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Wings of Death Part 2: Keys is My Name, Flying is My Game
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 September 2002, 11:24 pm

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      The Chief walked to the bunks early in the morning, while it was still dark. He walked down the small hallway, past the rows of bunks until he got to the center of the room. He raised a pistol, and shot it into the air, the loud crak of the sidearm, in the enclosed area pierced everyones ears, and all the pilots sprung out of bed, and stood at attention.
"Get robed boys, we're going on a little trip." The chief said, and walked out of the room. All the men got dressed into their suits, and headed out to the 'Sky-skipper', which is used for fast troop transport to shipyards and such. Keys, along with 16 others, climbed in the small 20 man craft, and took a seat, buckleing themselfs up in the process. The 'Sky-skipper' immediatle accelerated, and took the senses out of them, as it went from 0 to Mach 1 in 10 seconds.
      They soon came to a launching pad, which had 20 B class Longsword Bombers lined up on the long run-way. Keys looked down the line of bombers in awe, since he has never flown a B class bomber before, that meant that this training had to be important.
The Chief came up to the row of pilots that were standing at attention,"Finally," he said,"Your years of training have payed off."
All the pilots smiled, but kept stance.
"The neighboring planet, Nervana IX, has sent out a distress beacon to our planet, It is our duty to serve the people of that planet. There will be no assistance from any UNSC division, because there are no other forces in the area to aid you. Reports are that Rebels led by thier leader Gen. Corge have attacked the installation, Fort Gammoth, and have captured it. Do whatever means neccesary to take out that fort, even if that means burning that place to hell."
Everyone stood there un-moving, until the Chief broke the silence,"That means GO!"
Everyone ran to each of the 1 man ships, and fired-up the engines. Keys ran to the cockpit, and sat in the seat. To him, and the others, the controlls were much alike the other fighter/bombers that they have flown before.
"Holy shit! These babies are armed with Thremal Bombs!" One Pilot remarked.
"Ok listen up scrubs" The chief said in his own bomber,"the armaments on these ships are pretty much up to date: you have dual burst lasers, quad automattic targeting gatling guns, 6 archer missles, and yes, you have plenty of thermal bombs to BBQ those rebel bastards."
"Who's leading this shindig?" Stanforth asked.
The chief replied in his A-class fighter,"I will lead the Fox Red low altitude raid, while you, Stanforth lead Fox Blue high altitude bombing, and fighting."
"Gotchya" Stanforth remarked.
      Keys felt jealous because every time there was a training mission, Stanforth was always chosen to lead it.
"Ok lets head out!" The Chief yelled.
They all blasted out of the hanger, and out of the planet towards Nervana IX. Thier nieghboring planet was impressivly close, so it wouldn't take them a very long time to get there. Keys looked to the side window, and saw a lone UNSC Medium sized cruiser, servieling the planet, but doing nothing else. Keys didn't mention anything about it, but kept it in his mind.
Eventually, they reached the planet, and were about to come into thier atmosphere.
"Ok Fox Red, follow my lead, while Fox Blue continues en route."The Chief said over the comm.
Keys noticed a small red light, signifiying that he was with Fox Red. Keys turned into the direction the Chief was going, along with nine other pilots.
"Ok boys, delta formation, I'm picking up three radar signatures from the sky, heading inbound towards Fort Gammoth, proceed to intercept and destroy."
Fox Red all made a sharp right, and headed towards the enemy fighters. I was close to the front of the formation, and on my panel, the number Red-004 popped up on my screen, meaning that that is who Keys was for the mission. We came out of the atmosphere, and saw the three fighters just going past them.
"Ok...Red-001 through 005, brake off from formation, and engage from the left."
      Keys pulled out of the formation, and pushed a little more on the trottle, to speed his ship up a little more. There were three friendlies in front of him, and one behind, as they enclosed on the enemies.
"Arm your weapons!" Red-001 said
"Hey where did the rest of Fox Red go?" Red-003 asked
"Don't worry about that right now! Arm your weapons damnit! we're closing in fast!" 001 replied
      Keys opened the bay doors for His Gatling guns, and found that the automattic targeting system only targets stationary targets, which mean that he would have to manually target the enemies.
"What the...SHIT!" one of the enemies said on an open comm. channel.
001 said,"ENGAGE!"
      001 and 003 broke off towards bogey 1 , while Keys and 005 went after Bogey 2, and 002 went after Bogey 3.

      The fighter that Keys and 005 were chasing, turned on the afterburners, and tried to lose them. they also pushed the trottle all the way up, and immediatly caught up to Bogey 2. Keys and 005 unleashed the raw power of their quad gatling gun upon Bogey 2. Bogey 2 tried to shake the unberable amount of lead being hurled at him, but he couldn't. Bogey 2's armor was holding up well to the fire, and he made an unexpected downwards drop.

      001 and 003 Chased after Bogey 1, and began to fire their burst lasers at the fighter. The talented pilot easily shook all of the shots, and did a loop above them, while speeding up, and got behind them.
"Shit! Where is he?!?" 001 screamed, tring to look out the window, behind him.
"I see him, he's on our Six and opening his machine gun bays, prepare for heavy fire!" 003 yelled.
"003! try to flank left, while I maintain course!"
Just then, Bogey 1 fired a hail of bullets into 001's fighter,"HA-HA! How you like it now?" the rebel laughed over his comm.
"Where's that flank 003? HURRY YOUR ASS UP!" 001 screamed,"This ship can't hold up forever!"
003 veered off to the side, and shot straight under Bogey 3, damaging his own ship. He pulled off to the side just before 002 blasts past him, in pursuit of Bogey 3. 003 regains flight controll, and catches up to the back of Bogey 1, which was still firing at 001.
"Where's that support 003?!?" 001 impatiently yelled.
"Right here!" 003 said, as he unlocked two archer missiles, and fired them in the direction of Bogey 1. Bogey 1 attempted to evade, but the missles slammed into his wing and the side of the ship. The wing exploded into splinters, and the ship exploded into flames, as it plumeted to the ground.

      Bogey 3 found a way behind 002, and held the pursuit.
"Sorry no-can-do!" Someone replied.
Bogey 3's missile bay's opened, and he launched six swarmer missiles at 002.
"OH FU-"
The missiles raced up to 002 and made thousands of explosions all around the ship, causing many breeches in the ships hull. Explosions lit up all around the cockpit, and the glass started to crack. 002's ship survived the assult, but still, Bogey maintained pursuit. Bogey 3 loaded his artillery cannon, while 002 tried to shake him. Bogey 3 shot the shell at 002, and narrowly missed him.
"SHIT THAT WAS TOO CLOSE!" 002 said gasping for air.
Bogey 3 loaded up another shell, and aimed it at 002, it was very hard for Bogey3's pilot to hit him, because he was jumping around everywhere. Bogey 3's pilot smiled as he got a straight shot on 002, he tightened his grip on the trigger, but was suddenly engulfed in flames. 001 and 003 blasted past the place where Bogey 3 used to be, with their gun bays smoking.
"WHOO HOOO!!!" 003 shouted,"Hey you said you needed help!"
"Yah thanks guys." 002 said relieved,"hey where the hell is 004, 005 and the last bogey?"

      Keys and 005 continued their pursuit of the plummeting Bogey 2. The Bogey finally pulled up right at the end, about 500 feet from the ground. Keys and 005 barely missed the ground by about 150 feet. Thier ships roared over the people on the ground, as Bogey 2 kept low to the ground. Keys charged his burst lasers, while 005 kept his Gatling guns on.
"FIRE!" 005 yelled, and we both fired at the same time.
the lasers burned at the metal at the ship, as the bullets from the Gatling guns churned the armor.
"This isn't going to help much." Keys said, as he went full throttle, completly passsing both 005 and Bogey 2, and went into some low clouds that were straight ahead.
      005 continued to fire his guns at Bogey 2, as it tried to stay alive. Bogey 2 went into the clouds also as 005 followed him. Bogey 2 didn't go very far when he saw Keys turned around, facing him. Keys shot an archer missile straight into the cockpit of Bogey 2, and the whole nose of the ship was incernerated.
"All Bogeys have been cleaned up!" 005 shouted over the comm.
A familiar voice came over the comm,"Good work 001, 002, 003, 004, and 005,"It turned out to be the Chief,"we assistance at Fort Gammoth, stat! Things are a bit more hectic than we thought! Charlie Victor, over and out."
the five fighters re-grouped, and headed over to Fort Gammoth, in delta formation.

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