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Wings of Death part 15: The Fall of the UNSC?
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 December 2002, 11:07 pm

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Authors note: hmm I guess I kinda left the story on a cliffhanger ending. Well, lets rewind the story a bit, and start from before the shot was fired.


~MC finished kissing Chief Mendez, as the wedding song continued, Nic-Nac's body tumbled out of the casket onto Mendez-~

What the hell?!?! woops! Wrong story people...jeese I almost gave away the next part of Mis-adventures of Master Chief...


You better be, now play track two, I think part 15 of Wings of Death is in there.

>>changing to Track two...


STOP THE TRACK! uh heh heh, kids I'm sorry you saw that.

>>cover your pants El_Halo_Diablo

Heh heh...you didn't see that either...ok, track three HAS to be the right one!

>>Whatever..switching to track 3...

Good it's the right one...uh where were we? ah yes.

      The Sniper focused on Keys chest, it was going to be a quick and effective killshot. He peered down the scope, and tightened his grip, he put his finger on the trigger, and began to pull it.
A crack sounded off, and the blood shot out the other side of the scope. The sniper dropped to the ground with a massive hole that went through the back of his head, and out the scope. The SPARTAN that shot him turned his MASP8, and fired at another sniper. The sniper was easily killed with two body shots, and one limb shot. The other two rooftop snipers noticed this action, and turned their guns towards The SPARTAN, which was 300 feet away, and fired. One bullet impacted the shields, which flickered, and depleted. The other sniper's bullet was an awful rushed shot, and punctured through the SPARTAN's left arm. The Spartan ran sideways, and peered through the scope, and fired five shots at the sniper to the right. The right wing sniper grasped his throut, as it sprayed blood all across the rooftop. The SPARTAN jumped around, and avoided the sniper's next three shots. The SPARTAN knew the sniper had to reload, so the SPARTAN charged at the sniper. The sniper saw the charging, and pulled out his pistol, but it was too late, the SPARTAN spun into the air, and swiped him in the face with a kick. The SPARTAN turned the man's pistol around towards him, and fired the entire clip into his abdomen. The man crumpled under the pain, and the SPARTAN moved onto the next victim.
The UNSC gunners were geting more accurate with their weapons. The SPARTANS all rushed out of the trees at the same time, from all directions, and tried to overtake the artillery. The UNSC personell turned a STD(Supersonic Tremor Device) towards one spartan and fired the massive charge. The supersonic wave made a bulb-shaped ripple in the air, and made large dust trails in their wake. One UNSC soldier got too close to one charge, and the vacume ripped his arm off. The SPARTANS ran by the walls, and the STD charges collided with the fort walls, leaving massive craters in the walls. Scorpion Tanks moved their turrets to the enemies, and fired. Not even a tank shell could hit the out-maneuvering SPARTANS. One SPARTAN snuck behind one tank, opened the hatch, and fired upon the operator. The SPARTAN threw the mutulated body out of the tank, ond hopped in it. The new driver pointed the cannon over to one of the STD's and pulled the trigger. teh shell raced over to the STD, and blew it to pieces. The tank then fired it's machine gun, and killed a few soldiers. The UNSC STD operators saw this tank, and turned their cannons towards it, and discharged their weapons, all three STD bolts raced towards the tank, and the SPARTAN jumped out of the tank,a nd dove to the ground, just before the STD charges hit the tank and tore three fine 6 foot(in diameter) holes in the tank, leaving it a flaming hunk of junk.
      The Master Chief caled a "retreat", and everyone fled to the trees, and met up at the bomber, where the 6 UNN personell sat waiting for their return.
"We heard alot of ruckus, did you guys win? where's your lover Chief?" The man smirked and laughed.
"Your humor does not amuse me,"The MC said," but anyway, no we didn't even get in, but this is where you people come in handy."He pointed to the UNN personell,"Do you think you can jam any communications going in or out from this planet?"
The UNN camera man stood up,"Of course, that's all we do is communications, and broadcasting."
"Get working on it," the MC said, and opened a fresh case of ammunition, and handed extra rounds to everyone,"We're going back."

      The Commander of UNSC transports sat in his chair on the bridge of the UNSC Transport Crusier 'Big Bertha'.
An Ensign calmly walked up to the commander, and informed him of the broken communications between the surface, and their ship.
"What?" The commander looked at the Ensign, and grabbed his neck,"get working on that communications bug Ensign, or I'll have you thrown in the waste disposal."
The commander let go of the Ensign, and he gasped for air,"Yes sir..."

      The group of SPARTANS and Keys walked through the wooded forest, on their way back to Fort Sacramento. The MC put his right hand to his head, and nodded, then put his hand down,"They've succesfully blocked all communications, We're good to go."
      The Group came within 50 feet of the clearing where the fort lay, and the MC pointed up to the trees, and everyone started to make their way up them. Keys found a tree with alot of foothold, seeing that he wasn't as strong as the SPARTANS. everyone got into positions, and they sat above most of the tree in the forest, giving clear shots to any object around the base. Keys hoisted his rifle up to firing position, and waited the Master Cief's order, as all the other SPARTANS got in position on other trees. Keys peered down the scope, and found a target: A soldier that was manning a STD. There were still about 15 soldiers plus 3 manned tanks and 2 STDs. The Master Chief waved his hand, and everyone fired their first rounds. Keys fired shot all around the operator, but nailed him a few times, as blood poured out of holes in his lungs and heart. He fell to the ground, and Keys shifted to another target through the scope: A frantic soldier. Keys readied his rifle, and then saw the explosive tipped rounds rip through his body, someone got to him before Keys could, so he then switched to two men, who were luckily evading the SPARTANS fire, but were then caught in a Fragmentation grenade's blast. keys moved over to a Tank that just started up, and Keys fired the entire magazine at the tank, in hopes of shooting through the hole int he hatch. Keys quickly took the magazine out, and fumbled for another, magaizing in his pack. Keys found a magazine, and snapped it in. Keys looked through the scope, to see the tank's cannon pointed straight at him. Keys cursed, and watched the tank fire it's shell. The shell zoomed over towards Keys, and Keys jumped, just before the tree exploded,a nd fell the the ground in flames. Keys plummeted to the ground, and began to smash through the branches of another tree. The Branches wouldn't stop Keys, as they kept breaking, but Keys grabbed hold of the trunk, as he sped downwards, his gloves started to smoke, and eventually slowed down to a stop. Keys threw his gloves of because they were smoldering from the friction. "Phew" He uttered, just before an STD charge slamemd into the tree he was on, right below him. The tree fell over, and Keys tumbled to the ground. The tree kept falling, and it was going to crush him, in a matter of milliseconds, so he stayed flat on the ground,and the tree slammed into the ground, but him being right next to the base of the tree, the tree didn't fall on him. now that Keys was on the ground, he stayed as low as possible, in one place, and looked through the scope at the STD operator that shot at him. The STD was now faced in a different directon, leaving the operator open for attacks from behind. Keys put his hand on the trigger, but then thought for a second, and got up, and ran towards the operator. Keys ran int the opening, and a soldier saw him, and raised his gun, but then his head exploded from a surge of bullets from the trees.

"Cover Keys," The MC said,"He's going for the STD."

Two more soldiers ran towards Keys, but they also met the same fate as the one before, and dropped lifelessly to the ground. Keys came up to the STD, and grabbed the operator by the neck, and tiwsted the mans head, until he heard a snap, the man chocked, then fell to the ground. Keys looked at the panel, there weren't that many controls, there was a charge button, a charge ready light, and a fire trigger. Keys charged the STD, and the reactors hummed, and the air around him grew warm. Keys pushed the STD, and the wheels moved, and Keys pointed it towards two soldiers that were hiding from sniper fire. The Charge ready light went on, and Keys pulled the trigger. The recoil from the STD almost knocked Keys onto the ground. The charge raced towards the men, and when it hit them, all their limbs and body parts were immediatly seperated from the rest of their body. Keys pressed the charge button again, and pointed it over towards an enemy STD. The enemy STD also saw Keys, and fired it's charge towards him. The STD's have re-enforced armor that are specialized for STD rounds, so when the charge hit, the charge ripped half of the armor off Keys' STD, and pushed the weapon back five feet, almost crushing Keys. Keys saw the Charge ready light go up, and he crawled towards it, hoping that the SPARTANS would take the enemy STD out before he shot again, but it seems they were pre-occupied. Keys heard the STD start to rumble, and Keys hoisted himself up, to fire. He put his hand on the trigger, but pulled his hand back in pain. The STD was over-charging, and the entire device was getting hot. Keys faced the pain and pulled the trigger at the other STD. The forse was 10 times stronger than usual, and the recoil sent Keys off his feet, and knocked him unconcious. The device surged, and made a loud boom when the charge was released, temporarly deafining Keys. The Charge was no longer a ripple in the air, it was a red-hot bulb of hell, and when it crashed into the enemy STD, it tore it to pieces, and left nothing but smoldering boots of the operator. Keys turned to the last tank, just before it exploded into flames by a barrage of rockets. The surrounding area became dead silent, and the SPARTANS came out of the wrecked forest. It Seemed that all the SPARTANS had made it out alive, but a few had minor injuries, but they've been through worse. All the hostiles on the exterior had been elliminated, now it was time to move inside. The injured SPARTANS were treated, and they were ready to rock. Keys woke up, and grabbed his gear, he was still a little dis-oriented, but he was ok.
      Keys and the SPARTANS quickly moved inside, running down the winding and decending corridors. They came around one corner to see a black crater in the side of the wall, with a few dead UNSC soldiers. Keys walked over to the crater,"Smells like there was a bunch of sulfer."
"Lotus Anti-tank mines," The MC said,"they use a high concentation of sulfer. Those clever bastards planted mines in this place to keep the UNSC from getting in."
Keys picked up a charred hand,"looks like they did a good job."
They continued down the hallways, watching out for more mines. Every once in a while, they'd find a dead DOC personell, chewed up by bullets.
"We gotta hurry," Keys felt one of the dead persons' cold and stiff hand,"this guy's been dead for a while."
They all hurried down the cooridors, in hope of beating the UNSC to Mendez.

      Commander Mendez sat at the round table, in one office,"Are they still proceeding in?"
"Yes sir,"one official said, now checking his handgun,"they've had about 20% of their squad killed by those mines, that was good planning sir."
"Ok,"Mendez said,"I want every person left in this installation, battle-ready."
"Sir,"The official said, and looked around at the 10 officials in the room,"We're all that's left."
Mendez took a big breath,"Well then we're gunna put up a hell of a fight then."

      LT Smash was getting a little worried, due to his losses from the hidden mines. LT SMASH came to a corner, and peered around it, he saw a door that said 'Chain of Command: authorized personell only'. LT smash head voces coming from the doorway, and ran back to the group of about 30 men,"Ok Privates Walsh, Jamenshron, Georga, Denger, Uman, and Wu, I want you guys to stay on spot, and guard this corridor, while we go in. make sure you alert us if there are any intruders.
Wu remarked,"domo origato mr. roboto"
"Wu, shut up with your chineese remarks!" Smash said.
The 6 privates walked back a to the previous hall, and sat down, to keep watch, while the others stormed that room.
The 6 privates sat down and relaxed, streching out their legs. They all slid open their faceplates, and lit cigarettes.
"Hey," PTV. Walsh said, losening up the crowd,"what has two thumbs and likes blow-jobs?"
"What?" The 6 privates asked.
Walsh stuck his thumbs up,"meee!"
The 6 privates all laughed, and relaxed, trying to blow smoke rings.
      LT smash signaled for three men to sneak up towards the wall, one bumped the wall a little to hard.

Mendez looked up,"Did you hear that?"
One official grabbed his assult rifle, and nodded.
"Grasaid." Mendez wispered to another official,"go peek outside, and see whats happening."
Grasaid nodded, and ran to the door. He put his hand on the doornob, and the door exploded, slamming Grasaid to the wall. 20 armored men stormed into the room, and fired their guns, ripping up the chairs and table with the bullets. The officials went for their guns, but were then hailed by a spray of 15mm bullets, and they all dropped dead, except for Mendez. Mendez reached for an ancient sword that he recieved when he was promoted, and threw it at the nearest soldier. The sword, which was made with pricision, sliced through the soldier's abdomen, and he wrenched to the ground. One soldier pulled out his pistol, and charged Mendez. The soldier knocked him down, and hit him with the butt of the gun, rendering Mendez unconcious. The soldier picked up Mendez, and slung him over his shoulder,"Leutnenant!
We've got the leader!" The soldier said proudly.
The leutenant came in, and grabbed Mendez,"Good work soldier, now lets get out of here, and call for extraction."
All the soldiers happly strode out of the office and down the corridor that they came from, the leutenant in front.
They came down the corridor, to see the off-guard privates, sitting against the wall, about twenty feet away.
"God damnit!"The leutenant barked at the lazy Privates, and set Mendez down on the floor,"Get your asses off the ground!"
No reply.
"I said,"The leutnant walked closer to them, and the soldiers followed right behind him,"Get your asses off the ground-ah-and no smoking while on guard!" The private closest to the leutenant had his arm resting on the floor, with the cigarette lit, rolled out of his hand.
"Privates!"The leutenant barked again,"Get you asses of the damn floor!" He screamed, and kicked the private nearest to him. the Private just toppled right over, and didn't move. The leutenant's jaw dropped, he moved to the side to take a look at the privates face, and there was a fine hole that was punched straight through his forehead, a bit of blood had leaked across his dead pale face.
"Oh my god,"Another soldier ran up from behind the leutenant, to check on Walsh,"Holy shit! His whole fucking face is smashed to a pulp!" The soldier screamed.
All the other soldiers ran to check the other guards, to find them all dead, with their cigarettes lying on the ground, or in their mouths still. "Hey I think I found something!" One soldier said, and pushed Ptv. Wu's dead body over,"It's an Anti-tank mine! Placed on the wall right behind him!-and there's another!"
Other guards began to notice hidden mines surrounding the dead bodies. "And that means..."The leutnant slowly looks over to the figure of the Master Chief at the end of the corridor,"This was all a-"
"Trap." The master chief said, and fired a single bullet into the mine next to Ptv. Wu. The explosion incenterated the soldier next to him, and set off the other twenty mines strategicly placed in that corridor. The cooridor voilently shook from the force off the explosions. A few charred survivors stumbled out from the flames, but were immediatly mowed-down by the entire SPARTAN team, and Keys.
When the flames died down, the Master chief ran through the hellish corridor, and retrieved Mendez, who was just fine(the leutenant had put him down before he came in the proximity of the blast to check up on the guards). The SPARTAN team and Keys quickly moved outside, and noticed smoke in the distance.
"Wait."The master chief said and raised his hand,"Thats where our bomber was, we can't go back there."
Keys went onto the roof of the tattered installation, and looked down his scope to survey the site where they landed the bomber. There were several 6 foot wide craters, along with what seemed to be burst laser fire, that littered their LZ. All that was left of the bomber were a few pieces of metal. Keys surveyed the site harder, and noticed there were no ground troops. Keys looked at the pattern of craters and other marks and found it to be familiar. It seemed like dejavu to him, and kept reminding him of flight training when he was with the Wings of Death. He then hesitated, and his eyes opened wide: The four corner maneuver.
The four corner maneuver was a basic atack formation that was used only by the Wings of Death, to take out armored stationary objects. Keys froze, if the Wings of Death were here, they were here to elimminate keys and the SPARTANS.
Keys ran down the steps onto the ground, where the others waited,"Get inside!" Keys screamed at everyone, and they all filed inside. Keys heard a wistle noise that came from above, and four sleek Class A bombers rained bombs on the fort.

"We're going to get this bastard, the other ones failed, but we won't!" Fox 1 said over his comm. to the other Wings Of Death.

      Keys peeked outside, and saw the bombers swoop overhead, and continue on, until they turned around, for another punch.
"Chief!" Keys pointed to the MC,"You and four others need to make a run for the trees, and fire from there once the bombers pass you, that way, you will be able to get away from the area you shot at, before they come back." "Right." MC said. Him and four others sprinted for the trees. The bombers turned for another swoop at the base, so Keys and the others ran down the corridor, to avoid being hit by an explosive.       The bombers roared over MC's head, and they all concentated fire on one bomber. The bullets penetrated through the battle plate like a knife through melted butter.

"Damnit!" Fox 3 screamed, as his cockpit errupted in flames, "I'm hit I'm hit!"
The SPARTANS finished off their round, and the bomber exploded into shrapnel.

"Lets move!" MC told the other 4 SPARTANS, and they quickly moved to another spot. The bomber sped by where the MC used to be, and dropped a few napalm bombs, and the vicinity was completely incenerated.
Keys felt that the bombers were about to fly over them, so he ordered for everyone to take up positions at the doorway. The Bombers flew over head, and they all pulled the triggers on their MASP8's, and a wall or explosive tipped shells impacted into the three bombers, and two lost altitude, and slammed into the ground, at a deadly speed.

Fox 1 had just had 3 of his last comrades die on his hands. These were the last members of the Wings of Death, and he was all that was left of the group that was still in action. Rage engulfed him, and he spun the bomber around quickly, and charged at the building, with emmense speeds.

"What the hell is he doing?!?" Keys screamed. They all ran for the exit of the building, before the bomber could smash into it.

Fox 1 had to avenge all his friends that have fallen to the hands of the Covenant, the rebels, and most of all, that piece of scum, the traitor Keys, and his SPARTANS. He pressed the throttle, until it could be pressed no more, he clenched at the pressure, but his life was over anyway. He was going to sacrifice his own life for the UNSC, and knew it was for the better. He saw the poeple try to escape his scuicidal charge, but it wouldn't make a difference, they were going to die. He set all the weapons to proximity detonate, and closed his eyes...it was over.

Keys saw the bomber about 1 mile away from the building, and he knew the blast was going to kill him, so he stopped, and aimed his gun.
"Keys we got to get the hell out of here!" One SPARTAN screamed. Keys shook his head,"I can't run fast enough to avoid the blast like you, go on, I'll try to destroy it!"
Keys clipped in a new magazine, and pulled the trigger, to unleash the deadly rounds. The bullets flew aimlessly at the bomber, and a few found their mark. The gun clicked, and keys reloaded, and proceeded to fire. The whole ground around Keys was filling up with bullets, and the Bomber was closing in. Keys screamed a battle cry, and so did the pilot, who now flew straight at Keys. Keys fired until he had to reload again, but then found no more magazines: he was out.
Keys stood there, and knew he could do nothing.
The bomber closed in to 200 yards, and Keys heard another MASP8 fire from the forest, and then another, and then he heard all the SPARTANS firing their MASP8's. Keys looked around, and smiled.
The bomber couldn't take the damage it was recieving, and it exploded. The payload of bombs it was carrying also exploded, and the explosion emitted a large firework display in the night sky.

      Keys ran over to one of the Bombers(Fox 2), and checked to see if the communications still worked, and they did.
"How lucky are we."Keys mumbled to himself, and set the frequency to the UNN headquarters.
A man picked up the vid phone on the other line,"what do you want?" I have big news, I want you to relay this message to all your viewers in the entire universe, It's about the war on the Dominion of Commoners." The man looked at him,"verywell." he then pressed a button,"you may relay your message."
Keys took a big breath and began his speech,"Today there was an assasination attempt on the DOC leader, Commander Mendez. We succeeded in rescuing him, but payed a high price. The UNSC will stop at nothing until they have complete controll of the citizens, they even murdered 5 UNN personell along with many others that resided in the fort of Fort Sacramento. I want to say something about the assasination attempt on our leader, you may kill our leader, but that will not kill our hopes of freedom. The harder you try to fight us, UNSC, the tighter the rope gets around your necks." Keys paused,"Yes you may have a better army, and yes you may have better weapons,
but you can't deny the fact that this is your downfall!"

After that message was relayed to every home in the universe, the hope of freedom grew, and the hearts of the citizens grew stronger, no weapon would stop them.

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