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Mendozas Diary: Unexpected Fatality
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 December 2002, 8:29 am

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Data log 25:

I couldn't sleep that night after my last entry. The monsters that I explained in my last entry that devoured my entire sqaud kept me awake. I managed to sneak out of the installation, but my only friend that was left went insane, and I had to shoot him in the legs, and knock him out to keep him from following me. I left him in the installation, and propped him up against the wall.

Once I got out of the installation, I heard the voices of the monsters, so I scrambled for higher groun, where they couldn't get me.

After many failed attempts to reach my comrades with my com device, heard the roar of a pelican. I ran desperatly to get to the Pelican, but before I got there, It lifted off and disappeared through the jungle fog. I saw something moving down on the lower part of the jungle, so I peered over the edge to see what it was. The fog and darkness made it really hard to see what it was, but it looked like a Mark V. I probabaly hallucinated, so I didn't bother to take a risk and yell to him.

Thank god! I found and exit of the installation where it seems about ten marines are holding the exit up. I catiously walked up to them, and they kindly greeted me, and gave me food.

The elevator behind us toned, and we all spun our guns in that direction. The elevator arrived to our level, and from the elevator walked out the Master Chief. We all lowered our guns in relief, but immediatly, he ran out of the installation. We had to follow.

I don't really want to explain what hapened next, it is too grusome to tell. all I can say is we lost 5 of our men to the horrible creatures. We arrived at another stucture, and a pelican radioed in, right above us, and at that very moment, the Matser Chief...dissapeared. We all hurried into the Pelican, and the Pelican lifted out of that god-forsaken hell hole.

We flew for about 150 miles, to a distance of where we thought we were safe. While we were flying, we saw giant explosions on a few of the islands that we passed, I fear it was the same monsters. Covenant dropships were taking off from the areas that were being attacked, and they were running away like school children.

The most disturbing transmisions came in two days ago, from today. The airwaves that the pelican was picking up were filled with bone-grinding screams of pain. We could actually hear poepel being gutted over the comm device. Men called for evacutaion, or back-up but they soon were also silenced in a series of cruncing bones and smashing noises.

Today, we managed to get a nearby distress call from a neighboring island, so we took off in hopes of finding survivors by the time we get there.

We arrived at island about 5 minutes later, and found alot of dead marines, but there were still 10 left. The pelican quickly decended, and the marines started to get in, but there was already five of us sitting in our seats, so we could only take five more. We left five men screaming for us to come back. That was one of the most sad things I've ever seen, was their desperate cries for help, and we had to leave them there. We dropped the survivors off, and took-off to try and rescue the rest of the marines that we left on the island, but when we circled the island, they were all dead. The pilot opened the door, and looked back to us, and shook his head.

We headed back to our island to tell the marines that we rescued, that their friends didn't make it. While we headed back, the cries for help that filled the airways soon died down. and eventually, there were no more cries for help from doomed marines across this damned ring.

Our Pelican arrived to our island, but the Marines we dropped off were no where to be seen. The Pilot dropped the pelican lower to the ground, and stayed right next to the edge of the cliff that surrounded the island. Fear swept over my body: The creatures were here too.
I screamed at the pilot to get us the hell out of here, but just before she turned, there was a loud thump on the roof. It must have been one of the monsters that jumped form the cliff edge! I screamed at the pilot to accelerate, but when she did, I heard the cockpit glass being hit, and then, it broke. There was a lot of screaming from that cockpit as the monster ripped the pilot to pieces. The Pelican went into a mad spin, and the right wing clipped the cliff edge, and then, the Pelican crashed onto the beach. The five of us Marines flew into the interior walls of the Pelican, and when the Pelican came to a dead stop, we all lie shooken up on the floor of the Pelican.

I got up, grabbed my shotgun, and noticed the monster coming from the cockpit door, with blood on it's tendricles. I aimed my shot gun, and blaster its torso apart. I screamed for my comrades to get up, and they did. They all grabbed their weapons, and we ran out onto the sunny beach. The flood came from the forrest,a nd started to charge at us. Me and two other privates ran for the forrest that was about 800 meters(1/2 mile) to the left of us. the two other Privates stood there and fired their weapons at the creatures. When the flood got close to the two privates, one made a mad dash for the water, and jumped in. The other private bravly stood his ground, and when the fool piled on top of him, he pulled the pin on one of his grenades on his vest, blowing up all the creatures around him. The Private that ran into the water kicked madly at the surf, and the flood ran into the water. the man screamed as the monsters got closer, using their tendrils to propell themselfs in the water. As the monsters reached the man, they went under the water, and the man screamed, and was dragged under water.

The three of us left split up in the forrest, and I presume they got lost. I ran until I saw no movement, and then I rested against this big rock that I lie against right now. A few minutes back, I heard a few gunshots and utter silence, from two directions. My two last friends have most likly perished. I know this will be my last Journal Entry. I have given up all hope of escape. Judging from the dead silence of the comm,I fear I am the last man standing. If any UNSC ship recieves this transmission, please...tell my wife I died gloriously on the battlefield, for what was right...and...for my kids, tell them that daddy won't be comming home for a while.

I wish I could end my life peacfully, oh God, please let my life end right here!-wait, what was that?

Right now, I'm lookng into the sky....The whole ground is violently shaking...There is a brilliant bright ball of light comming from the other side of this ring world. A deadly shockwave appears to be making it's way over to my side of this world. Whoever had answered my prayers, I am truly greatful. It is only a matter of seconds before I will sleep in peace.

Tell my wife and kids I loved them,
Pete Mendoza