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Wings of Death Part 1: life as a 'Fly Boy'
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 September 2002, 3:58 am

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Authors note: Ok this is my next fan fic, I think I'm giving up on trying to make a co-op fan fic with someone, but mabye, if someone REALLY wants to do one with me, just email me. Ok I hope you enjoy my new series.

      Space seems so silent, yet so many things are going on in the endless vacume: new stars are born, ships wizzing around, sun's are giving off large wisps of flames, and though all this commotion, you can never hear a thing. Thats the bad thing about space, you never know if an enemy is creeping up on you.

      The bright stars twinkle, and set a nice calm mood to space, as a planet comes into view, and gives off its nice red color to it. Two normal UNSC C class fighters zoom by the planet, at emminse speeds. Both the fighters are different colors: one's gray, and the other is black. The Black Fighter moves in behind the gray ship, and fires it's dual pulse lasers directly at the other. The Gray colored interceptor goes sideways, so the right wingtip was pointing north, The laser blasts zoom past the ship, unharming it. The Black Ship fires a volley of pulse lasers at the gray one, while it weaves in and out of the blasts.
      "Ha ha gotcha there," An anonomous pilot hoots out over the comm. as the grey ship is singed by a laser blast.
      "Oh just you wait!" that other pilot remarks, as he turns on the afterburners, and makes a sharp turn, to get behind the other fighter.
      The grey pilot flips the switch in his stick, and holds down on the button. The button opens two small bay doors, and two oversized Gatling Guns are revealed. The grey pilot pulls the trigger, and mass amounts of bullets are loaded into the Black pilot. The Black pilot attempts to evade, but the hail of bullets are too much. In desperation, the Black pilot jettisons his external armor, and the plates are sent right in the direction of the Grey Pilot. The Pilot in the grey fires a continuous round of bullets at the armor, before it hits him, he then unlocks two archer missles, and fires at the large amount of scrap heading his way. The contrails are noticed, and they head toward the fast approaching metal. The missles explode on impact, and desinigrate the metal that was in the vicinity, but there was still more, but the pilot in grey was too late, The metal slammed into his right wing, which was immediatly torn off from the contact of the fast moving obects. The grey pilot spun around, until he finally maintained balance.
      "Too late bro." Said the pilot in black to Ensign Keys, the one in the grey craft.
      "Damnit..." the young Jacob Keys muttered, as a salvo of missles headed his way from the black ship that was waiting for him on the other side of the armor debris. The missles hit Keys' small fighter, and blew it to pieces.
      Then, the space all around disentigrated, and all the other objects dissapeared, and revealed just white ground. A few technicians walked up to the two simulators that both the pilots were in. A few Pilots watching the training clapped, and got up off their seats, to talk to the two pilots that just ended their training.
      "Good Job Jacob." The pilot that was combating with him said to him, saking his hand.
      "It always is, Stanforth." Keys commented back to the man.
      "Nice flying Jake, mabye next time you should fly AROUND that jettisoned armor, all you needed was a good laser to his hull, and you would have blasted him to bits," One of his friend pilots said to him,"Next time, don't try any of that flawless cowboy crap, it'll get you killed."
      "CADETS! ENSIGNS!" The Chief yelled to the pilots," Get your stuff and head to the mess hall!"
      They all made their way slowly to the mess hall for dinner. Everybody was enjoying themselfs and and talking amongst eachother, not knowing of the things to come.

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