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Comments for 'Wings of Death part 15: The Fall of the UNSC?'

(ah what the heck why not)
10:09 pm | December 11, 2002
9:58 pm | December 11, 2002
I could be finisheing this in about 2 more parts, but like I siad before, i don't plan the series before hand usually. Things usually come to my head while I write it. look forward to seeing about 2 more parts :)...unless I change the entire structure of my storyline.
12:11 pm | December 11, 2002
Very funny beginning. Good Job on the beginning and ending.

The middle was not too bad either but maybe had too much information in short sentences.

Overall I like it.
Brigad of Marines
2:46 am | December 11, 2002
any hint at the ending of this series?
Brigad of Marines
2:41 am | December 11, 2002
How many chapters do you have left? 50? 25? 0? 0.00000000001? any more stories after this one? Besides the MAOMC)well i liked this on. gj. any hint at the ending.