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Cry for a Hero Part 9: Beginning of the End
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 30 August 2002, 3:31 am

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      We all stood around the panel, over the dead covenant bodies, waiting for Cortana's explanation.
      "Ok I think I have it all analized," She said,"Since we have the use of a covenant Battle cruiser, and all it's technology inside, We better make good use of it."
      "LETS GET BACK AT THOSE BASTARDS DESTROYING EARTH!" A marine shouted to Cortana.
      Cortana shook her head,"No you fool, we've already lost to the covenant at Earth, thats why we must strike back...and put a dagger through their own hearts."
      We all looked at each other.
      She continued on,"To learn what we are going to do, we must know a little about the Covenant, Lukily I have enough information in these databases to know. See," she paused,"The covenant recieve psychic brain waves from the Covenant Religous leaders. The religous leaders act as beacons for all the Covenant that live in the universe. Fortunatly, the Covenant, every race of the Covenant, if I'm exact, have adapted to recieving the brain waves. If we were to kill the religous leaders, all the Covenant would recieve the feedback, and would either go insane, or will die."
      "So how do we kill these freaks?" Zamns asked.
      Cortana sighed,"the religous leaders are located in the center of the Covenant home world."
      "The center as in the core?" One Marine with a sniper rifle asked.
      "Yes, the core doesnt have a heated core like the Earth. Instead, It's core is pure crystallic fusion crystals, with many tunnels leading to the inside, big enough for 10 CCS Battle Cruisers to pass by eachother. A big enough gap for us to go inside as far as we can."
      "So we're just going to charge in to where the most important Covenant are and shoot them all with these fancy lasers?" I asked.
      Cortana looked down, showing a sad emotion,"No...The area thats close to the religous leaders is too heavily guarded, and will fire on any ship that comes near the blockade, with persicion lasers."
      "Why persicion lasers?" someone asked.
      "Because, she said,"The crystals surrouding the tunnel will explode easily, if fired on. Thats why we will try a different approach."
      We were all confused.
      "The ultimate sacrifice," she said in a omnious tone,"We are going to land the cruiser in the tunnel, along with the other docked cruisers in there, and set the engines to overload...The ship will explode from overheating, causing a chain reaction in the crystals. The explosion will destroy the religous leaders and will blow the planet to pieces from inside-out. The only problem is...we need to have a volunteer to press the override button once the engines go critical, in order for the engines to overload."
      I looked around, as no one voluteered. I then stepped forward,"I will." I said trying to be as brave as I could at that moment.
      "Me too," Zamns said and also stepped forward.
      "Good," Cortana said with a smile on her face,"Just in case the Covenant get suspicous, They'll try to board our craft, and shut the engines down. We will stay with you as long as we can, then we will go for the Fighters, and escape, before you blow the place to hell."
      "We're ready to fight to the death." A marine stepped forward, along with 20 other men consisting of rebels and marines,"We'll stay with them and fight off the covenant to the end."
      Many others stepped forward, soon there was about 100 men that were just about to sacrifice there lives for mankind. A smile swept over me seeing the brothership of all the men on the ship.
      "Ok then, also the database indicates thats there is a small rebel group of Covenant on the homeworld that fight for freedom and the immediate halt of killing other species. They can prove to be very usefull."
      "Right then," Master Chief said,"then its all been planned out: We go and find the Covenant rebels and persuade them to help us, and then we continue on into the core, land, and blow the whole place to hell, while the rest of us evac. our asses out of there."
      We all nodded and the Master Chief added,"Cortana set a course to the Covenant Homeworld."
      "Right Chief." She aknowladged, and the engines whinned, coming to life again,"Get ready to feel weird!" she yelled, just before the engines readied for slipstream. There was a whooshing noise, and everything stopped in time for a couple of seconds. I saw my body separate in two, like they were copies of each other, then suddenly come back together. The ship shuddered, and my body shot 4 feet into the air, and slammed down onto the ground with immense force. All the lights and systems were off when we came out of slipstream. I looked around and hurled on the ground along with many others. The lights came back on, and all the other electronic systems came back online.
      "well it appears that we have came out of slipstream, and have arrived to the Covenant solar system.

      The com channel came online: Covenant Cruiser 'Shadow Lurker', please Identify cargo!

      Cortana radioed back in a Covenant tounge: We have dead.

      There was silence for a while and then the Com. Officer replied.

      com channel: verywell, continue to bio-disposal sector 23 on Tak'ar.

       On the way there, Cortana told us that the world of Tak'ar was the Covenant homeworld. She modified some of their holographic technology in the ship to suit us. She made the device put a hologram around ourselfs, to make us look like Covenant Elite soldiers. She gave us the voice trasnlators that Grunts use, and modified them so we can communicate with other Elites and Grunts, and hear what they say to us.
       We heard the landing thrusters fire, as we came to a stop, hovering hundreds of feet above the surface. Cortana turned on the Gravity lift, and we all walked towards the place where the lift was, and saw 5 elites appear on the gravity lift, with a large hovering box, probably to put the bodies in. As they came towards us, sweat beaded on my head,"I hope these holograms work." I muttered.
       The Elites got closer and closer to our group. they came up to us and waived, we all waived back and continued to the gravity lift platform. The 50 of us all took the gravity lift down to the surface of the planet, which obviously had an oxygen based atmosphere.
       We stepped off of the platform, unarmed, and ventured off into the streets. We all split up and relied on a private com. channel to communicate. I walked down the streets, and ducked just before some kind of hover vehichle decapitated me. I looked along the streets to find them buzzing with prosporus Covenant. I walked down the streets past all the robed-not armored Elites and Grunts, going through their daily lives. The walkways were packed with Covenant podestrians as they all pushed past me and my slow pace. How could this be the Covenant? The Covenant are supposed to be ferocious aliens that are nassty and brutal, but they were so peaceful and innocent here. I walked over to a bunch of civillian Covenant all crowding around a monitor. The monitor displayed something that looked like news. I watched it:

       "And this is the CNB: Covenant News Broadcasting, we have breaking news on the warfront,"An Elite news reporter with a feminine voice said,"Our fleet has just found the evil Humans homeworld, that they call...Earth. All the commander of the Covenant Naval Forces would comment on, was that they were tipped off by an anonomous being. Our Warships Immediatly responed and proceeded to glass their homeworld. Scientists predict that the Human Race will be exterminated very soon. There is a rumor that one of our ships was stolen, but there is no confimation of that yet."

      The monitor turned off, and all the civillians were talking about death to the devils and all, But there was one certain Grunt that stood out from all of them. The Grunt had clothes on that partially hid his face. and he seemed to be the only one that wasnt showing relief or smiling at the news. The Grunt sighed, and shook his head and walked away. I looked up at the towering spires which appeared to be building that went up into the purpleish sky, and decided to follow that Grunt. He walked down the street, squeezing through Etlites legs and past the other dozens of people crowding the streets. He looked back at me and turned back around and kept walking, then looked back again, and sped up to a small run. I looked at his legs, and they had armor on them, like he was a soldier. He ran into an alley, and I followed him. When I came down the alley, he turned around another corner so he was inbetween buildings. I also went around the corner, to find a plasma pistol pointed to my face.
      "DON'T move..." The grunt said, and charged the plasma pistol up.
      "I'm not here to cause any trouble!" I said raising my hands in the air, staring at the green bulb on the end of the plasma pistol.
      "Drop your weapons!" He demanded me.
      "I dont have any." I said.
      "Your a Covenant soldier." The grunt said, taking his robe off to reveal shiny brown armor.
      "No I can Explain." I said.
      "You sure are!" The Grunt said, and opened a door, and pushed me into the place.
       The lights in the building turned on to reveal a large room, filled with anti covenant army posters, weapons, couches, and a bunch of other stuff. The Grunt pressed a button, and the doors opened. Dozens of Elites and Grunts walked out of the room they were in, and into the one I'm in. They all sported Brown armor, and plasma weapons.
      "What is he doing here?"An unknown Elite asked.
      "SIR! I found him following me!" The Grunt said.
      This Elite must have been the head honcho because everyone was looking at him.
      "Who are you?" The Elite asked.
      "Who are you?" I asked him.
      "I am the great leader of the Covenant Resistance: Kah'Amir, now...who are you?" He asked lighing up his plasma sword on his hand.
      "I am," I hit my back against that wall I was put up against, crushing the hologram projector. The hologram flickered and went off, revealing my true self,"looking for help."
      "Is this real?" Kah'Amir asked to an Elite holing a small device.
      "Well this scanner shows that he's really a human." The Elite answered shocked.
      Everyone stared at me and lowered their weapons. All the Covenant rebels ran and crowded around me, asking me mixed questions:
      "How did you get here?" "Who are you?" "Are you a god?" "Can I have your autograph?" "Can I feel your skin?" "Why am I so fat?"

      "SILENCE!!!" Kah'Amir said, silencing everyone,"Now what is it that you needed help on?"
      "Do you have any type of ship that will transport a large amount of weapons and troops?" I asked.
      "Yes we have a stolen E class transport vessel...why?" Kah'Amir asked.
      "Good," I said,"load up all your weapons and men, that you can get on there, 'cause your going to meet some of my friends that have a very important task on their hands."

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