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Comments for 'Wings of Death Part 1: life as a 'Fly Boy''

9:56 pm | December 9, 2003
3:39 pm | July 24, 2003
kool 10/10 the intro was cool
8:40 pm | September 11, 2002
sorry Vero, that was supposed to be "Shaking his hand." anybody else care to say something?
3:52 am | September 11, 2002
What does Saking his hand mean? Is he chinese or something? I thought the flying part was pretty tight. And he could turn north if he thought he was still on a planet maybe.
2:45 am | September 11, 2002
yah that was the other thing that bugged me about my first part lol. I usually submit 23K size fan fics, but this one was only about 4 or 5K lol.
12:12 am | September 11, 2002
Wow you say mines short yours is just as short lol.
9:52 pm | September 10, 2002
oh yah also about the north thing, Heh I thought about that too, and paused for a moment after I wrote it, but I figured it was just a good way to say that the wing went vertical(Shit I could have said "went to twelve o'klock" oh well).
9:48 pm | September 10, 2002
yah I was kinda wavering on the edge about having all the names for the same ship ( i.e. black fighter, black pilot, black interceptor, black ship.) thanks for the suggestion Wado. the reason I did that, was that I was trying to diversify the writing, but mabye that wasn't such a good idea on my part. I thought up the whole Keys and Stanforth thing up right at the end lol. Any other comments?
9:47 pm | September 10, 2002
Dude, its something called grammer. Fired, not firing. Please name the ships and don't keep saying the same thing in different. Whats with the north in space, they ain't no north. It seems like a good idea though
7:01 pm | September 10, 2002
It is a tough topic to write about, but I think that I can safely say that this series will be really really good, just from reading your other stuff.
4:57 pm | September 10, 2002
Oh the story was pretty good, I liked the action. Try to stay away from using so many different names for the same ship: black fighter, black pilot, black interceptor, black ship... These all referred to the same thing. Try giving them call names link "blackie" and "grayskull" so you could just say grayskull fired cannons at blackie. Or do what I do and call them Black 1 and Grey 1. Just a suggestion.
2:40 pm | September 10, 2002
Boy Diablo you sure picked a hard topic to write about, more power to you. I'm serious, if you want some suggestions from me, give me an email.

By the way, there isn't a North in outer space.