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Comments for 'Cry for a Hero Part 9: Beginning of the End'

11:04 am | September 4, 2002
still as good as it always was, keepem comin
2:54 am | September 4, 2002
Well I'm sorry to say that part 10 is the last part :(. but its gunna be a great one!
2:40 am | September 3, 2002
oh yah just to let everyone know, Cry for a hero doesnt mean actually cry as in tears lol it means the type of cring you do as in if your shouting for something to be done, thus in the story there is a Cry for a Hero, drrr!
1:03 am | September 3, 2002
lol Stephen, I think you just may be right lol, boo-hoo...
12:56 am | September 3, 2002
ok if they consider it sad to write these fanfics about halo, then how sad is it that there life is soo boring that they have nuthing better to do then post a comment insulting the writers and readers; isnt that even more sad?
12:21 am | September 3, 2002
wow If your going to post sensless posts that I dont care about...then go ahead and waste your boring life dude.
3:48 am | September 2, 2002
HAHA get a life. there is more to life than HALO
I almost cried this one sucked big time
3:48 am | September 2, 2002
There is more to life than Halo..........dork
3:03 am | August 31, 2002
Pretty good. Got the man power, the ship, and potential allies. Keep going...
2:27 am | August 31, 2002
Hey im actually the first person to post for once, anyway ian this story was great, r u planning to start any new series soon