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Battletype MPAV Part: 1/2
Posted By: el_halo_diablo<funkmonker3lite@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 February 2003, 2:17 am

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      I ducked just before a volley of plasma slammed into my location. I waited a few seconds, behind my barricade, and then jumped up with my M-90, and quickly fired two casings at the nearest Elite.
"Move it Sims! You can't let them advance!" My CO yelled over my headset.
"Im doin' all I can!" I screamed back at him through the microphone, just as a grenade landed in front of me. My eyes widened, and I jumped out of my cover, and out into the open, just as the grenade exploded. I landed on the hard ground, and noticed an Elite standing over me.
"AAAAAAH!" I screamed, and hit him in the head, with my M-90. The Elite looked a little dazed, so I sprung up, and grabbed him from behind, and had him in a choke hold. The adancing Covenant hesitated to see I was using the still-alive Elite as a live shield, which gave me enough time to steady the shotgun on it's shoulder, and fire at the Covenant. The Covenant realized it wasn't worth it, and fired at me. The plasma ate through the screaming elite, and now the plasma rounds were almost to the other side of the dying Elite, so I dropped him, and ran. I found another barricade, and took cover behind it.
"Don't run away from the box! You're supposed to be guarding it!" My CO: Denker screamed at me.
"yah yah yah, and im supposed to get theirs, I KNOW!" I screamed back, pulling out an incendiary grenade, and pressing the 'activate' button: it had a 3 second fuse.
"Hurry up Sims!" Denker demanded.
"Hold on!"
The grenade began to beep wildly, for me to throw it.
I threw it over to the closest group of covenant, and the grenade exploded in mid-air, blanketing the covenant in flames. I jumped back up, slinging my M-90 away, and bringing my MA5B into my arms. I brushed over the charred covenant with a round of armor pirceing death.

      Ahead of me was a steep little hill, with a shilded roof that covered the very tip of the hill, their box HAD to be on the top of that hill. The hill had two stationary plasma turrets, and scattered covenant forces.

      I made a mad dash towards the hill, and then the Covenant saw me. The stationary guns aimed at me, and fired a steady strem of plasma at me. i toook cover in a trench at the base of the steep hill, and took out my collapsable rocket tube. I pulled the tube all the way out from a one foot long tube to a three foot long tube, then, I opened one of my vest pockets, and boke open a case of three small HDE(high density explosive) rockets. I slid one into the tube, and the nano machines in the tube activated the HDE rocket. I pulled the two small little bi-pod legs out of the tube, and rested the tube on the surface of the ground, right above me. I poked my head out of the trench, and aimed the tube at one stationary gun. I pulled out another tube from my vest, and did the same, except I aimed it at the other stationary gun.

      I made sure I had the remote detonator, and ran down the trench, that encircled the hill. I peeked up to seee that the Covenant guards were starting to approach where I was, and where my activated rockets were standing.
"You may have stoped the advance, Sims," Denker sternly said over the headset,"but if you don't hurry up, and get their box, you won't make it in time."
"God I can't stand Jeremy beating me on this stuff!"
I hurdled out of the trench, and fired my MA5B At the Grunts that were walking towards my placed rockets.
The Elites turned towards me and aimed their plasma rifles.
"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed, and pressed the button on the detonator. The rockets in the tubes fired up, and blasted out of the tubes at emmense speed. The rockets were going so fast, one unfortunate Elite stod in it's way, and the rocket passed right through it's chest, and stayed on course. The rockets hit the turrets with a heavy thud, and the explosion also killed the nearby ememies. I sprinted up the steep hill, and then my MA5B ran out of ammunition, but i couldn't stop and reload, so i threw my AR at the clostest Grunt, breaking his neck, and then pulled out my shotgun. I continued to fire and pump the shotgun, loading up the nearest enemies with lead.
"I wouldn't go charging into there without scoping your envioronment!" Denker warned me,"the Covenant have brains too you know, it could be a trap!"
"What are the chances of that!" I screamed back, as I rolled a grenade into a group of Grunts,"Besides, I'm going to show all the guys back at HQ me beating them!"
"This is not a testosterone contest Sims!" Denker advised me,"think about things before you go charging into battle!"
"Charge this!" I screamed back to him, as I reached the top, and finished off the last of my ememies,"Haha."
I reached for the small handheld box, but my hand went through it: A hologram.
"Shit..." I muttered, and spun around to meet a plasma rifle right in my face.

      Ten other Elites unclaoked and revealed themselfs to me. One Elite was holding the real box, and began to laugh. The Elite with the plasma rifle pulled the trigger on the plasma rifle.
"Bang." Denker said.
The envioronment and sound faded to a small white room.
"You're dead Sims, good job." Denker told me.
"Damnit!" I yelled, frustrated, and threw the simulation gear down to the ground with a violent crash.
"A door, transparent to the bright white room opened, and I could see the grey corridors of my happy little training facility. Denker walked into the room, from the door.
"What did I tell you Sims?" Denker walked up to me.
"I know," I said frustrated, and kicked the simulation gear,"When have the Covenant ever used traps like that? They never use decoy traps."
"They never have yet..." The middle aged Denker told me,"But this training is supposed to train you for the inevitable."
"Denker..."I began to contradict him, then stopped.
"Anyway, there is a man that wants to speak to you in my office," Denker smiled at me,"he says he has an important deal to offer you."
I looked at Denker suspiciously, then saluted him, and left the simulation room, and proceeded into the cooridor, then Denker shouted to me.
"What is it?" I asked, turning around.
"There's no need to salute, Sims, Were Central Intellegence Agency officers for crist sake, not the military.
I chuckled a bit,"Yah, I guess you're right."

      I opened the office door, to find a man was sitting in Denkers desk, reading over a persons profile.
"Sir?" I saluted, guessing it was a UNSC soldier.
The man mumbled,"Take a seat sir."
I took a seat in front of the desk.

      The man put down the paper, and tiled his head forward, to look at me, above his glasses,"Quite an impressive profile you have here...Mr. Sims."
My hairs raised, mabye they found out about me accedentally pressing the fire button.
"I see you have some trouble with the laws of the government..."The man peered at me, and I straightened up in my chair,"On the other hand..."He flipped through my files,"You have the most outstanding marks in weapon accuracy, field tactics, and knowladge, I've seen in years."

      I made a silent sigh of relief, and replied,"Thank you sir."
"This file makes you sound like you only have one purpose in life, and thats to be on the battlefield, but why do you choose to stay with the CIA?"
I stuttered at the question,"uhhh..."This was a very difficult subject for me,"um, I had eight brothers..."
"Yes." The man said impatiently.
"...they all...died on the battlefield, so the UNSC told me I couldn't fight in anymore wars on other fronts, to lower the grief of my parents."
"Ahhh..."The man said.
"What did you want to see me for?" I asked.
"I can't tell you unless you agree to go with this new project..."The man said, and looked at me.
I thought mabye the project was a gathering of new people for the fabled SPARTAN 3's, which is what I always dreamed of being a part of.
"I'll do it." I said, I realy had nothing to lose.
"Verywell,"The man smiled,"By the way, my name is General Romoray, I'll be instructing you on the project at 0800 hours."
I was a bit confused as to what I was doing, but got up, saluted the man, and began to walked out the door.

      Before I shut the door, the man said,"Oh yah, Agent Sims?"
"Yeah?" I looked at him.
"Welcome to ONI."

<On the next part, Agent Sims is briefed out about the secretive MPAV battle prototype, and is sent on an urgent, rushed mission...along with him, the MPAV. What will happen next? There's no way in hell I'm going to tell you, you'll just have to read the next part of this two part mini-series. Hasta Luegos Ustedes. Yo como sopa de Perro Y Gato todos las dias. Es malo para la salud, pero de rechupete! (im so glad im in Spanish 2)>