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Wings of Death part 13: A New Dominion
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 21 November 2002, 11:04 pm

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      Keys sprinted up the side of the ship, trying to keep the chians bullets from falling off him. He continued to run, but then stopped, as he began to hear screams and shouts along with gun fire. The air around him filled with noise. The gunfire was constant, but then there was a series of loud explosions coming from the top of the ship, and all was silent. Keys looked at the plumes of fire that shot up from the roof, and he went in a full sprint to the top. He rounded the corner, and looked upon the roof of the ship. the entire top of the ship was black and charred, with many craters. The SPARTANS crawled,thier armor black and tattered, limbs tore to shreds. Lukily all the SPARTANS seemed to be alive, barely.
      Keys became enraged, and looked behind the ship to see the five bombers closing in on their position. Red molten fire from the bomber's burst lasers errupted all around Keys as he tried to carry the injured SPARTANS to a safe area. Keys threw the SPARTAN he was carrying behind a protruding part of the ship, and turned his heavy machine gun towards the bombers. He fired continuously, screaming in rage, as the string of bullets quickly vanished off his shoulders. The Ship was now entering the mountain chain, and the ship swirved around lrage peaks, and attempted to move closer to the ground.

      Toad 3 caught most of the fire from the machine gun.
A few more armor pieceing rounds hit the cockpit glass, and the glass exploded into pieces. The ship caught the sudden chage in areodynamics, and swirved off, and slammed into the mountainside.
"Add machine gun bursts in between screens of laser fire!" Toad 1 barked to the other pilots.
"Yes sir I'l-" There was a loud explosion to the left of Toad 1, and he saw another one of his pilots go down with a rocket crater in the nose, it was Toad 4.

      The Master Chief stood pointing towards the bombers, one of his rocket launcher tubes was smoking.
"Nice shot chief!" An injured SPARTAN yelled.
"It's not over yet soldier," The Master Chief said,"see if you can patch into the bridge, and tell them to rise in elivation ASAP."
"Yes sir!" The SPARTAN confirmed, and then told the pilot what to do,"Ok Chief, He's ready when you are."
"Tell him to go ahead." Master Chief said.
There was a loud boom of an engine, and the ship qickly rose.
"Come with me," The Master chief told Keys,"my SPARTANS are in no shape to do what we're about to do."
The master chief ran to the back edge of the ship, and peered over.
"Ok, one bogey is at exactly 12 o'clock, the other two are at 1 and 2 o'clock. They're all about 500 meters still below us. Set your boots to the highest density level."
Keys set the boots to the highest level, and he could barely pick his feet up.
"Ok there is an entrance hatch on the right side of those bombers."
Keys looked confused,"Yah so what are we-" The master Chief pushed him off the ship, and then jumped off himself. They both sped downwards, belley-down, with their arms and legs out-stretched, to catch the air to make turns. They quickly spun downwards, and the Bombers were almost directly below them. Keys started to feel a pulling coming from his boots, and his legs pointed in the direction of the nearest bomber. He began to fall towards the closest bomber(Toad 2), at an angle. He was able to open his eyes just a little, and noticed the plane was aboutdangerously close to him, but he had already lost too much altitude. He kept fallling, and the bomber came straight at him, he the bomber passed right over him, and continued it's path.
"Oh shit." Keys said cause he knew what was going to happen next. The magnets reacted in this chage of direction, and he legs swiveled 180 degrees, to the new direction of the bomber, and Keys was now yanked int he direction of the bomber.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!" Keys screamed as he flew through the air, now rising in elevation to match that of the bomber's.

Toad 2 saw something behind him on the radar, and he quickly stood up to look out the window behind him. He saw the strangest thing. There was a man somehow flying in the air towards him.
"Oh fuck-oh fuck-oh fuck!" He freaked out from the strange situation. He went into a nose dive to try to lose the man that was trailing him. The man also took a nose dive. the pilot wove in and out of rock spires, and so did the man.
"I CAN'T SHAKE THIS GUY!!!" He screamed hysterically into the comm.
"Who?" Taod 1 asked over the comm.
"There's a frikin man chasing me!" he screamed.
Toad 1 let out an angry sigh,"How many fucking times have I told you not to take those pills!"
"It's not the pills I swear!" Toad 2 screamed desperatly,"He's getting closer!"
"TOAD 2!" Toad 1 barked,"Get back on course god damnit!"
There was a loud thud on the exterior of Toad 2's bomber, and then toad 2 put the ship on auto-pilot, and grabbed his sidearm. His hands were shaking, and he was wet from all the sweat.
There were a few more thuds, then a loud sliding noise.
"Ok it's just the pills, it's just the pills." Toad 2 crazily told himself.
A man came from the back of the ship, and appeared at the open door of the cockpit.
"IT'S JUST THE PILLS!" The pilot screamed to himself,looking at the blurry appearence of the figure standing at the door,"YOU'RE NOT REAL!"
A flash, and then a loud crack came from the man standing at the door.
Toad 2 dropped dead on the floor, and blood seeped out of the hole in his neck.
"Guess again," Keys said, standing at the cockpit doorway with a smoking pistol.
Keys ran to the control panels, and one panel exploded, and sparks went everywhere. Keys shielded his eyes, and looked down on the ground to see the pilot, smiling with blood gushing out of his mouth. The pilot tried to raise his pistol once more, but Keys smahed his hand with his boot, and kicked his face, until the man moved no more. Keys spun around, and sat in the pilot's seat, to find the pilot had shot the auxillary controls, and the plane was in-operable. Keys looked ahead, to see about 15 miles ahead was a moutian, and if he didn't find a way to fly the plane some other way, he would be screwed.

      A uniformed UNSC personell ran down the hallways of the secret underground base in Reach, yelling for people to get out of his way. The man came into the office that was labeled 'Stanforth'.
"Sir! permission to enter!"The man said.
"Go ahead. What is it son?" Stanfoth spun his chair around to face the man at the door.
"Sir read the statistics." The man said, and handed him a stack of papers.
"What is this?" Admiral Stanforth asked the man.
"Read sir."
The Admiral put on his glasses, and smoked his cigar, scanning through the stacks of papers.
He murmered while he read,"UNSC munition fires...urban revolts...massacres...government takeover...treason..."Stanforth looked up at the man,"What is all this leutenant?"
"Sir for every page, that is a different world sending out distress calls. It seems that from the speech that Keys man gave has caused mass uprisings. They're calling for a new government!"
"Is it containable?" Stanfoth asked, now feeling parinoid.
"Sir there are civil uprisings in about every single planet. Should we encourage martial law?"
"No. It must be worse than that to show that we the military is in control."
"What are you calling for then sir?" The Leutenant asked confused.
"I want a nuclear strike on...Earth." The Admiral leaned back in his chair.
The leutenant looked at him,"Are you insane?! Call a nuclear strike on Earth and wipe out billions of innocent lives!?!"
"It must be done!" The Admiral pounded his fist on the desk,"sacrifices must be made."
The leutenant stared at the Admiral,"...yes sir. I'll call for a military evac of Earth."
"Good..."The admiral said,"now, on your way" he wisked the man out the door.
Stanforth smuged his cigar out, and lowered his head to the desk. He knew that billions of peoples dead bodies were going to be on his hands.

      Keys struggled to work the stick, but there was no response. He tried every button on the plane, but it didn't respond.
"Damnit!" Keys stammered.
"hey!" A familar voice broke through the comm.(one of the only working devices),"it looks like you could use some help!"
"Master Chief? Is that you? I need some help, my controls aren't working." Keys asked flabbergasted.
"Correct, it is me. My plan worked, but I see yours didn't go well"
Another bomber (Toad 5's) flew infront of him.
"I'm just going to try to fly as near as I can, and you jump off onto my plane, ok?" The Master Chief informed Keys.
Keys ran to the back of the plane, and came to the door from which he came from. Keys re-activated his boots, opened the door, and lept out. Keys fell a ways before the Master Chief swooped under him, and Keys was attached to the bomber that the Master Chief was piloting.
"Ok we need to head back over to our ship, and see if it still needs help." The Master Chief told Keys.
      Keys climbed in the ship, and secured the hatch. He then walked the 20 feet to the cockpit, in where the corner layed a man with his body crumpled.
"Come in" The Master chief delightfully said,"take a seat."
Keys sat down, and analized the panels and radars.
"It appears that the Cruiser is raising in elevation darasticly." Keys noted, and pointed to the three dimensional radar,"and the last enemy bomber is right behind it."
"What is the cruiser doing? It should stay in the mountains where there is cover." The Master Chief said confused.
"I have no idea, but we'd better go take out that last bomber." Keys said
"Right," The Master Chief,"lets shoot it down."
      Their Bomber sped towards the ascending cruiser, when suddenly, the cruiser's thruster exploded. The explosion ripped through to the engines, and blew the entire back of the ship apart.
"Holy Shit!" Keys yelled, shocked.
"The Cruiser is firing it's landing thrusters," The Master Chief turned to Keys,"but it wont be enough to stop it from crashing, It will just slow it's fall."
Keys looked at the radar,"Hey Chief check this out."Keys pointed to the radar, to show the enemy bomber signature going in a differnet direction,"He's fleeing?"
"We can't let him get away." The Master chief said, and put the throttle all the way forward. The engines screamed as they got closer to the enemy Bomber (Toad 1).
"Ok Im going to drop you off on this enemy's ship, and I'll try to evac those people and my SPARTANS off that cruiser."
Keys looked at him like he was crazy, but then nodded his head,"Stay focused when you drop me, this guy is gunna do some evasive maneuvers most likely."
The Master Chief looked at him and said in a monotone voice,"I'm always focused."
Their bomber approached Toad 1, and The Master Chief fired a single shot from 100 yards away that hit taod 1's engine. the fighter slowed down a bit, but Keys knew that the Master Chief wouldn't be able to shoot the fighter down and save the passengers inside the cruiser.
"Go." The Master Chief said to him,"Now!"
Keys ran down the cramped corridor, activated his boots, opened the door, and sighed,"Here I go again." Keys jumped out of the bomber, and was immediatly tugged towards Toad 1's bomber.

      Toad 1 checked his rear-view monitor, to see a man suspended in the air, flying towards him, and that the bomber had changed course.
"Haha,"Toad 1 said to himself,"He thinks he's the only one with Hi-tech equipment."
Toad 1 put the plane on auto pilot, and stood up,"He's in for a real treat." Toad 1 smiled and heaved an oversized handgun, and grabbed the same kind of magnetic boots Keys had. Toad 1 chuckled, and made his way to the back hatch.

      Through the clouds of cigar smoke sat a very depressed man. The light from the overhead lamp barely penetrated through the smoke. The new news developments were in: Earth was decimated by a large amount of nuclear explosives. Billions of people died in mere seconds. Billions upon Billions of innocent beings slaughtered as a demonstaration of the UNSC's might.
A tear ran down the man's face. In the inside, he knew what he did, and he knew it was wrong. But on the outside, he didn't care, and he would stop at nothing until the entire human population came back to being loyal to the UNSC.
The man spun his large cair around, to face another man that was standing in front of his desk.
"Any word?" The man in the chair asked.
"Sir, all this demonstration did was make the populous even more angered." The man standing said, and took another puff of a cigar,"What do we do now, Admiral?"
Stanforth thought long and hard,"The Reports say that the officer, Commander Mendez has defected, and influenced the entire planet of Aroura. They say that he is heading this rebel insurrecton."
"Do you want me to send my boys?" The man standing asked.
"No Vice Admiral Cole, I want an ODST drop on their location, and when the ODST's secure an LZ, We'll drop the 24th armored batallion."
"Sir this is exremly dangerous," The Vice admiral warned him,"The 24th is one of our only armored batallions left."
"Yes,"Stanforth said,"but they've never been defeated either."
"So," The Vice Admiral began,"once the 24th and others neutralize the enemy-"
Stanforth broke in,"Kill anyone who gets in your way, anyone but Mendez, I want him alive."
VA Cole put his hand to his ear, listening to a voice that was being transmitted through his earpiece,"Sir I have more news." VA cole said to Stanforth.
"What is it this time?" Stanforth asked, and smuged his cigar in the ash tray.
"The rebels now have an organized government already, they call themselves 'The Dominion of Commoners'."
"What does this change?" Stanforth asked.
"Sir. After the announcement of a new anti-UNSC government, billions-and I'm serious when I say billions sir-of people are going with the Dominion of Commoners. The people wont stop protesting and voilence against the UNSC until it is brought down. There are rumors that they will even attack Reach, and kill us all!"
"Calm down for God's sake!" Stanforth said,"I sensed this was going to happen, and that is why we must capture Commander Mendez. Without a leader, their collaberation, and makeshit government will fall."
Yes Sir!" VA Cole said, saluted, turned around, and began walking towards the door.
"Oh and Cole?" The Admiral said to the Vice Admiral.
"Yes sir?"
"Just in case they will try to attack Reach,"Stanforth said,"I want you to ask for re-enforcements to the Reach system."
"Sir! What kind of re-enforcements?" The VA stood at attention.
"I want all the UNSC ships in the known universe to rally at reach, double the funding on defensive weapons manufacturing. I want as many orbital MAC cannons, Havok launchers, and Anti-matter charges as possible. The Rebel's don't stand a chance infiltrating Reach."
"Sir the threat of Covenant is at it's highest level." VA Cole warned him.
"Goodbye Vice Admiral." Admiral Stanforth told him.
"...Yes sir" The Vice admiral said, and left the room, closing the door behind him.
(camera view slowly zooms out from his desk as he lights another cigar).

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