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Cry for a Hero Part 8: Unexpected Savior
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 28 August 2002, 3:46 am

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      ~I was running down the amber fields of Earth, so spacious, the wind blew a nice breeze that swept past my face soothed my, as I ran through the fields. I looked into the bright clear sky, and smiled. I came up to the top of the large field, and looked down onto a small town. There was nothing left of the town but smoldering ruins. I screamed, but this didnt help me, I turned around and ran away from the place, but then the beautiful fields all burst into flames, the sky filled with dark omnious clouds, that covered the sun. I looked around, and all I saw was death. I looked down at my feet, and saw a little girl, scraped, and covered in black soot. "This happened, and you didnt help...its all your fault!" She said crying.~


      I opened my eyes slowly to find myself in very cramped quarters. I looked around to see Zamns and I were in a small room, what appeared to be a cell, I looked over to what was the front, and a purple glowing shield prevented us from escape. I looked at the shield, and saw a small one inch tall horizontal line of lighter purple on the shield that was flickering. The line ran all the way across to the other side and seemed to be a weak spot.
      "Soooo, what happened while I was unconsious?" I said to Zamns, the only person in our cell.
      "Well, the covenant sent search parties all over the planet Mars, for human survivors, and brought us all here." Zamns explained.
      "Why? The covenant never take prisoners."
      "Well they're looking for answers on small outer colonies that humans are fleeing to, and other usefull information. Nobody's answered any of their questions, and have all been killed."
      I got up and pressed against the shield, it was as hard as a rock.
      "Dont try, I already did," Zamns said glumly,"I checked everything for escape options, and came up with nothing. Well there's no way we're getting out of this, some Marines have tried to escape, when their sheilds were lowered," he pointed over to the large grunt and elite ranks guarding the doors, and on the floor, lay a couple of dead Marines,"I think we're stuck," He pulled out two cigars that he'd kept in the upper right chest pocket,"Victory cigar?"
      "Heh, well....," I started to say, but then thought about the shields,"Do you have any matches?"
      I took out a MA6B bullet that was left in my pocket, It was usless, but right now, it would save our lives.
      I watched a Marine get pulled out of his cell and dragged to a chair, where he was strapped in at the waist
      "Tell me secrets!" A Grunt demanded to the Marine, which in response, the Marine spit at the Grunt,"AAHHH I GOT COOTIES!!!" the Grunt screamed and slapped the marine,"Now...TELL ME SECRETS"
      "Ok," the marine said,"I was sleeping with your momma last night." And laughed.
      "You were? AH! Don't try that crap on me mister!" The Grunt barked at him,"TELL ME SECRETS!"
      The Marine said,"ok...Im going to kick you in the nuts!" And the marine took a swing at the grunt's cratch, A loud thump was made, when his foot met the Grunt's cratch, and all the humans in the large prison room laughed out loud.
      The grunt ran away screaming,"I'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO HAVE KIDS NOW!!!"
      The Marine was brought up, and shot in the back of the head, and his dead body was dragged off.
      I looked down, and got back to buisness. I ran the bullet down the shield, until i came to the lighter colored spot. I ran the bullet through the lightly colored spot, and the bullet went half the way through the shield.
      "BINGO!" I Said," Zamns, start breaking all the bullets you have, and gather as much gun powder as you can in a pile." I handed him all the bullets that I had, and handed him my helmet for him to smash them with.
      I looked up at the Covenant that seemed to be bringing in a huge monitor. They punched a few buttons on the panel, and the monitor came to life, displaying the footage to all the prisoners:

      It showed a city, with buildings burning and collapseing, and civilians panicing, running everywhere, while large plasma bolts rained down on the city. A Female reporter came on the screen:

      "This is UNN: Universal News Network. We are on the ground on Earth, and it seems that the Covenant have found our homeworld, and began immediate destruction upon the planet! The casualties are estimated in the billions, as the Covenant attack every major city!" The reporter was shaken, and tears were in her eyes,"There are mass evacuations in place, as millions of people flee to outer colonies in slipspace, hoping to escape the covenant threat." The camera moved to show the sky, as a plasma bolt plummeded down towadrs them, the camera man dropped the camera and ran, but didnt make it far, as the bolt smashed into the ground, and incenerated everything in a 30 foot radius, the camera fizzed in and out, then went blank.
      The Covenant in the room all laughed at the sight as all the humans looked down on the ground.
      "Psst, Cooper, I'm done." Zamns said to me, showing a small pile of gun powder,"this enough?" He asked.
      "It should be." I told him, and put the gun powder in a small bag that I had.

      Then the whole prison section turned red, and red lights were flashing. A gray colored Grunt quickly waddled into the Prison bay and said,"TURN ON THE MONITOR!" The covenant turned it on, to show the outside of the ship. There was a small green object floating towards a plasma cannon mounted on the ship, that was firing at a lone Lonsword Fighter. Just when the cannon fired, and the shields lowered for that short amount of time, the object sped past the shields and smaked right onto the ship's armor.
      "IT'S HIM!!! GET HIM!!!" The same grunt screamed, and It seemed that all the covenant knew what he was talking about, because all the covenant ran out of the prison bay, and out the doors.
      "Perfect," I said, as I poured the gun powder on the side of the shield, where the weak spot was,"Give me a match."
      He handed me a match, and I lit it. I stepped back, and threw the match at the gun powder, the powder exploded, and hit the weak spot in the shields, leaving a 3 foot gap. I grabbed my helmet and then, Zamns and I climed over, and into the large hallway, filled with prisoners behind thier sheilds. They all cheered as we walked over to the teminal, and lowered the shields, letting everyone out. There was an explosion somewhere on the ship, while we opened up the cases holding our weapons that the covenant found laying around. I grabbed my MA6B and a MD6 and loaded them both up with full ammo, I also grabbed a few extra magazines for the MA6B, and stuffed them in my pocket.I then grabbed 4 frag grenades, and put them on my belt. Just when everyone got their armaments, all the rebel prisoners turned their guns on the UNSC Marines, and in response, the Marines turned thier guns towards the rebels. Everyone stood still, any sudden movement, and there would be mass bloodshed.
      "What are we doing?" I asked, all the rebels turned their guns towards me,"We are diying in a losing war, while we fight ourselves?" A couple people lowered their weapons,"We need to stop worring about our petty strifes and work together, together we can pull through. If we all shoot eachother, there will be no one left, and what good would that do? We must owrk together to fight these scum. FOR MANKIND!"
      "FOR MANKIND!" People shouted, and everyone lowered their weapons, and shook hands with one another. Everyone was happy, to all be allies. We all gathered as much gear as we could and walked towards the door.
      As we walked up to the door, we heard gunshots being excanged, and a shot from an M-90 silenced the commotion. We all stepped back from the door, because we heard Elites shouting past the door. We waited, and all of a sudden, an elite screamed, and the entire door blew open, senind pieces of the door at us, at the base of the door, lay pieces of Elites, and a crater in the floor, from a large explosive. My eyes traveled upwards to find someone that looked familiar. I've only seen him in books and holo-vids, but this was for real: A tall man In full green armor stood at the bodies of the Elites, his shield glimmering in the bright light. A visor covered his face, he was a Spartan. He walked past the crater, and towards us.
      "Master Chief, John 117 reporting!" He said to us,"looks like you guys could use some help."
      No one answered him, they just stared in awe.
      "Ok lets split up!" he said, breaking the silence,"half of us will go to the bridge, and commandeer it, and the other half will make their way over to the loading bays, and shut all the doors leading into the Battle Cruiser, to prevent any re-enforcements from getting in here. I'll lead the expedition to the bridge, who's coming with me?"
      Everyone wanted to go with the Master Chief but they decided to split up, there were about 50 men going to the bridge, includng me, and about 60 men going to the loading bays.
      Right once we got into the cramped hallways, we split up. Now the 50 of us were running down the hallway, with John in the front. We came around a corner to meet a group of 5 Elites rushing to assistance. 20 of the people in the front lines let lose a fire of Machine gun, sniper rifle, pistol, and shotgun fire, that shredded the Elites into pieces.
      "Cortana has set up a nav point to the bridge, She'll lead us the way." John said.
      We ran down the corridor and into a large open area,"Cortana says the Bridge is just past this area and up the hallway at the end." He said, just before a large salvo of plasma hit the walls all around us. There were about 25 Elites running In out direction, followed by 10 Hunters, and a large rank of Grunts.
      "Shotgunners in the front, snipers in the back, I want anyone with an assult rifle to be in the middle, run away from your postion if a hunter attacks," John said casually, like he's done this many times before," snipers, aim for the Hunters, before they have a chance to fire. There were about 15 snipers, they were a mix of Marines and rebels. They immediatly fired at the Hunters, and one by one, they dropped to the ground, The Elites started firing at us and some of the men in the front dropped dead from plasma wounds. The Elites kept running closer and closer, while the snipers fired at the last remaining Hunters. All the Hunters were elliminated before they got a shot off. The Elites had a continuous fine, and they were starting to aim for the snipers. The snipers returned the favor, dropping many of them. The Elites were getting closer, and the shotgunners ran out to the Elites, and started blasting their bodies to shreds. The Covenant were losing, so we all charged, except for the snipers, which stayed at a distance. I saw some men pull out plasma daggers, and cut through the Elite's shields like a knife through Jello. After we killed the elites, the Grunts continued bravely towards us. Usually they would flee, there was something funny with this picture. We all fired at the dozens of grunts, and they were all dead, in a matter of seconds. We cheered, seeing that we've cleared out this area, but I still looked over at the door. I saw something glisten and ripple in the light.
      "HOLD IT!" I yelled.
      "Whats wrong?" Zamns asked me.
      "I saw something."
      "well...like wha-"
      A mans skull next to me was crushed inwards as we heard a loud thump and an Elite laughing. All around us lit up in plasma fire from camoflauged Elites. Some of the Elites were running up to unknowing people, and hitting them, usually breaking-in their faces. I turned on my infared vision, and saw the forms of Elites running around, in the groups of people. I saw one raise his fist over the head of the Master Chief, and I fired my MA6B straight inot the Elite's head, the bullets pierced through the shields and into the Etiles body.
      "USE INFARED!" I screamed, as I fired at as many Elites as I could. plasma hit me in the armor on my arm, and a little bit of the armor melted off. I turned around to the Elite that was shooting at me, and fired a dozen bullets into the Elite's abdomen, He blood sprayed everywhere, as his vital organs were obliterated. The ammo counter showed that the ammo was low, so I pulled out the old magazine, then took out a full magazine out of my pocket, and snapped it into the gun, and cocked it. I saw a group of 5 elites, hiding behind a crate. They didn't see me, as I pulled out a frag grenade, and threw it behind them. The Grenade detonated, throwing two Elites' bodies in the air, and the other ones with their shields down. I shot-up the three Elites that survived the blast, and moved on to other ones. By now, All the Marines were able to easily pick off all of them due to the infared scanners. The battle fianally ended, and everyone searched the room for other enemies, and rigged the door with a grenade. We counted the bodies, we lost 14 men in that entire battle.
      "Ok," Master Chief said,"Lets continue on to the bridge, we'll deal with the bodies later." He said carelessly.
      We ran down to the door, and removed the grenade from the door, and continued down the corridor to the bridge. We covered the door, as someone activated it to open. The door led to a small balcony, that overlooked the enormous bridge. There was a walkway that led down to the floor. The bridge was swarming with covenant officers.
      "Okay, I want the snipers perched here," John said to the snipers, pointing at the small balcony,"To pick off as many covenant as you can," He turned to all of us and said,"Remember NOT to damage any equipment on the bridge, Me and Cortana have an idea once we're finished with the covenant." John paused,"That's a good idea Cortana," He said, talking to Cortana, which must have been an AI that was installed in his suit or something."Ok. Cortana said that this bridge will be swamped with defense mechanisms, Cortana will be able to hack into their system, and change the defense program to oppose the Covenant, to give us a winning edge."
      The Master Chief walked over to a panel in the hallway, and inserted her in.
       There was a loud siren that went off, and what appeared to be something like a chain gun that shot plasma, popped out of the celing everywhere. There were about 20 plasma chain guns that immediatley opened fire on the covenant below. It was mass panic, for them, and they started to flee the Bridge. Many Covenant stayed, and tried to destroy the defense mechanisms, while we ran down the walkway. The snipers took perch, and fired on the harder targets, like Hunters and Jackals. Some Grunts tried to run up the walkway we were running down, we simply pushed them off the edge and let them plummet to their death. We came down to the floor, and right away, 5 Jackals saw us and released charged plasma pistol shots on us. They whizzed past my face, and smashed into one Marine's Chest plate, which was practicly melted down to nothing. We opened fire on the Jackals, but nothing was hitting them, due to their shields.
      "HAND TO HAND!" I yelled, and 4 of us ran, and jumped over the jackals' heads. I spun around and swung the butt of my gun at one Jackal, that wasnt fortunate enough to turn around in time. The next one jumped on my leg, and tried to bite through my armor.
      "Son of a-" I said, as I lowered my gun to the top of it's head and fired, blasting it's brains all over the floor. The other people took care of the other Jackals, and we continued on to the next Covenant. We ran up to 6 Elites, and the shotgunners took them out before even one was able to fire, but then, 3 Elites With plasma swords came up from the bottom deck of the bridge. A sliced the 4 shotgunners in half in a matter of seconds. There were five of us there, in front of the swordsmans, and we fired upon them, The bullets seemed to be doing minimal damage to these gold colored Elites. They turned towards us and ran full speed. One of the Elite's shields was knocked out and we concentrated on killing him. The bullets punctured his armor and went into his body, his blood sprayed everywhere, but we didnt stop filling him up with lead, until he fell down. While we were killing that Elite, One jumped 10 feet into the air, and met his plasma sword with a man's head, it sliced in half, and the Elite ran over to another person. I Fired at him until my magazine ran dry, then I Went to my sidearm, and fired at the Elite's head, the shield ran out, and the last shot went through his head, just before he was going to swing at another person, and then he fell dead on the ground. The last elite junged at me and tackled me. I screamed, as it pinned me down and laughed. It raised it's plasma sword into the air, and brouth it down. Just before the sword reached my head, he fell sideways, a contrail led right into his side, he screamed in pain, as the bullet from the sniper rifle went all the way through his body. Another shot from an unknown sniper silenced the Elite. We Charged after the remaining Covenant, and quite easily defeated them. The Master Chief walked down to the main control panel, and popped a chip which turned out to be the AI, Cortana into the panel, She came to life and reported that the other group shut all loading bays, and elliminated all covenant forces in the area with minimal casualties.
      "Now," The Master Chief turned to Cortana,"What was the plan you had in mind?"

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