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Comments for 'Mendozas Diary: Unexpected Fatality'

11:57 pm | January 3, 2003
thanks wado and everyone else! I'm back! YAY! :D
11:33 pm | January 3, 2003
diablo, you're one step ahead of me... ;)

First comedy, then this.
Mutated Elite
6:51 pm | January 1, 2003
Wow dude. That was an awesome story. Keep it up. I know! You can write the diaries of oter marines who met their fate in the destruction of the ring!
5:17 pm | December 30, 2002
Nothing I can say that other people haven't so....nice job! I like the new word too...poepel
3:56 pm | December 30, 2002
I love this story and all of your stories. other fans
say your almost as good as gasmask. I've read his and they are good but yours are better. Keep it up.
Guilty Spark
3:53 am | December 30, 2002
Good job. I like hearing the events of Halo from the perspective of a marine. Nice tie in with the 343 GS mission and the MC! I like Mendoza's perspective at the end - seeing the destruction of the ring... and himself.
9:11 pm | December 28, 2002
excellent, one of the better short stories i ever read almost as good as gasmasks, a very different style for you
Jeff Graham
8:12 pm | December 28, 2002
Wooops, my mistake. I read it rather quickly.
7:27 pm | December 28, 2002
Mendez is the one who trained the MC, not Mendoza. But the names are very similar.
Jeff Graham
2:35 am | December 28, 2002
Cool. The story is kind of creepy. And mendoza, is that the one who trained John/MC? Anyways, cool story.
9:36 pm | December 27, 2002
what do you mean no mistakes. The story was good, but the grammar was appauling. El_Halo_Diablo, pull yourself together. Your becoming a bad grammatist........huh?
7:09 pm | December 27, 2002
i like the story. i havent been around here for a while. been busy. seems as if your the only writer now who knows his business. good to see you havent lost your edge.
6:06 pm | December 27, 2002
Thanks Nike, the reason I wrote this story was because i've always wondered why there were no more living Marines after the flood breakout.
5:44 pm | December 27, 2002
That was cool. And you made no mistakes as far as I could see. Good job.
5:41 pm | December 27, 2002
I leave today on a big Skiing/snowboarding trip, so I wont be back until the next saturday. don't expect WOD part 19 to be in until the 7th. Have fun!