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Cry for a Hero Part 2: Wish it Were a Dream
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 August 2002 1:43 am

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      The roof collapsed under us as we all fell into the building. Cement from the roof fell on our bodies as we tried to get up. The entire warehouse was dark and the air was filled with dust from the cave-in. I sprang up and looked around for my fellow officers.
      "TAKE COVER!" someone yelled as the Prototype mech peered over into the building, ready to fire.
      It unleashed it's aoutocannons on us hailing us with bullets. We all ran behind a big crate filled with machine parts. I slowly arced my head around the crate to see the mech jumping down to the floor we were on. Lukily, the mech weighed so much, it smashed through our floor and fell on the one below, sideways.
      "Ok,"the sergeant got our attention,"there's two ways we can take this building, I say we split up."
      "ok you two will come wit-"
      Gunfire sounded off around us, as we all split up for cover, the sergeant was hit in the back with a couple bullets, by a machine gunner.
      "GAHHG, IM HIT!"
      I ran back to him and drug him behind a broken down warthog.
      "I'm not going to make it" he said while wrentching in pain.
      I pulled out the med-kit from his pack, but he hit it away,"no..ahh!save it for yourself kid..."
      he fell limp in my arms and wispered,"Take this,"he handed me a small device with a plastic case around a red button,"your gunna need it kid..."
      "sarge?SARGE!" I screamed into his lifeless ears. I looked around at the others, returning fire behind crates and other objects. I grabbed his shotgun and turned towards the 5 rebels that were shooting at us. I fired the shotgun at the guy closest. The recoil was enormous but so was the affect, the man fell down dead.
      the other officials came out of their hiding spots and started shooting. I targeted another person and shot a man with an MD6. The other officials burst fired on 2 other men ending their lives. The last rebel hid behind something and reached for something in his pocket.
      "HE'S GOING FOR A FRAG!" Corporal Roberts yelled.
      I jumped over my berricade and ran sideways so his entire body was showing to me. He pulled the pin, and I aimed a shot at his chest. I fired right when he was about to throw it, the blast hit him in the hand that was holding the grenade. The grenade dropped in front of him, his eyes widened and he tried to kick it, but it was too late, BOOM! his smoldering body lay 10 feet from the explosion. Everyone came out of their hiding places and went over to the sergeant.
      "According to the holo map of the sergeant, this floor is the scrap and surplus floor, the fourth is the Robotics floor, the third is the ammunitions floor, the second is the Vehicle bay, and the last floor is another Robotics floor. I say that we should split up and meet at the last floor and signal for evac."
      I counted everyone that would be in this mission:Crp.Roberts, Pt.Hopkins, Pt.Dasf, Pt.Senker, Pt.Zamns, Pt.Smith, Pt.Johnson, and me.
      "Well...MOVE OUT!"
      "SIR! YES SIR!" We all shouted before we went our seperate ways.
      I found a stair-way that would be able to take me to the bottom floor, so I kicked it open, and checked to see that there was no-one on the stair way, It was all clear. I quickly ran down to the fourth floor, I opened the door, and let it swing open slowly, I peeked around the corner to check for hostiles. There was nothing but long robotic assembly lines made for constructing weapons and ammunition, and the broken mech that fell through the celing onto the fourth floor. Nothing was moving so I turned back to the stair-way and then stopped, I heard voices.
      "...and all of a sudden BAM! something shook the celing, did you guys hear it?"
      "Well of course dumbass, thats why we're sent to check it out."
      They were about 2 stories below me and arent able to see my face yet, but they would soon, I had to think fast, they were running up the steps.
      "STOP WHERE YOU ARE!" I commanded them.
      Their footsteps halted, but they still couldnt see me.
      "IDENTIFY YOURSELF!" One man ordered me.
      "Do not treat your COMMANDING OFFICER like that, I can have you...demoted!" I barked at him.
      "Apologies sir I didn't know it was you...what happened up there anyways."
      "Um...A plane crashed into this building it was uh...hold those scum UNSC personell!"
      "Did you find anything important?"
      I thought for a second.
      "Yes!"I exclaimed as i pulled out a stun-grenade and set it to a 7 second timer,"Here catch!"
      I threw it down to them.
      "Nice throw sir!"
      I peeked my head over at them,"Nice catch, Idiot!"
      "Huh?" He dumbly said
      The grenade detonated in his hands paralyzing them all.
      I ran down the flight of stairs and opened the next door, I could hear people talking but the crates of ammunition were staked so high, it was impossible to see over. I walked down a hall to find Privates Zamns and Dasf coming from the other direction towards me. when we met up Dasf said,"ok we gotta clear out all the rebels in this area, so lets split up and stay on com-link just in-case we need assistance."
      We nodded our heads and I said,"did you hear those voices? they sounded like they were coming from-"
      our conversation was broken by the roar of a warthog engine starting. We ran to a place where four halls intersected, they seemed to be the main hallways, there were also scattered crates and small hallways. I looked down one of the main hallways and saw two warthogs sitting at the end of the hallway, both of them were starting their engines. The entire warehouse's lights all flickered to life, lighting up every nook and cranny of the large room.
      "Uh, guys....we have a problem." I said slowly as i saw 4 men running to the 2 warthog's shotgun and gunner seats. 1 man with a sniper rifle got into the shotgun seat and pointed at us.
      "Um same here..." Dasf said.
      I turned around to see what Dasf was looking at and on the direct other side of the warthogs was a scorpion tank, loading up with passengers.
      "TAKE COVER!" I screamed.
      I heard the warthogs nearing our location.
      "HERE!" I yelled, as we ran into a curving hallway of crates. The warthog caught up to us and let loose on its chain gun.
      "ZAMNS, throw me a frag!" I yelled over the noise of the chain gun tearing up the floor. He threw a grenade behind himself to me. I pulled the pin on the grenade and threw it a little ways ahead of me into the stack of crates. BOOM! the crates toppled right behind me onto 1 Warthog, immobilizing it the other Warthog recklessly jumped oof of the other one and spun sideways flinging the passengers out of the vehicle. 1 man landed in front of me armed with an MA5B, when he got up I pulled the trigger on the shotgun and smeared his body against some crates. The driver got up and reached for his MD6 but I pulled The trigger on my M-90 and blasted his body back 5 feet. The gunner of that warthog was crushed by the warthog. Amazingly the Warthog stood upright, but its chain gun was torn off from the crash.
      "Hey Zamns!" I yelled to him,"do you know how to drive one of thses things?"
      "If it means surviving this hell-hole...SURE!"
      we jumped into the Warthog, I climbed into the back. the Warthog that was held under the boxes sprung out.
      "PUNCH IT!" I yelled to Pt.Zamns
      The Warthog accelerated immediatly and almost threw me off the thing. The warthog was right behind us and opened fire on us. The bullets dug into the chassis and I saw as he sniper was readying for a shot, luckily, the path was always windy.
      "SPEED UP!"I screamed over the roar of the accelerating Warthog.
      I pumped my shotgun and waited for when the warthog would come around the bend. It appeared and it was speeding up. I pulled the trigger and littered their windshield with holes. I pumped and fired again the windshield was getting weaker everytime i hit it. We went around another corner and swirved some boxes that the Warthog behind us just smashed through.
      "WERE COMING UP ON ONE OF THE MAIN HALLWAYS!" Pt. Zamn yelled to us.
      A plan just came to my head
      "Great! Turn into it!"I replied.
      we were coming on a small stretch before the main hallway and the Warthog appeared yet again bahind us, I pumped my shotgun and fired. The glass of the windshield shattered into a million pieces, some of the spray from the shotgun hit the sniper in the chest, injuring him. We turned the corner onto the main hallway, facing the unexpecting scorpion.
      "Drive straight!" I ordered Pt.Zamns
      "JUST DO IT ZAMNS!" I yelled
      "YES SIR!"
      The other Warthog screeched around the corner right behind us. I pulled out my MD6 sidearm and aimed it straight at the driver's head. I saw his Eyes widen and him screaming at the sniper to shoot me, but he had a hard time because of his injuries. I fired a straight shot into the drivers face and watched his blood spatter agaisnt the Warthog's interior. Both the passengers jumped for the wheel and it spun sideways allowing it to stop in its tracks. In all this havok, the driver of the tank noticed this and adjusted his cannon at us.
      "ON MY MARK, YOU'LL TURN!"I said to Zamns.
      The tank had a kill-shot on us.
      "MAAAAARK!!!" I screamed in fear that we were too late.
      Our Warthog swirved off into a different hallway just as the tank shot, the contrails passed right past my head and smashed into the two survivors of the enemy Warthog. I knew the tank was going to fallow us so I figured we could have an advantage.
      "Stop right here!" I ordered.
      The warthog screeched to a halt.
      "Search through thses crates and tell me if you find anything usefull."
      we smashed open crates, most of them were just magazines but we found some crates filled with fragmentation grenades. I took some so i had four in my belt and spilled the rest on the path.
      "If you find any grenades, spill 'em here." I said to them.
      "Hey cool, flamethrowers!" Pt. Damf said, amazed
      "Good we each need one." I said.
      "Found another crate fulla frags"
      "Pour them all on where the other ones are.
      I took all the styrofoam from the crates holding magazines, and covered the fragmentation grenades with them.
      "Ok, when that tank comes over here, ingnite the styrofoam with the flamethrowers the grenades should explode from the heat when the tank crosses over it."
      "Nice." Pt. Zamns commented.
      The noise of the tank got closer.
      "Ok lite 'em up!" I said
      We turned on the flamethrowers and lit the styrofoam on fire and ran away. from a distance we heard and explosion and a bunch of cries of pain and a big plume of smoke bellowed to the celing.
      "I think we've finished our job here." I proclaimed.
      We ran into Privates Senker, Smith and Johnson right before we came to the stair-way.
      "Hey its good to see you guys are ok!" Johnson said stragely.
      "Hey where's the corporal?" I asked.
      "He com-linked us and said he needed assistance on floor 2." Pt. Senker said.
      We all walked over to the door and Pt. Johnson was standing right behind us.
      "How are we going to approach this door?" Pt. Smith asked.
      "Wanna barge in shooting?"
      Someone hit Pt. Hopkins in the head with the butt of a gun, he landed on the floor un-concious.
      "What the f-"
      BAM! BAM! BAM!
      Senker, Smith and Damf fell on the ground dead, each shot in the back of the head.
      "NOOOOO!" I screamed.
      Me and Zamns turned around and saw the smoking barrel of an MD6 pointed at my head...held by Pt.Johnson.