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Comments for 'Cry for a Hero Part 8: Unexpected Savior'

6:34 pm | August 30, 2002
Yeah... See the big army of skeletons behind you? Yhe 'Rev-' wants revenge.. what a reaver hmm? Well uh... if you bury cooper in a pile of feces i might just call the self repairing skeletons with plasma swords and shields off.
2:31 am | August 30, 2002
well....expect more series to come :D. any more comments?
10:33 pm | August 29, 2002
ahhh ian ur ending it in two more parts, thats too bad, well ill just have to "convince" u to start a new series, bwahahahaha *glares evil at everyone*
10:08 pm | August 29, 2002
thanks, but the story is goieg to go WAAAAY out of its bouderies in the last few parts(BTW I'm planning on its end in about 2 more parts!). Hope you like em'!
10:55 pm | August 28, 2002
Nice job on the story. Way to go!
10:10 pm | August 28, 2002
Woot! First Post. Anyways, this is the best one yet! About time some had enough balls to kick a grunt in the nut sack with their feet even though they knew they were going to die. I salute my new hero. And the spartan showing up, i wonder if they are going to take over the ship and try to fight the covenant ships surrounding earth??? Hmmmmm......interesting