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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 5: Revalation'

11:49 am | September 24, 2002
Okay, new comment, try #2.

The story rocks, try to spell check a little better, and keep writing. I'm looking forward to the next one.

12:56 am | September 24, 2002
HA you try to take your time using spell check on hotmail. ;D
8:02 pm | September 23, 2002
best in the new series sofar
7:50 pm | September 23, 2002
ok what i meant by the ENEMY fighters were all desroyed, and the UNSC fighters were all that remained.
Spartan415 (MM
7:39 pm | September 23, 2002
Wado if you read over that part that you said was negative you would've seen how it did make sense in a way when you really look at it and when I saw Wado's Fate I was thinking about Fate's Reaper and did that come from the ship "Fate's reaper" from wados story.
5:18 am | September 23, 2002
I like it as usual. Good job. Spell check just a bit more if you can, otherwise only thing that jumped out that was negative is that the story said the ship destroyed all the enemy fighters and then in the next sentence it said the remaining enemy fighters...

Now the positive: Cool ending, back to some good old never-trust-nobody mentality. Don't want to say more about that (note: make own ammo, don't trust primer on 400 year old bullets).

About that frigate, I'm sorry but I told those guys to fix that hatch. That's the third time that an automatic distress beacon has fallen out by accident while in slip stream. I hope nothing bad happened because of that.

1:15 am | September 23, 2002
when it came to the part when Dr. Hasley was talking, your supposed to realize that Keys was just telling a story, and THIS is the present time(The time is before the attacks on reach, but after the finished product of the spartans.). Keys is no longer telling a story now, this is now his life unfolding, and veering off the direction of the original story line.