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Comments for 'Wings of Death part 13: A New Dominion'

10:38 pm | December 3, 2002
funny, i just got out of computer trouble heh heh
8:19 pm | November 28, 2002
great story, (my computor had some problems so i coulden't get online for a while)
The sword of the admiral
8:57 pm | November 25, 2002
Oh yah diablo I finally replied to ur e-mail message. Heh, I kinda had a nrvous breakdown during it, but the point is obvious.
The sword of the admiral(Kyle)
7:29 pm | November 25, 2002
Although I do dread the thought of Earth being destroyed.
4:54 pm | November 25, 2002
This was an excellent chapter. I had no clue that itwould turn out like this. I thought Keys wud be a psycho thru the rest of the stry.
1:14 am | November 25, 2002
Don't forget! :)
8:37 pm | November 23, 2002
Hey I read through this at light speed. It was pretty good.

hmm... Something about bogeys at 12:00 and being below the Master Chief didn't seem right, but anyway, keep writing diablo. I'll probably come back and read this again later.
Colonel Miltie (MarioMTO)
1:07 pm | November 23, 2002
Yeah, just like Knightmare(MM said, you gotta watch the dialogue. But other than that, it's a great story.
9:58 pm | November 22, 2002
yah it is Keyes, but when I started this series, I just thought it was Keys. When I found out (I think wado mentioned it a couple parts ago) it was Keyes, I didn't really want to change the name just in case some one was like "Hey whos KeyeEs? And what ever happened to that Keys guy?". but the true reason is I think I'm just too lazy to type an extra 'e' :D. Anyone else? If you read this you should reply.
8:53 pm | November 22, 2002
Isn't it Keyes?
5:12 pm | November 22, 2002
Better watch the dialogue... You're getting a bit corny with it. Number two... Billions of people died in seconds could have been "Billions of people, dead in seconds..."