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Comments for 'Cry for a Hero: Epilogue'

10:10 pm | October 22, 2002
Yah I was trying to get back in the groove of Cry for a Hero lol.
7:10 pm | October 22, 2002
The only complaint I have. . . Dialogue was abit choppy. Otherwise, well done.
6:48 pm | October 22, 2002
nope :)
4:55 pm | October 22, 2002
thanks for just clearing up that issue now to the next question will their be anoter cry for a hero?
2:42 am | October 22, 2002
Read it over. He does have sympathy towards Cooper and Zamns, but he has seen so many men parish, that it just seems almost normal. I tried to capture the essence and personality of the Master Chief in this series. He doesn't talk much, and he doesn't reallly make a big deal about something when humans die, it's part of his job, to kill, forget, and never forgive.
9:48 pm | October 21, 2002
still it what i was trying to say is that the MC never even thought about them and that they seemed to be unimportant to them
7:53 pm | October 21, 2002
If you remember at the end gruntkiller, Cooper and Zamns sacrifice their lives for the others, and go down with that ship.
5:29 pm | October 21, 2002
Well I didn't expect yet another in this series. Very cool and very nice part about 343GS -- me thinks Bungie thought about 343GS having carried with him the POA ship board AI with him (something like Beowolf AI not Cortana). Anyway 343GS certainly had access to the location of Earth.
5:09 pm | October 21, 2002
great, i liked it a lot but their was no mension of the stories real heros cooper and zamns but thats all you can do