about this!"
"Dr. Hasley," Keys said, letting his hand travel down his side,"Do you know that best way for two people to keep a secret?"
"Huh?" She said confused.
"like I said: The best way to keep a secret, between two people is,"Keys reached for the Old fasioned 9mm Glock that was in his holster, and put the gun to her head,"Is if there's only one person to keep it..."

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