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Cry for a Hero part 3: Shattered Allies
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 14 August 2002 5:37 am

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      I dropped my shotgun on the floor in awe of the barrel of Pt. Johnson's MD6 pointed at my forehead.
      "Hmph." Johnson grunted at me,"You were always better than me at the academy...well guess what,"his finger tightened on the trigger,"this time...I WIN!" he screamed at me.
      "Johnson..." Pt. Zamns said slowly.
      "SHUTUP!" Johnson screamed.
      "...yes, sir." Zamns looked at the ground fearing he was going to be executed by his own team-mate.
      I thought to myself this was the end, remembered the time we fought together, foiling that Tank and seeing the plume of...smoke rise to the...celing!
      "The smoke alarms."I wispered to myself, making a small grin. I have to stall for time, for the smoke to reach the celing.
      "What..what are you smiling about!?!" Johnson screamed, his hand shaking.
      "Remember that time when the chief of the academy gave us a 3 day food suspension? And we then snuck into his office and welded his desk and chair to the celing, and welded his fan on the floor?" I asked him, looking at the smoke rising to the top, just 10 more seconds needed.
      "Yes...why?" He asked suspicious
      "Why are you doing this Johnson?" I asked watching the plume of smoke past his face, following the very peak of the cloud upwards.
      "Well...it seems pretty obvious...the UNSC will be conquered by the rebels and the covenant." he replied,"once we prove that we hate the UNSC, the covenant will live in prosperity with us."
      Come on..THINK..."thats not true!" I yelled at him.
      "Oh?" He seemed interested.
      5 more seconds.
      "Well..."I stalled
      "I am growing impatient." He said, steadying his pistol.
      "The covenant are out to kill all humans, not just ones that get in their way." I remarked.
      "time's up." I mumbled.
      I watched his eyes travel upwards to the sound of the fire alarm. Perfect.
      "GAAAAAAAAAHH!" I screamed as I lunged for his gun. He noticed me jumping at him and fired a shot, right when I deflected his gun. The bullet hit Zamns in the torso, right in-between armor segments, and he crumpled to the ground. The water started to fall all over us, adding a somewhat scene to this grim situation.
      I took my right plated fist and swiped at Johnson's hand. I heard his fingers crunch, as he dropped the pistol onto the ground. He took me by the neck and rammed my face into the wall. My face-plate shaddered into pieces, cutting up my face. he continued to ram my face into the wall, until I grabbed his leg and pulled as hard as I could. He fell to the ground, so I twisted his ankle with all my strength.
      "AAAGGH" He screamed in pain as his anle gave-way to the force, breaking it into two pieces. He reaced for my shot gun which lay 1 foot away from his out-streched arm. I still had hold of his ankle and dragged him away from the shotgun. He heaved his weight to one side and kicked me with his good leg, in the face. My head landed hard on something.
      Johnson grabbed my shotgun and stood over me," GO TO HELL COOPER!" He screamed to me.
      "After you!" I said, grabbing the object under my head and rolling to the side. He pulled the trigger and the floor exploded next to my head. I jumped up and looked at what I was holding: Johnson's MD6.
      "DIE!" He screamed, pumping and firing another shot close to my head.
      please let this thing still have ammo in it. I pulled the trigger, and a bullet rushed out of the barrel and nailed johnson in the hand.
      "GAAARRHH!" he moaned as he tried to hold the shotgun with two injured hands. I pounced on him, disarming him on the fall to the ground.
      "Well it looks like you beat me again Pt. Cooper..." Johnson said silently,"go ahead...can you make my death painless?" He said with tears of desperation. I thought to myself: orders are to neutralize all enemies.
      "your not going to die..." I said, pulling off of him.
      He sat up,"what do you mean?"
      I pulled out a stun grenade,"after I accomplish this mission, they'll come and pick you up." I threw the stun grenade at him, the electric bolts hit him and put him in a coma.
      I rushed over to Zamns and Hopkins. I rolled Zamns over and found him in a small puddle of blood, he was still alive. I checked the bodies of Senker, Smith and Damf, and found a bio-foam container in damf's equipment case. I applied the bio-foam to Zamns and his facial expression changed. he smiled at me,"I new we'd make it. arrrgghh!" He was hurt badly, and I checked the equipment case to find a sirenge of pain repressment. I injected the whole thing into Zamns and he was able to get up.
      We walked over to Hopkins, who was still laying on the ground, we sat him up and Zamns slapped him across the face.
      "Thats not going to help." I said smiling to him.
      "Huh? What?" Hopkins woke up looking around the whole place, confused.
      "See I told you it would work!" Zamns said to me proving me wrong.
      "Hopkins, you lucky bastard!" I said smiling to him, because that was the second time I've saved him.
       "Alright we need to go and help out Corporal Roberts, we dont know what danger he's in."
      Com-link:This is Alpha Beta Echo niner! in immediate need of assistance!
      "Crap, thats the Corporal!," Zamns said.

      We picked up our equipment and kicked open the door to the stairs. There were rebels running up the stairs in response to the fire alarm. We opened fire on the unknowing rebels and they all fell to the ground dead, one certain person kept rolling down the steps until he hit the bottom.
      "Right there!" Zamns pointed to a door that had the number 2 above it. we broke open the door and peered inside. the vehichle bay was dark except for the center upmost center of the room, where the Corporal sat up against a crate.
      "He alive!" Hopkins whispered pointing to his breathing chest.
      "Okay, we'll head straight for him, but be very quiet." I ordered them.
      The room was Just like the one before, because It had crates and utilities stacked about 75 feet in the air. everything was so dark when we stepped into the room and closed the door behind us. there were many small hallways that branched oof of this main one that I saw. As we crept closer to the Still Corporal I said,"This doesnt make any sense. I figured this place to be the most populated area. As we crept closer and closer to the Corporal, things seemed to be going slower and slower.
      Now I could make out Corporal Roberts face, It was taped up, and he was tied to the crate. My eyes widened as he tried to scream for help. I looked up to the top of the crate and saw something moving.
      "Run," I said silently.
      The crate that the corporal was tied to exploded into flames, as dozens of bullets tore through his doomed body.
      "RUUUUUUN!" I screamed to them. The wall of boxes next to us exploded, sending large crates down on us like rain. A normal UNSC Battle Mech armed with 4 65mm auto-cannons charged out of the place where the wall was and opened fire on us. The defening noise of the auto-cannons raged throughout my ears as the floor was torn up by the hail of bullets.
      "RIGHT HERE!" I screamed at them to turn around a corner into a small hallway. We ran down the hallway and found an empty warthog. Zamns knew what to do and jumped into the driver seat I got on the gunner seat and hopkins took shotgun. Zamns peeled out as the Mech came crashing through the boxes tearing up any crates that got in its way with its continuous fire of bullets.
      "SHOOT HIM COOPER!" Zamns screamed at me.
      the mech came around the bend and I opened fire upon it. The chain gun was unbeliveibley hard to controll, the bullets were going everywhere, and most of the time were hitting the mech. We were swirving so much that the mech was never getting a shot off of us. The pilot finally found this out, and sped up on us.
      "SHIT HE'S GUNNA TRY TO RUN US OVER!" Hopkins panicked. He threw a grnade under its legs, it exploded, but did no apparent damage. We passed a hallway and I caught a glimpse of a large set of proto-type mechs sitting offline in a holding area.
      "TURN AROUND!" I yelled.
      "ARE YOU NUTS?!?" Zamns remarked.
      "We're gunna buzz by those mechs, and I'll jump out into one, ok?" I said
      Zamns didnt answer my request, but slammed on the brakes and continued back towards the mech. The mech was approaching rapidly, It was like a game of chicken, he was a car, and we were a chicken. As we got closer to the mech the rumbling was felt from every footstep it took. 100 yrds...50 yards..10 yards. Zamns slammed on the brakes, fish-tailing and the mech whizzed over our heads. The mech tried an abrupt halt, but the forward momentum brought the top of the mech forward. The mech fell frontwards, and the cockpit smashed into the ground exploding into flames and sparks. Just before we turned around the corner into the holding area, 2 warthogs came from the main hallway towards us.
      "YES SIR!" Hopkins joyfully said.
      we were approaching the holding bay where the mechs were sitting and I jumped off,"I'll meet up with you guys later." I told them before I jumped. When I jumped off, I tucked, when I hit the ground, I rolled until I came to a stop. there were two men standing at the foot of one mech.
      "STOP RIGHT THERE!" I screamed at them. They saw me and reached for thier guns that were set against the ladder. I reached for my shotgun, CRAP! I must have left it on the warthog! Luckily I traded handguns with one of my dead fellow officers. I reached for my MD6 and shot them both until they fell to the ground.
      I searched their bodies for some kind of access key, and found one. I took it and quickly went up the ladder. I watched both the warthogs speed by me in pursuit of my teammates. I put the access key into the slot and the cockpit door opened.
      "Ok lets see how this thing works." i said to myself as I slid myself into the nicely fitting seat. The door dropped down and two joysticks came down to my hands. I motioned forward with the joystick and the mech moved forward, I moved my hand to the side: the mech went to the side. I pulled the right trigger and the large gun on the prototpe mech fired, boreing a big hole in the mech in front of me. I fired with the left trigger, and the twin 75mm autocannons blew apart the rest of the mech infront of me. I watched the status menu show the status of the mech, ammo and when the primary weapon was re-loaded.
      "Hmmm I cant let them use these mechs" I said wondering. I pushed the joysticks forward. The impact alarm went off just before I rammed into them. The first mech fell sideways, knocking all of the mechs over like dominos.
      "Ok time for some payback." I said, ready to kick some major ass. I moved forward in the direction of where the two Warthogs went. I must have been going 120 mph, because I caught up with them soon and opened fire on the first Warthog by suprise. The Warthog exploded into bits and pieces of flaming junk. The other Warthog dodged my second volley fire on my primary weapon but soon I pumped it so full of lead, it finally gave way and exploded, sending the driver and its passengers into the crates.
      The enemy light started flashing and gave me a nav. point on some enemies. I decided to cut through the crates, and smash through them. All the infantry scattered as I opened fire on the unexpecting vehicles. One person got into a Scorpion tank and fired a shell, straight at my torso. I responded by fireing a salvo of bulltes and a piece of my mind.
      "TAKE THAT SHITHEAD! HAHAHA!" I looked at my status menu and it showed that the tank shell ate through 40% of my Titanium B Armor.
      "Warning! Warning! 3 enemy Battle Mechs on radar!" The voice in the cockpit said.
      I turned around to see 3 mechs emerging into view. I fired my primary weapon on the closest one, and took a huge chunk out of its lower torso, mechanical liquids spilled out. I pulled the left trigger and littered the first one with bullet holes.
      "Warning! Damage to external armor!" The voice chimed in.
      I locked onto the next one and continuously fired the secondary autocannons on it in the same place until it hit the parts inside, and juices came out.
      "Primary weapon ready to fire."
      I pulled the right trigger square on the cockpit, I watched as the protectant cockpit glass shattered, killing the pilot. The next mech fired up it's propulsion rockets and jetted into the air. I looked around the cockpit and found a button that said 'press for jump-jets'. I pressed the button, and another joystick came up from below me and set infront of me. Butllets pinged off of my cockpit and littered the armor, damamging it, and putting my torso internal breech down to 20%. I pressed the trigger on the middle joystick, and I was lifted into the air. I fired the secondary weapon and focused on its left leg.
      "Primary weapon ready to fire"
      I pulled the right trigger and shredded its left leg. The fuel was leaking everywhere and the rocket flame ignited with the broken feul cells, and it exploded, completly decimating the left leg. the mech fell to the ground. I hovered over it and set the rockets to land, I landed hard on the mech's cockpit, silencing the operations of that one. I moved back over to the first mech, It seemed to be immobilized, and sense I was behind it I went full speed against it and slammed into it. The mech, due to all the damage to the torso, let out an explosion of sparks and split in two. I looked around at the damage I caused.
       I moved forward but stopped. I saw movement coming towards me. I couldnt tell, but i didnt want to fire upon it, fearing that it would be Zamns and Hopkins. I inched closer and saw what it was. There were large ranks of rebels coming my way, there must have been two or three hundred of them.
      "Oh crap." i said as I un-buckled myself from the mech. I opened the cockpit door and crawled out.
      "Good Bye, have a nice day." The friendly cockpit voice said to me as I left. I climbed carfuly down the mech, and saw a big gaping hole in the torso area where it had been majorly damaged. I ran backwards away from the ranks of rebels and towards where the Corporal was I walked slowly past the corporal, he was still breathing, but extremely wounded. He had blood flowing down his mouth and was ridden with large holes in his limbs and abdomen.
      "Cooper!" he coughed up some blood,"aghh... I rigged the last floor with loutus mines..uagh..I came back for you guys-raagh..but was captured and used as bait...I kept the detonator close to my heart...the only place that they didnt hit me. I still have it. get the hell out of here and blow the hell out of as many Activists as you can..."
      "Have you seen Zamns and Hopkins?" I asked him.
      he shook his head.
      "I think your the only one left..." Said the Corporal
      "What do you mean...your still here..." I said looking at the rebels coming around the corner
      "Not for long kid...now go!" he yelled at me, coughing up blood.
      "I have to carry you out!" I said with determination.
      He pulled out an MD6,"my death will be on the field, not in some med-center...GO...THATS AN ORDER!"
      I slowly walked away until I got to the door to go down. I saw him level his MD6 and fire it upon the ranks. I saw a few men fall, but I didnt want to see the Corporal die so I shut the door behind myself and ran down the steps, I heard an explosion of a grenade...and then silence. Thats the last I ever heard of Corporal Roberts.
      I ran down the flight of stairs with the detonator tight in my hand. I didnt bother surveying the scene before I ran in on the first floor. There were two men talking and smoking, I pointed my gun at their heads and fired, dropping both of the unexpecting soldiers. I picked up one of their MA2B's and an extra clip from the other one, and continued. The celing was lower and there were more aoutomated assembly lines I ran down the lines not seeindg any one until I arrived to the desk at the front. I ran back to the dead bodies of the two people and put his marine armor on. I walked slowly past the table of armed rebels and outside.
      Outside, there was a squad consisting of two tanks, 5 warthogs and about 25 other men. Minutes passed by as I waited, hopeing that Hopkins and Zamns would come out alive. I saw two suspicious men walk out dressed in shiny new marine suits, only one had a bullet hole in the rubber in-between plates and the other had a small bullet hole right where the info viewing panel is in front of the right eye they waled out and stood next to me.
      "Good to see you again, sir." The man wispered. I looked into his face, Zamns! The other man was Hopkins.
      "Ok fallow my lead." I said to them.
      I ran up to one of the rebels and acted panicked,"THEY'VE GOTTEN INTO THE 2nd FLOOR AND HAVE TAKEN OVER, WE NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE!"
      The man took the bait and motioned over to all the vehicles. Everybody sped into the building. I watched the hundreds of rebels come pouring out of the elevators and stairs onto the first floor in pursuit of me. The two forces met and stopped. They all looked confused. The man that we told pointed over to us. The person that looked like a commanding officer screamed an order to shoot us. I waived my hands and flipped open the case and pressed the detonator button. The explosion started from the back and moved forward. The rebels broke rank and tried to run from the mass explosions, but didnt make it very far. The explosions surged through my chest every time one went off. The lotus mines disintegrated the mass squads and tanks and threw men including Warthogs everywhere. The explosions hit the end, blowing the guards at the counter into pieces, and shattering the armored windows. In the end of all this chaos, all that was left was smoldering ruins of the first floor. I bent over and picked up a piece of metal and something fell out of my pocket. I looked at it and remembered when the Sergeant gave it to me just before he died:,"Take this,"he handed me a small device with a plastic case around a red button,"your gunna need it kid...". that was what I remembered from what he told me.
      "What is that thing?" Hopkins asked.
      "Im not sure...but sarge said I'll need it."
      "Hell, why dont you press the button, we have nothing to lose." Zamns suggested.
      I looked at the case around the button and broke it with the piece of metal that i picked up. I hesitated and then pressed the button.
      "Evac request sent." A voice chimed in from the small device.
      "Thanks sergeant" I said looking at the ground in sorrow.
      Thirty minutes later, two Pelican CL II's came to pick us up. Inside were two medics ready to help the injured. We climbed into the all-to-familiar seats, as the medics worked on Zamns' wound.
      "Where's everybody else?" A cheerful voice of the pilot said.
      "This IS everybody else..." hopkins said softly.
      "Roger that..." the pilot went silent after that.
      The pelican lifted off and went on a path in a different direction. The hatches closed and locked.
      "Uh pilot?"I was confused.
      "I read you loud and clear."
      "Why arent we on a path back to HQ?"
      "We've recieved an urgent distress beacon that reqests mass re-enforcements."