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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 2: Keys is My Name, Flying is My Game'

7:06 pm | August 23, 2003
11:24 am | September 15, 2002
please stop using my thing for a test site lol...
7:15 pm | September 14, 2002
I'll finish this in three starting now, not counting punctuation:

Shut up, Fu- 'er!

5:49 pm | September 14, 2002
I need to shut up now don't I?
spartan415 (MM
11:26 am | September 14, 2002
how did u do that?
11:26 am | September 14, 2002
how did u do that?
5:42 am | September 14, 2002
Used HTML codes.
9:34 pm | September 13, 2002
you said "lets see if this is small..."
8:00 pm | September 13, 2002
Dude, that stuff is so small that I cant read it!
Is it small now?
8:00 pm | September 13, 2002

Lets see if this is small..

\\/ (If only I could draw arrows with more accuracy)
7:57 pm | September 13, 2002


Knightmare Wolf(MM
7:53 pm | September 13, 2002
I wonder... does font work?
7:46 pm | September 13, 2002
Don't think of it as competition, part of the reason why the Merry Marines are still together, and why Wado and the rest of us aspiring authors get along so well is because we help eachother. We aren't enemies, think of it more as a friendship.

In the case of your vaunted adversary, do not work against eachother. Work WITH eachother instead to develop a better story for us, your fans.
You dont need to TEAM UP like us MM peepz, but you can definately help eachother with small pointers and ideas

In the case that you're mortal enemies.... KICK ITS ASS! DISMEMBER THEIR LIMBS AND EAT THEM! ARRRG!

Now to see if that source code worked...

11:44 am | September 13, 2002
good point Wado, I was just trying to show how good the B class bombers were compared to the crappy enemies. But I should have thought that more over, thanks. anyone else?
2:24 am | September 13, 2002
uugh I don't want competition.
2:13 am | September 13, 2002
i like what you have done so far. i am coming out with a fighter/bomber series myself in a little bit.
12:43 am | September 13, 2002
ahhh, very good then, carry on commander.
8:40 pm | September 12, 2002
What I meant is that a bomber, although a fighter/bomber in this case (Longsword B) may not be fitted properly with the weapons for dog-fighting. i.e., it might be loaded with missiles designed to destroy larger ships rather than fighters, heavier shields and armor but less maneuverable, etc.

I only mentioned it as a heads up -- try to use the strengths of each ship, bombers have lots and lots of missiles, use them out of range of dog-fights. That is all, nice job, like I said before.
7:51 pm | September 12, 2002
Just imagine tring to bomb a heavily guarded fort while fighting in the air :D.
6:52 pm | September 12, 2002
Nice job. A few grammar errors, mostly spelling mistakes. Keep it coming.

Hmm... Dog-fighting in bombers, that's tough.