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Cry for a Hero: Epilogue
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 20 October 2002, 3:49 am

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      The space about a million miles away from the covenant homeworl was silent. The World itself seemed dormant, as billions of covenant inhabbited it. From the distance, a small horde of fighters, and transports are seen speeding away from the lively planet. the small group of covenant ships go out-system, and power-down their engines.
One voice in one of the small covenant crafts breaks the silence,"Chief?"
"Yes Cortana."
"Are you sure you want to see this?"
There is a long pause,"Cortana, all my life, I've been waiting for this, but I just can't see this."
"Verywell then, computer, maintain course."
Over the com link is one of the covenant rebels:
Com Link(rebel): Where are we going to go? We have no place to live. Your kind will not accept us.
Com Link(Cortana): Don't worry, I've already set up a nav point for a peacful planet, where you will be safe from humans.

"What about us cortana?" A Marine said from behind the cockpit seat,"are we going to Earth?"
Cortana sighed,"No soldier, according to news transmissions and distress beacons...Earth has been completly decimated."
The soldier lowered his head, and stared at the metallic floor.
"Don't worry," Cortana said happily,"The refugees from Earth, and other inner colonies found a safe galaxy, and are colonizing. They've named the Galaxy 'Hope'. All the remnants of the UNSC naval and ground corps are rallying there, It looks like we have a new home."
"So we're going home?" The marine said, and looked up,"We're going home!" He shouted with glee. All the transmissions from the ships filled with joy and happyness. There was but one person who wasn't rejoycing.
The Master Chief stared blankly out in space, and silently prayed for all his fallen brothers.

      From the same view as before, looking upon the homeworld of the Covenant, a ripple went across the entire world, and the enormous planet shook.
      from on the planet, the great tunnels shot explosive flames thousands of miles into the air, and vaporized any ship or being instantly.
      The Religous leaders in the center of the planet were shaken by the approaching death. One Religous leader broke meditation, and looked around. The crystall walls started to crack, and turn a bright color. monstorous explosions ignited every second, closer, and closer. The crystals began to grow in brightness. The rest of the religous leaders broke meditation, stood up, and looked around confused. The crystals became so bright, that they were too immensly bright to look at. One Leader was brave enough to say something, and the only word he was able to utter was,"Shit-".
      The crystalls that formed the superstructure of the planet combusted into a large catalist explosion. On the surface, Large buildings toppled, as millions of citizens scrambled for their life, trampling many as they franticly dove for cover from falling spires. All of the Covenant knew it was the end of the world...their world. The ground ruptured, and flames errupted from the enormous cracks. More Crystals reacted, more every second. The ground pulsed violently, and then the whole planet gave way.

      Back in space, from the view millions of miles from the planet, the mayhem was apperent. The planet bacame a giant ball of light, and then exploded. A ring of fire raced outwards from the explosion like a drop in a pool of water. Large pieces of the world flew in al directions.
      From the Elite world, a single Meteor the size of Australlia approached their planet. A ball of fire could be seen from the inhabbitants on the surface, and they all pointed up at it. The meteor grew closer, and people dropped anything they were holding, and fell on their knees. The meteor tore through the dense atmosphere, and impacted the suface, immediatly reducing anyone on the surface to atoms.
      On the grunt world, The ring of fire approached their world, and alot of the grunts shouted gleefully,"WOW FIREWORKS TONIGHT!!!" and they all gathered in amusement, that is, until it hit thier weak atmosphere, and ignited their methane world. The world was like a brilliant new-born sun. All the grunts on that world died a slow and burning death. One grunt coughed up a few word,"some firwork display that was,"and his body was soon reduced to ashes.
      On the far-away worls of the Jackals and Hunters, the feedback from the diying religous leaders have reached them. Worriors ran around screming like there was an insect in their head. Many went crazy and began to kill others. Some couldn't cope with the pain, and commited suicide. The entire world was in havok, as their brains went through torment until they died. Transmissions filled the air of tortured covenant.

      The Master Chief stayed silent through the whole thing, a single tear ran down his cheek as he stood saluting to the fallen.
The transmissions finally became silent. The Master Chief lowered his arm, but still stood with his hands behind his back.
"Master Chief?" Cortana said quietly,"I think it's time to go."
Com Link(Kah'amir): It's been a great honor working with you Master Chief, Peace be with you!

The covenant rebels all broke off from the group, and entered slipstream, destined towards their new home.

"Master Chief?" Cortana said again.
The Master Chief slowly sat down in his chair,"You want to leave don't you? We all want to leave..." He said sadly.
Cortana had a small smile on her face,"setting corse to-"she was interrupted by the Master Chief.
"Cortana," The Master Chief said, while the slip stream engines fired up,"there's only one thing that puzzles me...how did they find Earth?"
The ships move into slipspace, and disappeare out of the system. The space around the covenant homeworld system is now completely silent. There is one disturbance though. On the outer reaches of the system lies the being who gave away the position of Earth to the covnenant, its name is 343 Guilty Spark, and he still has a hunger for vengance...

<The End?>